Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back On the Horse again!! Lake Arrowhead Film Fest

Hey Guys!

well....Here I am just getting back to a Clear place again......I have accepted a new full time offer at Broodworks in Santa Monica California
In my Limbo I had 2 awesome job options and my stomach was in knots trying to decide....but .... In the End I decided to go with a New start up {My favorite kind of company's} on a Hand keyed - Very Fun!! - Animated Title.

I am saying goodbye to my most favorite talented group of guys I have ever worked with. The Guys.
so.....having this clarity was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. We are now able to start thinking about the film again. WOoooooo Hoooo!!! prepping a new shot.....so my first plan of action was to avenge my last failed shot. I did this and was much happier with the results. Here is a look at the new shot.

I am much happier with the Jump and the flow of the movement. I went in with some thumbnails this time..... very simple but clear poses and flow....it made all the difference in the world.I am doing a Freelance job until the 17th of May in the evenings so I have to sneak shots in by balancing my work time and film ......I have a plan so all should work out. The great news is that after the 17th I am free to take a nice 3 weeks off to collect my Beans and make some Headway on the film. I plan on putting some major miles on the project during that time.

Shel is just steps away from finishing the GLD special features and she is READY to be done!!!!She has learned a lot about editing programs on this project and has been through some big technical ups and downs During the production of the special features. She did an awesome job though and we cant wait to burn that first disk.

Shel has even had a couple moments to tap on the mini flea ship.Bridgets been able to do some work on mini dober.....More coverage to come.In GLD news......we went to a Film fest with the family this last weekend which was alot of fun. We had such an awesome experience at Big Bear Film Fest that we wanted to go back to such a cool environment with the family.
We arrived just in time for our showing in the animation block and were very pleased to run into our fellow film makers -buddy's - who we have run into many times now over the year of festival travels.

The Usual Suspects - {Joaquin Baldwin - Sebastians Voodoo}-Kyle Bell -The Mouse That Soared - Totally ...My favorite film at the fest.
After our block which had both Hits and a couple Misses.....we went off to see our place.

We got a cool house that one of the festival runners hooked us up with.
We decided to see the town and grab some grub.....Robert and Bridget our Intern Lovers were going to join us a bit later that day.We enjoyed a nice evening at the House Playing Our familys version of Dungeons and Dragons called simply "THE GAME" This is a game me and Shel made up for the kids when they were youngsters and we have played it for years. Its all Imagination and 100% FUN. Its been so cool to start playing it with Aedon now that shes a good age for it.....

We also managed a few snowball fights ,

Monkey bar action red light green light and some Shoe Golf at the nearby school during our time there.

Lots of fun and the Winner of the Animated award well deserved {Kyle Bell}
He was given the award By no less than - Shooter Mcgavin from Happy Gilmore..ha!
Last Piece of Info - My buddy Ethan Marak's film {Super Battle} is currently in a contest {First Glance Online Short Film Contest!}
He needs some votes.....so If you haven't cast yours yet ....swing by his blog and drop a vote under the Directions he has listed. Support Stop motion!!!!


and for my trick of the week......8 stair Rail....Wooooo Hoooo!!! whats next???



JON said...

Hey, congrats on the new gig! Glad all that stress is behind ya. Looks like you guys really know how to celebrate a comeback! Film progress look great as usual.
p.s. Super Battle rocks! Everyone should vote.

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) good to see you are back!

m_) Good luck at the festival!

have fun!

jmanu said...

Wow! GREAT NEWS, I'm happy for you!

I like so much the thumbnails for the scene, thanks for share Justin
Nice weekend!

Rich Johnson. said...

animation looks soo good man. wow. the jump is perfection. voting for super battle...now.

Daesup said...

Yeah!! that was good old day for us ,GUYS, walked around E3 together ,laughed and joked, and finally got Japanese ratchet on our group potho. You will be rememberered forever here and we do our best to keep lots of fun tradition you've built at HIG. BUT,,it's small world,,, I know we will work together someday soon.


Gregory Sesma said...

The new flea shot looks sweeeeeet.

Mike Adair said...

Congrats man! That's awesome news! The film's looking great, too!

Carla Veldman said...

ooh, very nice follow-through on the jump; I like the hand-swing accent. It's neat seeing the planned-out poses as well.

happy festivaling!

Grant's Animation said...

I'd like to be a fly on the wall as you animate. Continued succcess on the new gig!!

Ryan McCulloch said...

1. Congrats on the new job, new you would get one fast, glad you are at a start-up where you can have a huge impact
2. Awesome jump shot of the flea (what else should i expect)
3. Bike trick= you're crazy. good job

Kevin Parry said...

The shots keep looking better and better, CAN'T WAIT to see the final product. You're an inspiration to independent filmmakers every where!

Having been in post for the last months, I've been going crazy not being able to animate.

Jacque said...

Congrats on the new gig! That must be a huge relief. As usual great progress on the work. You guys are so amazing and inspiring! :)

jriggity said...

JON}thanks man! Im really excited about the job....its a really cool project!!

Dan}Thanks - thanks -and will do.

jmanu}us too man...glad you dig the thumbs....going in with a plan always makes the animation go smoother.

Rich}Thanks man....and very cool for the stop mo support on Ethans film.

Daesup} We shall meet again man!!

Gregory}thanks dood....so does all your latest drawings.

Mike Adair}thanka for the words man.

Carla Veldman} ooohhh....by your terminology I can tell you are a fellow student of the craft!!

thanks for coming by Carla..

Grant}ha....thats cool...every now and then I have a buddy or intern in the studio as I animate. I f your around sometime....let me know.

Ryan}Ha!....thanks man...3 times over.

Kevin Parry} stay strong man...in POST is so close to the end!!

and thanks for the kind words.

Jacque} thanks Jacque! it definitely is a relief....I hated the wish wash ground we were on there.

more work to come....thanks.

Anonymous said...

ongrats on the new gig man.

pkbrooks said...

mr. riggity,

good news all around about your film and your job.

One question...Is that the Cliffhanger restaurant in your first photo?
I had an uncle who lived in Arrowhead and I remember passing that place all the time. We actually got snowed in there one winter trying to get up the mountain.

Mattson Tomlin said...

what's this?? All quiet on the western front? Come back! Come back!