Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goonies Pilgramage.....

Hey Guys!
Shel and I just came back from a whirlwind trip to PortlandDay two was all about Goonie's Dorkness......Most kids from the 80's had a soft spot for this film.......and mine was particularly soft and to this day colors alot of my adventures.

I figured It was time I finally made the Pilgrimage to the Place it all happened.

We arrived at Astoria- Home of the Goonies........ it was a tiny little town with a cold breeze and a mistiness in the air......pretty much just like I imagined.

We hit up the local grocer for the location of the house......just a short ride and we were there.
As we parked we saw a bunch of people getting out of their car walking up a driveway.....hmmm
HINT - Hint !! This movie reached alot of People!!!

Here we front of the Goonies Houseat the Goonies Jail -

and at Cannon Beach - where the goonies rocks are.
a magical place......and so fun to explore with shel.

and a couple of other Astoria

News on the Film....I am kicking off my vacation with a major shooting schedule...
I want to get at least 1 minute of footage during my 3 weeks off.

That means tonight Is shot 1 wish me Lucks.....Ill be posting regular expect smaller more regular posts....once a week should be happening.



Shelley Noble said...

kewl. Looks fun for you guys. This is where I'm for-sure-old. I've never heard of or seen the Goonies. Happy shooting! gogogo!

Kevin MacLean said...

Cool! Great seeing you guys today!

Ken A. Priebe said...

Hey Justin!
How very cool for you guys. Portland is a great place. Like you, I checked out Astoria when I moved out here for the same reason. Will have to go back there again sometime.

Next trip you guys should come up here and I'll show you 'Falkor Alley' from The NeverEnding Story.

Grant's Animation said...

Livin' large as usual I see! I had a feeling something interesting was transpiring while you we gone. Maybe I'll take you up on that suggestion and come for a tour of your operations!

tonychauzer said...

The ride doesn't stop! Glad to see you guys still rockin' it. Very fun stuff!

Ryan McCulloch said...


John Pierro said...

It's always an adventure, whether you're inside or outside of your garage.

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ meanwhile, madmetalcat arives via bus from virginia: and leaves off with a friend from highschool in under 28 hours.
sigh. we'll see if he returns for the internship or found the introductions too overwhelming to fathom

jmanu said...

wow! that's fantastic, Justin!
what a great moment and beautiful journey

hey! the anchor in the photo of Shel seems the ears of Dober! ^_^

Good luck and a successful time, man!

Jacque said...

How exciting for you guys! :) Good luck with the shoot.

Jacque said...

How exciting for you guys! :) Good luck with the shoot.

Mike Adair said...

Let that Goonie magic get you through!
Good luck!

Rich Johnson. said...

I love the coast in portland. I didnt know goonies was shot there!! I have to go there this summer!

Glad you have some time off to work on the film. 1 min would be huge! You can do it man.

Anonymous said...

Aww drat, I just missed you guys. Didn't even know you were coming!

It's great that you got to check out Cannon beach, I was on the other side of it last Summer with my folks. The sand and surf are really relaxing and beautiful- the closest I've felt to being away from civilization.