Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 minutes and Dream Chasin!

Hey Guys!

We have passed 4 minutes and I'm back in full swing now that the TOY is finished.......

I'm also back at work now and can resume my online status which has been inconsistent lately.{Late reply's on emails and such.}

so......Here is Shel's awesome Dober Space action

Shel is very close on the Editing of the Special features and seems like she will make her deadline. She's been focusing on Editing so we can send out GLD into the world properly.

It will be the closing to the GLD chapter of our journey.....what a ride!!

so last week Shel gave Bridget the job of creating a MINI Dober puppet for the Mini Dober Ship
This will be the first MAJOR element from our film that we are giving out and another leap of faith and lesson in sharing....ha! It will be a fully functioning MINI Puppet. ....and I feel confident Bridget will do a good job.

....... most of the animation will be leaning or head turning as he flys. but.....I do want a cool figure-puppet that is able to do it all if needed....... Ya never know if somewhere down the animation road I find a spot I could need him in.

Intern- Justin J. has started filming his USC Stop mo film this week and we are all wishing him luck!!....because he is CRUNCHIN to make his deadline.

So as part of making our Dreams happen we went out looking for a building a few weeks ago to house our {Future Feature Animated Film}
One of the steps to making our Dream Manifest seems to be taking steps-Mental and Physicaly towards it. This always brings us closer just by putting the energy in the Air that makes it more than mere thoughts.

One of our wishes is to have it down the street from us near Aedon's Future well as to shoot in L.A. with access to all the talent and supplies we would need to make it happen.

here's a pic of the Place....6,000 square feet....High ceilings with 4 offices
{editing-post production-story room - and our own biz office}.....

....... a LARGE main area for The animation stages {12 in total during production-lots more room if needed}

we would have a puppet fabrication section to the side of the main area ..... a completely separate area for the Shop in the back of the building....for all manufacturing of Sets and other machined items.

This visualization was thrilling guys!!

I really could see it.....I could hear the camera clicks....... and smell the smells. It was just magical to imagine a bunch of artists all working on our film-story.

From Imagination to paper to Film....Dang!!!

I cant freakin wait!!!

......Our Daughter Aedon created a new stuffed animal for her collection. Its a Chicken pillow and I used it as a pillow the other night in its maiden voyage. Its comfy and I'm very proud of her having made it.and last bit of celebrate my ankle recovery I am posting a Bike trick my ever healing ankle landed recently.Yes.......



Shelley Noble said...

Dream Gettin' you mean! Always posts filled with super powerful good energy, J&S.

What does it mean that the mini Dober is going to be "cooked"? I first thought they were going to be the movie's for-sale action figures! Hmm

Love the new pre-viz'd studio space. And Love the rocking chicken pillow by Aedon! w00t! Go A!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Congratulation on hitting the three minute mark! Dober’s space manual is awesome, good job guys.

amoebaboy said...

your enthusiasum always inspires me, just when i get to feeling im beating my head up against a brick wall, you two come up with somthing amazing, not only are you focused on the work in hand, you can also see a much bigger picture.
good luck with the new studio, or should i say congratulations on the new studio, youre gonna have it anyway.

Font said...

Awesome post as always. That parts manual is crazy!! Great work there. Congrats on the 3 minute mark, and I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for the Dirk the Daring!!! Also, great news on the indie stopmotion feature......sign me up!

Mexican Viking said...

You're not dream chasin' you're dream catching! Or as Shelley put it, Dream Gettin'.
Keep on rolling man. And kudos to your little one for her project. Looks like a chicken, walks like a chicken, must be a chicken!
My 2.5 year old daughter saw that and said, "Pa Pa! Look! Bird!"

Robert Litton said...

Rich Johnson. said...

mini dober and ship are awesome! is he for the blue screen shots?

the little manual is very cute. how did you animate that!!?? you make everything look like butter and folks are ninjas.

studiooooooooooo!!!!!! wow! behind the scenes!!!! gaaahhh.




found my head. screwed it back on... can see again.


I love the looks of the at studiioooooooo!!!!


JON said...

I always wondered how truly successful people get their start. Now I can watch it as it happens!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy smoke man. GO STOP-MOOOOoooooo!

emmyymme said...

That's Awesome! I can't imagine how you're getting that far with the quality of work you're doing - I'm stuggling even at my level! Inspiring to see.

jriggity said...

Shelly}Ha! thats right....We are making it happen ever day.....

I guess....cooked was meanin that parts of his puppet{like chest- boots}will be cooed supersculpy....while other parts will be string wrapped or soft clay.

thanks about the chicken...Ill tell Aedon.

Jeff} thanks man....really appreciate your support.

amoebaboy}thanks dood!

Font}Dirks been on the back burner since the TOY project..But he will be back for sure.

Mexican Viking}Ha!....thanks man...tell your little one the chicken pillow says hey!

Robert}HA!!! Goodluck bear stops by!!

