Friday, January 15, 2010

Lines been drawn + SuperBattle Episode 1

Hey Guys!

So big milestone last week....Dober drew the first LINE in the sand....

This is just the begining of the characters defining there territories in the sand...and what this films title will directly Reflect.

bonk from the last shot I shared...

Shel is putting off posting on the ship one more week.....she wants to get it to a certain place before she shows ....its on its way.
We had some cool 3d meetings this week....I was given some after effects tutorials so that I can view my videos with the basic anaglyph glasses.....very cool but much to learn.

I am but 5 shots from the 1rst chapters finish line....and working hard. I cant wait to pass that mental milestone guys.

In other news....I finished my Dirk sculpt and I have been documenting my sculpting-molding-foaming process on the future puppet. I will be posting on it in the future.
my little action figure!Dirk The Daring-I built him to have removeable -replaceable Cool!! TOYS anyone?Ill post on the face replacements later.some multi view progress...shel painting dober-In GLD news.....Shel has been working on editing the special features for GLD...we are hoping to put the film up for sale in just a month or 2.....EXCITING!!!

So..... One of our stopmo Brothers......Ethan Marak has just finished his film
{ SuperBattle Episode 1 } after many many years he is releasing it to the public.

You can see his trailer here.

Hes putting it into the festival circuit and entering a very exciting phase of the filmakers journey. Hes a very talented animator and I am proud to know him.

He also has some really cool behind the scenes pics here

good luck man!!

last but not least.....With starting to ride again....we went to the sk8 park this last saturday .....and MAN Did I have fun!!!!

Me and brother Todd got a hand rail.....its been a good 15 years...ha!

and I got some air....Thrilling!!!!! AND Last but not least......Robert Litton - Composer -Yaughtsman - BMX er - Polevaulter -Lady's man - Has added feet to his manlyness by tackleing the Skatepark Seniors devision...and has Been ripping it up with the brothers Rasch....Im very proud of Him!! Ha!

Cru Litton!! over and out



Font said...

Oh man!! Great update. Can't wait to see more on the
Dirk sculpt. Post those process pics soon!

Yaz said...

Hi Justin, great progress here. Dirk sculpt looks amazing. I am waiting for the replacement head post.
First line on the sand... wow, defining territories.. it sounds interesting.
Good luck for Ethan Marak's film SuperBattle. Its trailer is wonderful.'s link seems broken. It sends out to blogger page. Thanks for posting about this.

Alonso said...

Ha Dirk was cool, I remember playing him in the arcade. Did you ever see Richard Vaucher's Barbaric Tale short film, it had some of Dirk's feeling to it (

So for 3D do you have to work out lots of crazy maths to calculate the binocular distance miniaturized? Are there a lot of 3D festival's, or are you just forseeing that there will be soon?

keep rockin!

Ryan McCulloch said...

Awesome stuff!!!!

Mattson Tomlin said...

each time you post i get more excited about this project.

Anonymous said...


rich johnson said...

wicked sculpt of dirk. I love that you added the replacement face! so cool.

grats on the film's progress!

John Pierro said...

Great Super Battle trailer. Do you guys have any plans for a trailer or teaser? I must admit, I'm itching to see more animation. Wonderful work as always.

Mexican Viking said...

Your stuff looks great! Question on Dirk, do you sculpt each face separately or do you create a small cast of the face and modify it so you get the different looks you want?
Do you attach the face with a magnet?
Just wondering how the magic happens.


jriggity said...

Font}Thanks- They are in progress and on there way.

Yaz}Thanks Yaz! yes...the new film has a great story...I am so excited!!

I fixed the links...

Alonso}yeah...Ive seen that before....not too bad.. it just doesnt have that MAGIC that The 2d pencil contains ....

yes...we have to do some simple math...but mainly I eyeball it.

make it look good is all I really care about.

and yes...there are 3d festivals....and more and more will be there when we ship!

Ryan}Hey man....thanks and nice to hear from you!

Mattson}thanks dood.....stay tuned!!...its a good ride.

Rich}thanks rich....Im excited about this puppet-TOY....he will look quite good running and jumping about.

John} Thanks man.....and Trailer -yes- ....we might not put it out there for a while...but you might get a peek..

one of the problems and great things about this that I havnt had too many failed shots so far. So Im not posting as much animation...

good and bad I guess....ha!

Mexican Viking} exactly -yes- I will create a small cast of the face and modify it to get the different expressions.

Ill take lots of pics and post the process.

and yes to the Magnet too...


jmanu said...

Justin & Shel
What a great character, Dirk The Daring, must be really fun to animate it...awesome construction!