Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back From DC....and Whats next

Hey guys,
We are back from a great trip to DC. Shel and the kids got to see some really cool sites including a private tour of the White House. As well as attend the fest with my grandma and Aunt .

I left friday night at about 10:30 pm after a Long day doing some Stuntman work for
a new videogame coming from Sony.
/mocap work is.....{One of my side Jobs} and a fun way to use some of my movement beans.It was straight from the Studio to the airport. Then 5 hour plane ride ta washington. It was not a comfortable ride {I was beat up and Squashed between a couple of people} but I did get to see {Slumdog Millionare} finally.

My phone ran out of batteries so I didnt get to hear how the showing went....Dangit!!

I was hopefull it went well but the whole reason I came to washington was to see grandma.

Upon Landing I rented a car and proceded to drive around lost for an hour or so.....then finally
found grandmas house. I met shel outside and went inside took a shower and crashed HARD.

After awakeing ...We hung out at my Aunts house for a while....climbed some trees - played some pool......then off to my Uncles house.

Aedon got to meet her 3 Cousins as did I .They clicked very quickly and were running around before we knew it. I also got to meet my Uncles wife Joanna who cooked us an amazing meal.
After dinner Me and Shel had a private screening of GLD with my Uncles family. It was a chance to show them what I've been up to artisticaly for the last 3 years. They had a nice projector and sound system in their living room so it was kinda like a real mini festival. We both introduced the film and they watched it.

I dont know if they ever saw stopmotion before....They had a big collection of cg animated films so this was definately going to be different. In the end.....they gave a polite clap but I dont really think they really got it...... Its was still very cool though that I got to share it with them and Im sure they recognized some of the work involved.

My Grandma and Aunt definately liked it though.........especially Grandma! Ha...ofcourse!!
She was very proud and very vocal about it . Ha! She said "I even liked it better the second time"

So after a full day of playing with relatives we went back to grandmas....ready for a sunday with grandma and the awards assembly that evening. Breakfast - Lunch - Ducks - Swans- Hugs and we were off.

The WINNER of the best animated short was

Chainsaw - A Rotoscoped-Live action- Film by {Dennis Tupicoff} Shel said it was a high quality film but it was definately not somthing you take grandma or little ones to see. Ooops! It was also Traced-rotoscoped-live action animation. Good Film makeing non the less.

......we played with a bunch of Live action Short films so there wasnt much to compare our film too....but Grandma got to see it on the big screen so that was cool.

so into the next weeks.....we were just accepted to the Burbank Film an extended entry!
We also are starting to see the effects of the Delta Airline Showing!
We recieved emails from a distributor....And Our film was given to a distributor By some people who have been mentoring myself on the whole Buisness of animation.
....Also..... lots of strangers who saw the film on the Airline have been contacting us and letting us know they Enjoyed it very much. HOW COOL IS THAT!! Connecting with people all over the world because of our film is pretty amazeing.

We also were contacted by A Programmer for the {Rincon International Film Festival} . He saw the film on a Delta Flight and extended an invite to us to attend there festival which we gladly accepted. SWEET! I wana go to Puerto Rico!!

otherwise...weve been so busy with all else....I hav'nt got to do my flea animation test yet. But I am still storyboarding slowly and surely.
Just 2 more weeks till the this fest is incredibly exciteing to us and We are looking forward to the weekend of films and Fun ahead. We will be alone and its a bueatifull place to Enjoy a weekend together.

As for bad news....we saw the official selection List for {Annecy 2009} and we were not on it.
This is actually sad news for us since it was Number 1 on my list of Festivals I wanted to attend and play at.

ohhh well....
Like shels Mom says - " Next Film" ................sounds like a plan to us.



Shelley Noble said...

So... I can stop voting 5-stars everyday now?! HA!

Great report, Justin.

Alonso said...

nice, that's what grandma's are for (in spain when you are bragging on yourself too much they tell you that you have no grandmother since you have to do it yourself :)

cool, the little sparks are starting to set off more sparks, sounds like it's starting to snowball.

hard to go against live action. Why is "serious" subject matter considered highbrow so often, stories with heart can be just as important but I feel they aren't given their due respect. When I want entertainment I want to be reminded of how great the world can be, I don't want to wallow.

Have fun in Sonoma, that's near my neck of the woods, beautiful area :)

John Pierro said...

I just don't know where you get all that energy from. Great trip, good life, happy times, continue on..........

jriggity said...

{Herself} you dont have to stop....we are still up for the Tribecca award. Ha!!

Annecy is in France and is an all animation based festival.

{Alonso} what a great saying. Yeah man...the power of internet and Media is insane!

Yeah ...almost anytime an animated film goes against live action its going to lose....

Will do about Sonoma! Im looking very forward to our time there.

{I think I was born with excess beans...thats the only answer I got...ha!

and I will definately continue on.

thanks all.


Robert Litton said...

Who's that dude that looks like Seamus with a major hair cut?

people in gorillasuits said...

Mo-cap actor too... now things get slightly scary. I admire all your energy and wish you all the best for the festivals to come !

jriggity said...

{Robert}its his alter ego -Sumahs

{people in gorillasuits}Ha! dont worry about the mocap side.....I am an animator all the way.

But for the projects that require Mocap I will gladly apply my Bounces for hire.

rich johnson said...

haha. Stuntman jriggity! Awesome. Is that kind of where stunt puppets comes from?

jriggity said...

{Rich} Actually for anyone who wondered....Stunt Puppet Pictures
comes from the fact that everytime we make a film....we make 3 copys of every puppet. a {Star puppet- the prettiest casting /paintjob} for shooting and a {Backup puppet-2nd cleanest}in case he snaps.

Then theres the {MIGHTY Stunt puppet-not the prettiest -a little rough even} who does all the animation tests and experiments before I go into the final shoot.

Without his tireless work the star puppet might scrape his poor little elbows or somthing.

Then go cry to the producers Waaaaa.

thats where the term {Stunt puppet}came from anyway..ha!


Hermanos Encinas said...

I don´t see Slumdog yet, do you recomend it? I saw the last week Clint Eastwood´s Gran Torino, is a good film like all of this Dirty Harry.

And sorry about the Annecy fest

A hug

Ken A. Priebe said...

Nice report. Glad you had a fun trip!

Mad Max Winston said...

cool stuff! Some exciting news. I'm from Sonoma, tis' beautiful...

Brian S. said...

tooootally didn't know this film was finished! I remember following the tests at awesome work man!

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