Friday, March 5, 2010

Justin the Toy Maker.....

Hey guys,

Anaglyph shot to check out...on request. Red and Blue glasses required. Click on gets bigger.

sorry about the delay on posting.....

been Home for almost 2 weeks from my day job...... I have been building a PROTOTYPE Toy for my works latest Video game project...This was my first pro Toy making job and I was so honored they came to me !!

so......I get to work from home for 2 and a half weeks and its just plain Fun!!
The only part that is not perfect about the situation is that they want alot and Fast....ha!
Doing this TOY of course put me off course a bit on the films production....but....I still got a couple shots in.

Dober is in full repair is Flea....the sequence is well on its way.

Here is Dober's Toolbox
here is a piece of the Raw shot from Flea Throwing his tools around.....I did not paint out the wires yet so theyll be shaking in and out.....

and yes......that is Gerald's Rubber Ducky making a all makes sence in the end...ha!!

We had a visit last weekend from our Friend-Animator and Sponsor Kevin Maclean...
He came over for a tour of the studio as well as to pick up his Gerald Sculpture reward for the donation on the film. It was super cool to hang out and he sent me this picture after he got home which made me very happy!

Gerald's in there with such good company......and I was very proud that Kevin gave Gerald such and awesome Home.

Shel has been editing her brains out for the GLD special features.....she has a Personal deadline and the last step is inserting some personality into the information. We are going to be doing that this week.

She Has managed to sneak a few hours on the ship here and there........

Justin Our Intern has finished his second sculpture , Mold and Foam puppet. He has to paint them and hes ready to animate. Very exciting! ...........And one more bit of cool news for Justin Is that hes going to have the World Famous Composer Robert Litton on board for the music accompanying his film.

How cool is that!!!

.... back to the ska8 park...... I am Landing tricks again.....Im not 100%.... on my way.



Emily Tomasik said...

Wow this is really cool! So glad i've kept 3D glasses from movies past...

what kind of toy is it? Toy making and animating -what an awesome life! Good luck! can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said... that rubber ducky!

Rich Johnson. said...

yes rubber ducky cameo! perfect dude. hahahaha

Jeff Lafferty said...

It's looking great so far Justin, I’m loving the updates.

emmyymme said...

looks amazing - the blue screen must really help for editing out wires in 3D.

Gregory Sesma said...

Super cool!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The 3D looks AWESOME, Jriggity! Totally immersive stuff.

Mattson Tomlin said...

Beautiful stuff. Would love a post that goes in depth on this new 3D stuff and how you guys are making use of the technology, how you learned, and the challenges behind it! Very exciting, spreading the word to my friends- you're our new favorites!

John Pierro said...

That's beautiful, weight and the timing, humor, and appeal. And the animation is good too :)
Great stuff man!

Breezy McC said...

Shot looks beautiful dude! love the duckie cameo!!!

Alonso said...

so Coraline made a big deal of using the 3D as a storytelling device between the real world and the other world, are you using your 3D to emphasize a story point, or just using it to enhance the audience's ability to fully immerse in your film?

jriggity said...

Emily Tomasik} thanks !

Yeah....I feel very blessed for the life I get to ride.....

HwangNguyen} ha! thanks dood!

Rich Johnson}its somthing people were asking we found a way to add it without it being forced.

Jeff Lafferty}Thanks a ton Jeff! More to come!!

emmyymme}thanks ! It actually doesnt change anything in the wire removal.....I still end up cutting out every frame.

Gregory Sesma}thanks dood.

Don}yeah man...the 3d is cool 4 sure.....feels just like the viewmaster pics from the old days

Mattson Tomlin}I'll cover the 3d 4 sure in one of my future posts.

thanks for the support man!

John Pierro}means alot man...thanks for the support

Breezy McC}thanks guys.

Alonso}we are using the 3d....just as a way to really take advantage of the the magic of stop motion -

its real....and theres tons to look at...Imperfections everywhere....ha!


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