Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Storyboard Train!!! and Delta Airlines

Hey guys,
I've been crankin out story panels every few nights and It so exciteing to see a visual representation of the film materialize. I go to bed every night and watch the film in my head as start to drift asleep. It getting clearer and clearer as it takes physical form.

I hope to be finished with the boards by -Mid April at the latest. It could be a hard goal due to the ammount stuff going on with GLD and other responsobilites but I am going for it.

In other News-For a short time our film GLD is online!

'Gerald' was selected from thousands of submissions and entered in Delta's Airlines Fly-in Movie Competition. GLD and 4 other shorts are currently being viewed by Delta flight passengers who are also voting. The passenger's and your votes will determine the winner to be entered in the Tribeca Film Festival .

Its part of The DELTA in air and Online Festival please vote for us! You dont have to sign up
for anything.

And feel free to pass the link around.

justin- jriggity


Yaz said...

Hi Justin & Shel, I have been following your blog for a while now and I want to say congratulation to both of you for Gerald's Last Day. It is just an AMAZING film... story, puppet designs, smooth animation!! and the music... I LOVE what you have done and already rated 5 stars for Tribeca Film Festival on Delta Fly-In Movies. Good luck from Turkiye :)

Grant's Animation said...

Alright! I thought I'd have to wait longer to see it. Congratulations to all involved especially Justin. You certainly have a talent for breathing life and personality into your animation. Sweet film, tender and funny.

Fish said...

One word - WOW - I really can't think of anything else to describe what I just saw.

Really well done guys - you inspire me!

Keep going!


Robert Litton said...

I love trains...

Jared said...

Awesome job on Gerald's last day man! It definitely deserves to win!

Mike Adair said...

Way to make me cry at work!

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I ran across the link to the actual film!

Incredible work you guys, just incredible. Everything works - story, animation, music... I was blown away. You guys knew where you were going with it and delivered in spades.

The scene with the split screen at the end is so well timed and animated. To me, that's the money scene right there.

It was a joy to finally see it and it's better than I imagined!