Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Animation - Indiegogo? and 2 min of footage

Hey guys,

Here I am ready to go into a HOT date weekend {no kids} and I thought I'd Share a shot that might not make the film. I was happy with the perfomance but am not sure if the piece will fit into the edit???

This could be just another shot in the deleted scenes in the the way...these SFX I had at work so I threw them in...THEY ARE TEMP...

I have been woking really hard in the garage....shooting for my January 20th Birthday due date. The Second Chapter- sequence is right on track to being completed.
Shel has made incredible progress on the Dober Mini Ship and Ill let her post on that one.
But it looks awesome!!!

After hearing from a few guys who visit the blog I decided to put up the Raising funds site that was requested.

I have just started to put it together but it will grow as the week goes on. The cool thing about this site and the whole concept is that You offer up STUFF for the different levels of contribution.

Stuff like -

Actual used Puppets From GLD-

Replacement heads from GLD-Character Maquette's - from GLD.
and DVD's from the films we have made and are making . Anyways.....keep an eye out
Thanks for all the support guys!!



Brianna said...

beautiful clip, it blows my mind the things you could consider cutting out of your films.

Jared said...

LOL I loved the clip!
I love how at the beginning he just stares at the camera in a sort of shock/realization stare!

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ recycling/UPcycling ones old work as memorabelia has its merits right up there with trading internship grade craftmenship with others to raise awareness without having to pay some advertising executive 3 times tho cost of the feature in order to blitz the slap ignore key media.

(^ yikes. it's prenewyears day.
like new year's eve.
family is pushing to go to seatle sspce needle before the animation exhibit at the science center there comes down. I'll make more lucid sensed essence l8R.
(^ gerald's last day has legs in it to generate next project even by re-usage of puppets and sound stock too..
(^ >prosser.

Mike Letendre said...

@Prosser - couldn't have said it better myself (that first sentence.)

@Justin - Great work as per usual. Thank you a lot for that IndieGoGo I just need to take some photos and/or videos of my puppets 'n stuff.

Mike Adair said...

Now THAT'S animagic!
Great animation!

Shelley Noble said...

Donated! Mama want a Gerald dvd.

Smart wealthy collectors better jump on the puppets!

jriggity said...

Brianna} Thanks so much for stopping by!! and Its always hard to cut...that's why Shel does all the editing for me.

She can be ruthless in her decisions....while I could be too attached.Ha!

Jared} Thanks man! will be even funnier in sequence Hopefully....

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick} yes...I feel good about offering GLD stuff in trade for bringing the new film to life.

have fun at the needle!!

Mike Letendre} yes...its a cool site....these days much is out there. I am amazed!!

Mike Adair} Thanks dood...we gota get peewee puppet made and bring him ta life!!..

Shelley Noble}...Thanks so Much Shelly Noble!!! It means everything that you are helping out.


John Pierro said...

Very cool, and very smart as usual, you guys always come up with creative solutions to move forward in your work.

Cheeks said...

man that snippet is so tiiiiiiiiiiiighhhhhhhhhhhttttttttt! i love the classic sound effect, too, man.

you know i want all your posters and animation cells, right? man your office looks like a i can play in there for the rest of my life (no exaggeration)!

happy new year, bud!

irene said...

Amazing blog man- I love everything to do with stop motion!!
Always wanted to try but the amount of work just seems too crazy. You pull if off though!!
Great job ! The puppets are awesome, the animation is freaking amazing-
Love your blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

dude, I love the animation and how you have the camera moving. Is that something new you are trying out? I don't remember seeing it in your last film.

Mattson Tomlin said...

came from youtube to here re: your message and can't wait to read through all of the posts. really like the look of everything!

Alonso said...

Love those sculpts, very nice prize. But had me wondering, why do you do a glory pose first, and then a puppet model? On Gerald you didn't know that you would need to extend the legs until you started trying to animate him.

I just got Zung's foam modeling DVD, so I was flipping through your blog's archives to see how you guys had done things on Gerald. Your kids have grown so much in such a short time! Scary ;D

jriggity said...

John Pierro}Thanks man! we are getting our eyes opened in all new ways....with the Filmaker's journey.

Cheeks}ha! thanks man!! I love seeing that space ace drawing when you post here.

yeah office is my inspiration chamber.....I just sit on the floor sometimes and SOAK in all those things that made we want to do ART!!

irene} Hey there!! so nice that you stopped by....I freakin LOVE Your work!!

yes... stop motion is PURE MAGIC!! and YES.....Its a REDICULOUS Amount of work!!

come on back....Ill be watching your blog.

HwangNguyen}thanks and yeah...I am moving the cameras for the first time in this film. It was just too much too handle with all the other problems Stopmo brings to the table.

this film is a Huge jump for us in most aspects.

Mattson Tomlin}hey man!....thanks for stopping by!! Nice to hear from ya....I was just runnin through your blog today too.

Alonso}Thanks dood!

I did the character Maquette's first because I wanted to work out the design from 2d to 3d before I made the puppet.

and also....I just love sculpting!!ha!

Gerald went through HUGE design changes as I worked on the film.....As I started to animate tests...I saw the difficulties in his design.

So he changed and changed again ...its cool because we are editing the special features on GLD right now.....and we have this Great footage of this CLAY Potato jumpin around...HA!

and yeah man.....4 years brings lots of change for the not so little ones anymore.


DJ Dyer said...

Great Clip!! and I donated. Wish I could have donated more!! Bah, poverty. Best of luck!!

Anibal Benalva said...

I'm getting started in clay animation and I've bought a video camera, a Sony handycam HDR-XR550VE. It seems to me a good camera, but now I have a problem: the resolution it gives in Stopmotion Pro is very small. So I need to found some kind of connection between the HD of the camera and the USB of my computer. Could anybody help me?

Shelley Noble said...

Anibal, Have you been to the SMA forum yet? Experts standing by...