Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ship Progress week #2 and A couple of Wins for GLD.

Hey guys,

Quick Post- Progress!!! Can you see it?

We're here with another week of Ship Progress.....Shel and Jeff are Kicking ass.
Shel Shapeing away.....Shes a natural.
Shes learning tons from Jeff .......our master Shipbuilder. So much so that she Has jumped right into the construction of the Flea Ship all on her own . She Drew up the scale and Shape to begin on the Flea Ship And constructed a plan of attack .
This Ship is ENORMOUS!!!
Shel's wooden center for the Wings......She will build the Ships Footballshaped Main Body sandwiched on this like a Hamburger......Flea guy crawls all over the wings during the cartoon so they have to be strong enough and support Tie down technology.She is eating up all the Information and creating with new tools and materials.
The coolest thing about stop that theres a jillion ways to do anything...

HUGE is the word to describe these progress
....FREAKIN COOL works pretty good too......Ha! The Quality in this film is easily going to Jump 10 times higher than our completely exciting. I can see it already and this is somthing my boys are going to DIG.

I'm Still storyboarding.....a couple of hours a night....I need to pick up the pace pretty soon...since I have to be done by June. I'm on a professional schedule that Shel wrote up for me....and I plan to make it.

In other News....GLD Picked up a couple more Awards!! Woo Hoo...that brings it to 7.

We won the {Best Animated short} at the Hollywood East Film Fest. And We Won the {Audiance Choice Award} at the Rincon International Film Fest.

we would have loved to go to both of these fests but only so much traveling allowed.....Plus we gots a NEW cartoon to make. ......
New fests for GLD........
GLD was also accepted to the KRAKOW INTL FILM FEST (Poland) in Poland as part of the Childrens Program......It was also accepted to be in the ZLIN CHILDREN'S FEST (Chech Rep) well as the BRIDGE FEST (Sarajevo)....and MANLLEU (Spain)
Its very cool to finally get accepted by some European festivals.
see ya next week with more pics.



Mad Max Winston said...

so cool! And yeah, that chipotle is always packed! We never actually go IN there... maybe i'll see you around that weird downtown burbank area sometime

JP said...

Love this blog. I'll keep following your progress. :)

Dominic Philibert said...

Nice work!!!!!!!

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ well, since mayday was my birthday, I'll slow up here and wave.
(^ too bad Kitty ,Juniper and I were pulling it reclusieve when we swung downfrom seattle to anaheim to study theme parks.
(^ would have liked to meet this bunch, if only to let y'all watch my facial ticks add nuance to my fonfooozling banter . and maybe tried to hook you up to someone in tarzana who used to work at Stan Winston industries that I think would be a great contact sometime in yOUR future

rich johnson said...

Do I see toys in the future? i want one for bath time! HA. Love the designs of the ships. Exciting and amazing stuff as always! Congrats on GLD Awards and Europe exposure!

Dominic Philibert said...

Love your work!
Thanx for tha comment.

Duane said...

Love the progress!
I know I've seen that blue foam stuff before, but I can't remember what it's called....
what is it called??


emmyymme said...

Wow, that looks like fun!

tonychauzer said...

Wowzer, talk about inspiring stuff - I've been lurking around waiting for a glimpse at the ship being built and I'm loving every bit of it. Amazing work!

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Gorgeous! I'm truly impressed. :D

I'm in detail mode tonight, so just take this as me being a little too OCD…

A small detail that would help sell the ship (even more) would be to add another thin layer of foam to the flat wing areas, so you could sculpt them into that aerodynamic shape that real planes use for their wings... The shape that creates lift.

Granted, it's a spaceship -- but it looks like it's built for flight in atmospheres, too. Probably no one would ever consciously notice -- but it's a detail that would get in subconsciously.

Alonso said...

Rich is totally right, you gotta make some toys!

Man I wish you guys were funded so you could work on all this stuff full time, it's so cool looking!

shiva said...

hard to match your passion, guys...the ship looks cool.

amoebaboy said...

fantastic stuff !
you guys certainly dont hang about, loving the ship designs.

Darkstrider said...

Wow, you're right, I can already see the quantum leap in quality from (the already excellent) Gerald!!! Awesome ship designs, and so cool to see them under construction!!! The Rasch juggernaut rolls on, and gains momentum!!!

jriggity said...

Max} Im sure well run into each other down there....let me know if you wana grab lunch someday.

JP}Thanks dood! Means a Ton!

Dominic} Thanks again and awesome to meet new Peoples.

Bryend} thanks for stoppin by man...and cool beans that you were out in CA.

Rich}Toys were always part of the Plan....I love um and want to make um.

Duane}funny enough its called ...Blue Foam...ha! you can get it at Foam manufacturers.....awesome one just down the street in Burbank.

emmyymme} it is fun and Im incredibly jealous that I dont get to be a part of it.....ohh well. I got to design em and I get to animate um.

tonychauzer}thanks dood....the ship has a ways to go but it will all be documented here....and its gona look amazeing when done.

Sven}always so magical when I get a post from the professor!! We can definately shape the wings....Ill talk to my Shipbuilder tonight about the suggestion.

Alonso} thanks dood....Toys have always been part of the plan. And Man....I wana do this full time too. Just got to prove ourselves a few more times and FULLTIME is going to happen!

Shiva} thanks man!

amoebaboy} no we dont....ha! we definately keep busy...and thanks.

Darkstrider} WOW!! super special guest post! Im really glad you dig the work.We are definately gaining momentum....and we are going to make our DREAMS happen.


Gregory Sesma said...

Those ships are looking pretty sweet.

Mike Adair said...

Awesome! The win and the ship. It's lookin' delicious!

Vanessa Soberanis said...

Looks wonderful! Seeing the ship forming really makes this all start coming together. I love it.

adam said...

Wow Dober's ship looks really cool! I wanna fly that thing...