Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Shel here:

Lots to report and not alot of time to do it in (speed blogging):
1. i CLEANED what used to be the garage -- it all started with an innocent, "hey babe, can you park your car on the street for awhile so i can shoot this film in the garage?"---4 years later, we finally banished all things "garage" and the space is now strickly, beautifully STUDIO......this is very exciting...... my friend nancy generously gave me shelves and extra "studio stuff" she wasn't using, and i had a date to start making ships for LINE (working title of our new film) the day after we got back from NYC. so i MADWOMANED the place before we left and it's so ORGANIZED!! it's all STOP MO--tools, materials and equipment......it makes me way too happy (i don't have time to psychologize that right now......but i just noticed how "organized" and "orgasm" sound sort of connected.....)


Aedon demonstrating the studiness of the new shelves i built (not, maybe, completely necessary, but there was some empty wall space.....)
2. the night before we went to New York, Jeff Set Master Cross came over and we discussed how we'll go about building the ships when we get back. stop motion coninues to put us in contact with the coolest people ever, and jeff is no exception. we made up a tool and material list (what's a DREMEL?) and got on the plane the next morning.

3. Tribecca - we saw our film on the airplane....that was very much fun. we met cool people, saw some good films, got to hang out with my sister and neice (my fav part), walked ALOT, went to the awards party.......we didn't win, which is too bad cuz that would have been a pretty feather in our cap.....but in truth we've gotten SO MUCH from all the exposure.....very interesting and cool people continue to contact us saying they've seen the film on the airplane and loved it, "made me cry" (aww, thanks!) and can they buy a DVD (not yet), or would we like them to work with us on making our next film 3D (yes!), or can they distribute our film (not now but we'll keep your info for later), or are we looking for investors and what other projects are we working on (let us tell you!!). it's been incredibly beneficial and we are GRATEFUL!

4. Came home sunday night, went to home depot, bought a BAND SAW, DREMEL and BELT SANDER (okay, this is like christmas for me!!). monday morning jeff comes over and we start SHIPS.

Jeff is teaching me how as we go and i so excited to be learning this stuff (and i'm in love with my new Dremel!). Jeff's such a kind and open teacher, to have a SUPER PRO be so open and comfy with my ideas in the problem solving is giving me tons of confidence........

5. Oh yeah, and the week before we went to NYC i put together an investment package for the new short. Complete with a Deal Structure, Detailed Budget, Cash Flow Schedule, etc., etc., etc. this was so interesting and insightful......clarifies the project on a whole different level (we're pretty clear on the art level). Writing it all down from a financial/marketing POV helped us look at LINE in relationship to our BIG GOAL of making our feature, and what we want to get out of the experience of making this short. 3D is a big part of that, but that will have to be another post, cuz i have some ships to build!


Fish said...

Mega awsome! Can't wait to see it finished and animated!


rich johnson said...

your studio looks so organized! Those plastic bins are a huge space saver. I use them for my stuff too. Love the way the ship is shaping up. POWER TOOLS!! How fun is that!

emmyymme said...

Awesome - having a dremel is incredibly useful, I couldn't get half the things done without one! And a bandsaw too - you're pro! Can't wait to see the ships :)

Duane said...

That is awesome!
I was planning on having the whole "Hey babe, can we move the cars?" conversation this weekend and cleaning everything out too. Looks great!

By the way, what is that creepy child-like thing on the top shelf in the third pic? Do you have a spirit-guide help with your animations? ;-)

Gregory Sesma said...

Yeah man you can't go wrong with Jeff working with you... he's the best.

handmadeheroes said...

hey marnik -- me neither!

rich -- POWER TOOLS rrrrrrr!!!!!!

emmyymme -- who knew about the dremel? i'm having a hard time leaving the garage now!

duane -- good luck with the convo! and don't worry about the creepy thing, i put it in the recycling this morning

gregory -- yay jeff! (it makes sense he'd have a fan club)

Rusty said...

VERY AWESOME! This looks like it's going to be a great film! Love to see more!

Shelley Noble said...

way cool. Took me the longest time to find Aedon on that shelf!

I bought a re-chargable Dremel and find it useless, glad you got a powerful properly useful one.

Garage looking great! woo.

And with your set mentor there and your business plans ducks-in-a-row... you're rolling! go go go

amoebaboy said...

oh yes looking good already.
i just got your message and posted a lengthy reply.
and yes a dremmel is absolutley essential kit, mines only a cheap one but it does the job, i dont know what id do without one.

Nomad Gallery said...

Oooh...this is too cool!! I hear nothing but how awesome of a job you are doing Shel. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

Alonso said...

wish my house looked that clean

what do you use a dremel for?

Ryan McCulloch said...