Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sponsors - Christmas - and Film

Hey Guys,
Its been much longer than usual for a post but Holidays and Work has slowed me down a tad. Not too slow though....

Shel Touching up the puppets....keeping them pretty for all the closeups!Hard at work Late at Night!!!
.....Aaaaaaaaaaroroooooooooooo.......Wolfs Howl!!I wanted to announce that we started looking for outside sponsorship on a couple of Studio neccesaries outside our budget......we have been fortunate to have some very cool people from different places offer some Help on our Film Adventure.

THANK YOU ALL So much guys!!! I cant wait to share the finished chapter with you all in january!!

so.......We are trying to raise $2,500 in total and we are looking at ways to make it happen............

I would like to announce one of the contributors to the fund as My VERY FAVORITE TOYSTORE on Earth!!

I get all my toys from them and as most stopmo people out there --We have an inherant LOVE of Toys or Movie memorabelia from our youths ........or just cool Movie collectable stuff.

I'm so excited to have there name attached to our film because I have been a long time fan of the store....{and it feels professional that a OUTSIDE company has faith in our project}

I HIGHLY sugest you guys go there for great prices on awesome toys!! and if you think Im kidding about being a toy Lover.....check out my collection from over the years!!! Ha!

My Insparatatoruim!!!!

Ha!....and thats just my office at the house ha!! should see my desk at work...

Being the Holidays....and .......I had a week of Stunt work on top of my Regular job and Christmas ...... I was short on a few quotas

I have been working with extreme closeups and am amazed as to how little the movements needed for animation are {and how easy it is to screw up an animation on that scale} well as the ammount of DIRT and sand and hair particals that show up is a Pain in the arse!!
the replacement heads are working well.I am about to do a new rather complicated shot on sunday night that is exciting and scary as always......Flea Pilot gets Bonked by somthing and goes into a sleight dizzy stumble....then regains composure...FUN stuff!

drilling into clay is so nice for hiding holes- Shel and Bridget have begun working on the Miniature versions of the ships

- both Flea and Dobers ships are in full swing. Its really cool to watch it happen all over again ......its just on a smaller scale.She will post on that next week.
Shel sculpting the body of dobers ship-to scale
bridget sculpting Engines for the mini ship -dobershel makin the skeleton!! for the mini dober shipThe Backup puppets are almost all done as well.....Painted and ready to go...Thanks Art Assistants!
Justin ConnollyWe are shooting for my January B day as a finish date for this sequence. Thats a fine Gift.

By the and Nicky decided to do some new sculpts a few weekend ago.......
One thats been on my list for a LONG time....{Dirk The Daring from Dragons Lair}....I'm making a puppet version !! Cant wait to animate him!! ...More to come.
armature-reference-blocking him in.....Nickys - Next Epic Piece!! This last weekend we celebrated Christmas...which is always a great time at our house....Great family fun and Lots of great food!!

Happy Boys got a ramp for Christmas!!stockings!Sister Jenna and Bro In law ChrisSister Wacky JackieMama Daughter-early morning kidshe heNancy Bshamaslam-Brother in Law -Ray Ray Shan Nay NayDaddy Daughterha!Grandmonie and DonBrother ToddLittle Parker Ray RayRobert and Bridgetsister Jackie and Parker.Bro in law Chrisjriggity


Hermanos Encinas said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year my friend!

Stop- power one year more!

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas!

It's great to see what you're learning, even as you've mastered many aspects of stop motion and traditional animation. The thing about close-ups, is I haven't seen many of those in your stop motion work. Lots of digital fixing, smudging, blurring, if you don't get it right in camera.

It's great to see a fellow animator encountering these hard truths about animation with puppets, real lights, a real camera, gravity, the incredible detail of high def that won't hide our mistakes-and taking the challenge head on.

Your Art Assistants should be called Art Assassins...because every time you guys pull off a miracle, it's like getting away with murder. :)

(forgive the comparison, I watched 7 hours straight of Dexter yesterday. Finally finished every episode! Now it's on to South Park and Family Guy!)

Shelley Noble said...

Set's looking pr, sponsor(s) will be checked out for sure. Matter of fact, I want in. I'm contributing a small amount (micro small) just to get in on the fantastic Stunt Puppet Films juggernaught.

So cute to see all the family resemblances in the snapshots here. (And to notice how romance has bloomed among the Riggity troops! HA! How perfect and sweet do those two look together?! yay.)

Happy Holidays to all.

emmyymme said...

Battling with closeups myself - really amazing how a tiny difference looks huge on camera. I'm still trying to learn to animate to the camera rather than to myself.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! The project is looking amazing - I'm off to check out that toy store!

Brian said...

Great work as always.

Loving the Dirk the Daring figure too and was wondering with platforms like the iPhone that makes control more organic if a Lazer Disk style movie/game could be made with stop motion and more interactiveness.

Josh Taback said...

Wow, all the tests and footage look great. I can't wait to see more. The animation is really smooth. It's really impressive how much you guys have and are accomplishing.

Happy Holidays!

rich johnson said...

merry christmas and happy new year!! gratz on the sponser! Have u heard about... Our producer for "monster" used it for the last short he was working on and they made close to 1500 bucks for finishing funds. It gives anyone a chance to throw cash at your project. I would love to donate to a good cause myself. :) Some people will say that if you donate 2o or 25 bucks you get a credit and a DVD of the film when it is finished. It's like getting pre-orders. the more you donate the better the "producer" credit the contributor receives. ( giving out seats for the film's opening, and a dvd for every 50 bucks is a good one too)

heck you guys could even give out a toy version of your characters for every 100 bucks donated or something.

You guys have given out lots of good vibes and have provided lots of inspiration to me and it would be great to give back somehow! set er up doods.

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ since eWE're sharing for Xmas,
(^ your family came up while I was being interviewed on' live chat this last wednesday.

about using personal life to drive the personal work instead of working to escape life in order to "focus" on work alone.

(^ thanks for the lesson plan.

John Pierro said...

Merry Christmas, and best wishes for another happy and successful New Year.

jriggity said...

Hermanos Encinas} thanks man -u2

Don} u2.....ha...I have a buddy at work whos a dexter I get it.

Shelly}awwww....your a sweet heart miss noble. I appreciate your faith in us very much!! and my sisters all look very different but somehow related..ha!

and yes---Intern Lovin is in full effect!!ha!!

emmyymme}agreed about the closeup micro -GIANT movements...

thanks and have fun at the toystore!

Brian} I plan on actually sending a nice stopmo animation to Don Bluth when finished - I worked on the sculpt this weekend and its looking pretty good.

Josh Taback}thanks man!...we are working hard Im glad you likes it.

rich johnson} u2 dood!
Hey man....your the second person who told us about this as an online option?

I will definitely set something up and post about it here...thanks for the goosage.

I appreciate your continued support!!!

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick} wow....thanks for stoppin by dood! and merry christmas to you and yours!

our whole deal is chasin our dreams....with our family and relationship as the number one priority!

John Pierro} u2 brother!!!!

Brianna said...


jmanu said...

great photos, love to saw behind the scenes and the close-ups photos of character to make details are awesome!! *happy holidays to you too*

Cheeks said...

talent runs in your family like crazy! your boy is gonna carry the Jriggity legacy for sure. :)

Cyrus Cords said...

Hey man great blog and thanks for sharing.