Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Adventures and Fast Setups

Hey guys,

This last weeks shoots have been all Quick shots.....but they all still require plenty of TIME to set up....
.......preparing puppets for hi def closeups...... I have to wrestle eyelid clay...and eyeball dirt......
smoothe out clay........ TESTING 3D pics before choosing the interocular distance.....adjusting lights.....and thinking about performance.......stop mo takes so much FREAKIN time!!!!

but......We are ahead another 15 seconds this week....only had One Fail last week - but it was'nt the performance that failed much as the cracks in the puppets knuckles and some comping issues- Shel would'nt allow cracks like that to get through this time {she wants clean looking puppets}....The shot had issues keying out....due to the Depth of field in the shot......I had to tone it down in the Re Shoot in order to get a good KEY.

This Thursday Night I stayed up all night doing a Mentally Big shot for the Film......this was the Flea Pilot and Dober walking towards each other -- meeting in the middle...I drew out dobers poses for the walk to guide me......but I'm kinda winging the Flea going into the shoot.

I really wanted to nail this shot.... and it came out pretty good -
..... a Quality new shot is what I stay up so late for .......its so exciting!!
....more ta come.

Thanksgiving -Recovering from another fun Thanksgiving marathon Holiday......2 Big Turkey's big Mountain....and some fun games at the park. We had 2 thanksgivings like we do almost every year.....a {family day and a Friends -Adventure Day}.

This year we decided to climb a mountain at a place called Mormon Rocks........we had been there before and had a great time......This time we would take our 7 year old Monkey with us.

........9 am. ......This climb is not an easy one even for some adults so I was very proud that Aedon got up there and down again with little effort.
It was incredibly windy this day so Shel tied Aedon to my waist up at the was enough to blow me off the mountain at times so her 40 pounds could get pushed off balance pretty easy.
We also had my good friend John Kim and his girlfriend{Michelle} Michelle was very afraid of we were very proud of her conquering her fear at the top and making the trip down the spine of the mountain We got to play on the train tracks....and do some well as play at a bridge for a while.....
Aedon really wanted to squish a penny under a train and just as we were leaving a train came.....PERFECT.....She flattened a quarter and was very pleased. after playing in the gym for a while we sat down for some power food ---Yummy!!! perfect meal!! then on to the park for a Night game of Walk football and Wiffleball.....I love both of these games. Played untill 9:30 or so......then home -Crash - talk.....shower and then ..........turn on my reserve, Reserve batterys for another Late night shoot!

gota make that quota!!! Ha!!


Shelley Noble said...

1. Stop motion takes so Freakin long; check.
2. Stop motion is still a thrill; check.
3. Daddy can double as an anchor; check.
4. The fisheye lens shot w/Aedon sitting down in foreground is the family TV show opening titles freeze frame; check!

Congrats on new ground gained on the march toward new movie gold.

John Pierro said...

Hell Yeah, energizer bunny! That's a full life. Love the fisheye shot of the family also. Please though, no reality show, this is as real as it gets.

rich johnson said...

nice pics!

grats on the success with your animation so far. ya that shallow dop can really screw up your key when your edges all start to blur in the bg. :(

May I ask what lens your using for this? or are you using a couple of them?

Robert Litton said...

Wow! That Dash girl must be SUPER strong to be lifting 160 pounds of PURE muscle!

Alonso said...

Have you seen Porco Rosso? There's a scene where the aerial dogfight degenerates into a comedic boxing match on the ground, this stand off scene reminds me of that.

That mountain range looks a little like where Kirk and the Lizard Man battled it out.

You ever hear of railbiking?
Actually, it seems like it might be a little tame for you guys :)

You guys are an inspiration, no wonder you ate 2 turkeys, you all must burn so many calories :D

jriggity said...

Shelly}Ha! Thanks lady

John}I dont think I could ever deal with having people film my life....Im way to shy and need my SPACE...So no worries there...ha!

we do have fun!

Rich} Im using a few lenses - a nikon 55mm lens for the closeups..

and a Tamron 28 mm to 75 mm lens...

Robert} Ha!....160 pounds of doubles jumpin -tailwhip landin- Warner brothers composin Muscle!!!

Alonso} no I havnt see Porco yet....people keep telling me to watch it.

Ill make it happen

as for the Star Trek does look alot like the ones....and at one time I heard it was where they filmed it.

But sadly it isnt....I will make the Pilgramage there someday though...I am a Trek Dork...all the way through.

Ha! I had never heard of rail biking...and sure ...Id try it for fun.....easy sunday ride on the tracks..

thanks for the kind words...

we love this story telling animation stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hi def is a pain when you're dealing with clay. Here's something that will hopefully help:

1. Find a sharp paring knife and carefully cut away a very thin layer of dirty clay from the face (mouth, eyebrows, etc).

2. Get some olive oil and a spoon tool (wax spatula) and smooth out the face the best you can with that.

3. Use a crescent tool or toothpick to gently scrape away the clay from the eyeballs.

4. Find some nylon brushes (don't use natural hair bristles, they shed all over the place) and cut one down by about half. This will be your rough brush (which also works well on eyeballs) You also want a white nylon brush that is unaltered, and at least two more that are smaller and thinner. These are for finer details/cracks and such. Use one only for dark clay and the other for light clay. This will minimize the amount of mixing that can happen between the colors on your puppets. When you need oil, dip the brush in the oil, and then brush the front and back of it on your hand before going to the puppet. Now you won't have too much. If there is a slight shine, blot it with a sponge brush.

5. If the end of the nylon brushes are rounded and plastic, you can use that to smooth out courser imperfections without the need to switch to the spoon tool.

6. Try some soft fill light to minimize surface modeling/low relief shadows on the face.

7. And lastly, make sure to keep alcohol wipes around for your hands!

jmanu said...

FUNtastic adventures, man!

Hey Justin, what is your e_mail address


jriggity said...



people in gorillasuits said...

Looks like a great time... a pleasure to watch !

There are some pictures - the ones on the railroad track, where the depht of field seems so shallow, that the people in the foreground nearly look composited in, or the background blurred in post - which can't be the case. What aperture size did you use ? Maybe it's my little experience with good lenses (more than one 'all-purpose' lens) that a shallow dop confuzzels me so.

All the best for your project and everything ! M.

Paul (Vortex42) said...

You guys are doing it the right way! What a happy, positive lifestyle - And way to go, getting into the studio after such a fun-packed day!

I wish I didn't get SAD (seasonal affected disorder)!

Here's to you all!

Anonymous said...