Thursday, March 12, 2009

Off to Washington DC!

Hey guys,

I'm still busy Story boarding Like crazy - I had a big break through last night and got the SPACE Intro down on paper......Id say Im 1/2 way finished boarding the entire film now . I timed out the Intro as being about 1 minuet 10 seconds. Thats not bad at all....It gives me hope on the film not being longer than 8 minuets.

I'm also getting ready for a weekend trip to Washington DC. Shel and the kids flew out Wed morning to get an early start............. I have some work responsibilities I couldnt get out of. So Ill run up friday night late and arrive early Saturday morning.
So this weekends Festival is called the DC Independant Film Fest.One of the reasons we applied to it was because my Grandma lives in the area and We have been wanting to visit Washington for a while. Shel really wanted to show the kids the sights too. She also managed to get the family a tour of the White house.....includeing the rare visit to the Westwing....where the president actually lives.

This and the Smithsonian will be the main Spots on the trip besides Grandma's and the fest.
I wont be present for the actual screening of the film Friday night.........So...... Shel will have to do the Director Q and A herself . My grandma and Dads brother-sister will be there to see the film as well so its cool they will get to see the film . I have no idea what they will think of stopmotion but I'm sure shel will fill me in on how they took it when I get there.

wish us Luck !

and full report upon returning to Los Angeles.

justin- jriggity


John Pierro said...

Justin, you don't need luck, when you have such talent. Silly.... But good luck to you, just in case. Enjoy DC, sOoo much to see. Looking forward to hearing what happened when you guys return.

Ken A. Priebe said...

Have a great trip!

Sven Bonnichsen said...

*museum geek alert*

The Smithsonian is AWESOME. To. Tal. Ly.

It takes a week to do it right. Be sure to hit the air and space museum! They have the original model of the Enterprise!

Yaz said...

It sounds like a great trip to DC both sight seeing and visiting family. And the festival... I am sure you will do great again. Good luck!!

Ryan McCulloch said...

Wow have fun!

Anonymous said...

That's cool, man! And you're visiting the White House at a good time.

Are you going to get to meet the President and shake his hand?

people in gorillasuits said...

Just finished reading all the blog entries about 'Gerald's last day' - and though your film was touching, impressing, heartwarming... and nearly made me cry when I watched it the first time...
Then there was the postings about 'Dober' and the completely freaked-out 'Flea' character, which was another series of the 'what the...?'-kind of pictures.
About a year ago I didn't read any blogs or joined any forums and never believed in this whole networking thingee stuff. But your blog made me re-discover altruistic empathy. It's all so inspiring, and the way you two write about your projects and... everything !
All the best for all the festivals and everything else you are planning. You people rock. Seriously.

Paul (Vortex42) said...

Justin and Shel',

I am just really, really stunned by the huge success you guys are seeing! So happy for you guys! Congratulations - I'm reading through your posts from the last few weeks, and thoroughly enjoying it!

Have a great time in DC!

Hermanos Encinas said...

Woow! I want go to Washington and to EE.UU. I hope in a next future i Will be there.

And, of course, good luck in the festival! I hope you win, because i saw the short in the url you sent me to my e-mail, and I loved see your work.

Came on Gerald!

jriggity said...

{John} - thanks for the support Brother!

{Ken} will do.

{Sven} I agree man....grandma living there all these years Ive gotten many vists in....but I know your professor Brain must be in Heaven when surrounded by so much.

As for the enterprise...My dork hairs stand on end for that one.

{Yaz} thanks Yaz!

{Ryan} Will do!

{D Carson}Ha! no prsidential meetings but Shel And the kids had a Powerfull full private tour of the house.

{Gorillasuits} Cool to Blog meet you man!! Thanks for the words...Im glad you got to read the whole process.

In my imagination ...I think it would be a cool resource if I was starting a Im glad it works for you .

{Vortex}we are so excited by the sucess as well man....more to come...fingers crossed.

{ Hermanos Encinas} so glad you liked it and thanks for the wishes.