Rich}I animated the manual by- {wire glued between the pages}
then just one frame at a time till it was animated.

HA!.... HA! as excited as me and shel about he future studio.

Jon} kind words man...kind words..
were working real hard to mke things happen.

HwangNguyen}choooo chooo!!!!

emmyymme}I think the way we are making so uch progress is the LATE LATE nights....ha

your work on you film has been inspiring ...thanks for supportig the blog.


Alonso said...

man you're making the rest of us look bad, WE all have to sleep and stuff ;) (seriously how do you guys find the time, you're working full time, you've got a family, you're ripped so you must work out, and you have time to go stunt around, you wouldn't be so healthy if you aren't getting enough sleep. Do you have a secret time machine?! Man 1337 H4X d00d)

Love that manuel, though I'm surprised you used wire, I thought it was paper glued on tin foil

Hope you're putting some easter eggs into the GLD :)

I love that you give your interns serious challenges: 1st project you have to work Extra Tiny mwa ha ha :D

this guy is the closest competition I can find for you, doing tricking and game animating but you already got him beat with taking care of a family and making short films, his only counter is doing rubix cubes while back flipping.

The studio sounds awesome! I better start leveling up my stopmo skills so I can try and be ready when you guys are.

That's a nice chicken pillow. Aedon should check this out (I made one for my son and he loves it (he named ours Garfunkel)) if she can handle the chicken she could rock a muppet too.

(ha ha I'm trying to slow you down with a wall of text and distracting links :P )

MikeD said...

Thanks for the comment my blog. I love what you're doing here, your passion for the medium shows.

Ken A. Priebe said...

Justin and I are like twin brothers or something (born 2 weeks apart of course). That image of riding Falkor the Luck Dragon is one of the most defining moments of my childhood. That's a great picture.

You know what, the alley where they shot the scene of Falkor chasing the bullies into the dumpster is right here in Vancouver! I discovered it when I first moved here. Yet another reason for you guys to come and visit...I'll take you over to "Falkor Alley"

Great studio space too!

Maarten said...

Wow, a very own stop motion studio! Go for it!

Dhaneesh Jameson said...

hey justine..amaizing stuff here..
very inspiring..
this is dhaneesh jameson.
wants to share some of my work here..pls checkout these links below,

peace n clear skies...
dhaneesh jameson

Anonymous said...
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Dhaneesh Jameson said...

hi justin.. can i get your contact e mail at

jriggity said...

Alonso} ha! really...staying up nights is the only way I have found the time man.....creating it.

yeah....the foil thing didnt even enter our mind...just shows how much there is to lear and how many ways to do anything in this craft.

what kind of easter eggs were you thinking?

we have tons of videos and footage from early development....and such

yep...Bridget definitely got a serious task to complete with this one...ha!

That guy is awesome!! I loved his demo's....very inspiring to get ta fliping regularly again. NEVER enough time!!

MikeD}man...your work has inspired me for YEARS....since I was a little dood playing video games.

Ken } Ha....yeah man...that movies on my watch at least once a year rotation. Still hard to watch Artex in the swamp...ha!

Maarten}will do man.

Dhaneesh } awesome stuff cool to meet more people on the blog....especially stopmo peeps.

Emily D. Myers said...

Ooooh, a stop-mo studio? What do you plan to do with it? Commercial work, shorts, features, or all three?
I will be thinking good thoughts for ya'll.

As always, a very inspiring and positive post.

Love the pillow.

Anonymous said...

Excellent to see you guys starting a bona fide studio. I guess I thought you were going ot attempt the feature at your house.

Man, must be a good feeling... Sending mojo your way.

Dustin Foust said...

Great dump as always! Love the detail in the Doper Space Manual.

Jacque said...

Congratulations on your 4 minute mark! You, Shel and you kids are so amazing!!!! :) I love Aedon's chicken pillow, she needs an Etsy store where she could sell her sewn goods. Lovin' it! :)

Anonymous said...
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Ryan McCulloch said...

Wow, I could watch the pages of that manual flip around all day. There is something extremely beautiful about watching those pages animated, I can't put my finger on it. Awesome.

jriggity said...

Emily D. Myers}We plan to make a feature film there...Telling our GREAT BIG STORY...with a bunch of cool talented artists.

Don}thanks...and yes...its going to be the biggest mountain we ever climb....Super exciting!!

Dustin Foust}hA...Thanks man!

Jacque}I always feel so honored when you come by Jaque! thanks so much for the support!

Ryan McCulloch}thanks dood!

Yaz said...

When I first saw the picture of the building with your name up, I really thought you got that place. Looks like an idea "for now" but I know it is just "for now" And you would make it!

Great progress again here. Love everything you do and Aedon... she is sooo creative. What a wonderful chicken pillow she created there.

Carla Veldman said...

heh, I love the chicken pillow! And the animated book flip; I could watch that all day.