Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Chapters in Life....Curveballs...

Here we go into a New chapter of my professional career. Last Week our company
that I have been with for the last 5 years and 3 titles.....layed us off after our Publisher decided to cut projects that were considered too risky.

In this economy this is becoming a very common thing....I have seen many friends go through this in the last year and its been hard on most of them.

This was a sad moment for all of us on the team. I felt it was easily our Highest Quality an Funnest game the company had produced. I also believed it would have done very well in the market..... The Big wigs only see Numbers.....and theres no arguing that.

ohhh well....Everytime somthing like his has happened in my life its been to take me to a better place.

I feel very fortunate to have found a freelance job and will be starting very soon on a new fulltime Title.......I am excited to do the work ahead and curious as to where it will all take me..

In all of the ruckus of the employment stuff.....I have not done as much shooting as I normally would. I did pass the 5 minute mark though which is 1/3rd through what I am estimating my footage count to be before editing.

Woooo Hoo!

In film news....Here is a couple of cool pics of the shots managed- flea repairing scenes. Stretching for the shot....

I also did another P.O.V. shot....this time for Flea.

And My first really true failed shot of this production.....flea jumping off the ship to retrieve his battery.....I was incredibly tired in the creation of this shot and it was just a fail on all accounts.

I cant wait to avenge this shot....and Ill share it here when I do.

in fun-non animation stuff....I have been riding again...and made a Huge Goal come to pass this last week. Since I started riding my bike teaching myself.....alongside Robert Litton and Brother Todd.....I thought I wish I could do a Hand Rail Like I could as a kid.

So I made a 35 year old goal of doing a hand rail......and It happend. It doesnt look like much but its scary!!.....not to mention on one of our riding sessions we witnessed a young man.....take a horrible crash to the NUTS......just a couple weeks earlier. YIKES!!!

so heres the video....last time I did a rail I was 17 years old and full of beans....Booooo yaaaaa!!!

make a goal and meet a goal!

and last but not least....just some anims from the company I got layed off from share some work from the last few years...



emmyymme said...

Wow - I can see why you get work so quickly - even your rejected shots are amazing! Glad it's working out.

mongothemonkfish said...

wow I hate the new economy I wish that it would all just straiten out you are one of the lucky ones that you actually got another job but then again If I was a company in animating I would try to get you to work for me as fast as possible too Well I am glad you aren't destroyed money wise Good luck!

Gregory Sesma said...

Glad you got a new gig already.

your stuff looks great... that peg leg guy with the spring arm is my favorite.

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) Glad you can still find ways to work....!!

Shelley Noble said...

Killer shots and vids, Justin.

There's an old saying, "When you're a hammer, the world looks like a nail."

I read this post as though you're playing (AND WINNING!) life like a video gamer!

Not worried about you. Enough talent to be nothing but hugely successful in your fav arts. Top score, Man. Top score.

Anonymous said...

What a bummer! You guys made some good games too.

michael said...

your optimism is so very encouraging and inspiring ! And I am really looking forward to get a chance to see the videos here (again)!

Congratulations to the freelance job too !!! I remember the 'Nerdy Dad'... which was really fun. And thinking about the video where you work with clay - you got so much skill in sculping, animating, organizing stuff and everything - this blog is a humming portfolio.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the layoff, man. it's great that you found something else so quickly. You're too talented to sit on your hands.

JON said...

Sorry to hear that you got laid off. Nobody's job is safe right now...
But, your showreel is top notch, really enjoyed it! Pro work all the way!!!

Rich Johnson. said...

Sorry to hear about the lay off dude, looks like good stuf is coming your way though. as it should.

that magic show with the bunny, cracks me up everytime I watch it.

sweet bmx video. you guys are ripping it up!

Ethan said...

Sorry to hear about the lay-off but with your talents I know you guys will be just fine. I agree these things always happen for a reason...go with it!

jmanu said...

That's a fantastic reel, love the way your characters moves! digital or real. And good luck man! change is the opportunity for something better ;)

Anonymous said...

I just saw your updated reel. Awesome stuff dude.

jriggity said...

emmyymme}thanks emmyyemme!
Ill Improve the next one 4 sure..

mongothemonkfish}yeah man....hard times for sure. ...and thanks for the kind words!

Gregory Sesma}ha...thanks man

Dan Metalmadcat}yeah man...I am very fortunate that I got work so fast....very lucky dood.

Shelley Noble}thanks shelly! Ha!
Ill remember that saying...

HwangNguyen}yeah man....I was truly sad about the collapse.

michael }thanks man! Videos will be back for sure.

Don}thanks dood.

JON}thanks jon....nice to see ya here.

Rich Johnson}thanks man.....we are definitely having fun at the sk8 parks man....such nice to fall in love with the bmx bike again.

Ethan}will do man....and thanks.

jmanu}agreed....thanks for dropping by man.

HwangNguyen}thanks man!....thats just some of the work.....we did so much animation of the 5 years.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Sorry to hear your getting laid off. Something similar happened to me about ten years ago. It was rough going through it at the time, but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope things go that way for you.

You’ve got a hell of a lot talent man, the opportunities are coming.

Keep your head up

John Pierro said...

Yep, just take it in stride, new beginnings are so exciting. You continue to grow everywhere else in your life, it's only natural that you move on in your career also. Best wishes for your new path that you are traveling. I'm sure you will do well where ever you go.

JP said...

As always, all your posts are a good hard kick in the pants to go make/do/kick some goals out of the park.

Congrats on the new gig. Loved the real. Liked the blue monster particualarly...lovely elastic timing.

Alonso said...

rough stuff, hope things settle well for a smooth long term ride soon.

Lol, for a moment I thought you meant you got a freelance gig at medevil times tourney/resturaunt place (which would probably rock)

is robot chicken hiring?

jriggity said...

Jeff Lafferty}thanks alot jeff! I feel confident I am going to a better place.

John Pierro}thanks brother!....Its so true that this is another place and experience to grow and create new artistic experiences...

JP}thanks man! ....I have so much animation I have done over the years....I just need time to get it all together ....Id love to share it all with you guys.

Alonso}things are very close to settleing...I keep you guys Informed..

Robot chicken I believe is all staffed up.....even then I am not really interested in working as a full time stop mo guy.

I Love cg ....and making I plan to stay in it.

Mike Adair said...

Hey Justin,

Sorry to hear about your job. Your reel is awesome and your creative spirit is infectious! I don't think it'll be long before some studio picks you up to do bigger and better things!