Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fight Scene 3 In da can!!

Hey guys,

been a few weeks on the fight scenes....and I actually havn't been as productive as I should have been....I had an entire week that I didn't shoot a single frame of animation...Torture!!

but I'm back!!

The off time wasn't totally my own doing.....I had a few road blocks that sort of buttered up the situation a bit.

1. Garage Computer finally died- Got a new one....set it up.

2.All my {Action Puppets} Puppets built for lots of Range of movement - Were Dead
and in need of major REPAIR.

Took a trip out to see grandma - very cool!!

Crunch Time at work - shooting for a 3 week important deadline ....this one is eating into my animation energy for sure.

and I just couldnt get my beans up to go in the garage with my Focus so split in
many directions....WEAK....

It was actually an Excersize in Letting go .....I got lots of sleep for a week.....but man...It was a lota bit of torture knowing I wasnt making my animation Quotas.

so....This last weekend I started the 3rd animation Sequence and I am proud to say after 3 FAILED Starts -{the most ON THE WHOLE PROJECT} with 2 new choreography's

...The sequence is finished as of Monday at 3 in da mornin.

So....this animation was INSANELY ....MAJOR huGEMONGOUS pain IN da Arse!!

nothing went right guys......My flea puppet was a nightmare to work with....the armature was incredibly weak....the wire was too thin in the legs...

so just holding and pose with one leg off the ground SUCKED....his ribcage wire also was unable to seperate from the hips....due to thick latex and weak wire...

so limiting....but heres a cool tip....I began wrapping my characters hands with wire anytime they made contact with another puppet or ground plain to minimize all that crazy shakiness that happens when trying to maintain hand positions in relation to all else in an animated beans!!

but I had countless finger breaks - an arm break and a Head- neck break on the old flea puppet.....Hes been through alot but was a Ruthless experience. is the Video without the wire removal....lots of Rigging. I totally get how features have Rigging departments guys...My ghetto tactics work just fine but I can imagine how much nicer it would be to work with a good rig.

Luckily I have an amazing partner shel who was able to repair most of the finger breaks...and an Incredible neck skull fix that I would have thought Impossible.

but just to let you guys know....I swapped out fleas puppet in this animation 3 times.....see if you can spot them.....Dober also did over half this animation with 2 hands and NO working fingers....YIKES!! is the original thumbnails....{usually done lunchtime at work}

so enough about the animations....

In awesome Film News....

a few weeks back but our Online buddy Mike Flemming Jr. sent us our MINI Dober space ship KIT back to was quite an exciting package to recieve and we thank him soo much for reaching out to us and offering to mold-cast it for us.

Here are some cool pics.

these little Toys will be fling in the Spaceship chase sequences through cool Asteroids filed in the intro.

Speaking of Asteroids....our Lovely Art Assistant Bridget made us our first fancy Asteroid for the space scenes...

Pretty freakin cool Hugh!

For the Tricks of the week....I got injured and had to take a few weeks of its been house stunts with the kids for a bit.

here is Aedon's POWERFULL Flip over a 7 foot pad!!

Shamus -James Bond- Parkour move-
And My Wall Flip-

In the next few weeks Ill be doing the 4th and Final Fight Master shot. This will be the Biiiiitch of the film Im sure. The longest Largest shot Ill be on the entire ride.

It right now is going to be a back and forth battle between an exhausted flea and Dober....untill it end in a truce...

Ill post the choreography before I start this one....but Im sure its going to be a good 3 weeks of HARD work to get it done.....especially since its in a more Tired state of movemnt. 600 frames is my guess.

wish me luck!!

untill next Post.



Shelley Noble said...

So... when you're injured you can still flip and stuff?! Crazed. House stunt cool by y'all. I used to do stuff like that that now would terrify me. Getting older makes me more afraid to get hurt than when I didn't know danger. Like when I used to flip around by my knees on the monkey bars after school for hours.

Congratulations on everything, Justin, Shel, and crew. Inspiring!

I know you are gaining knowledge, skill, and power with each shot, like a sci-fi Planetoid in deep space, gaining strength from all the starlight, growing and glowing larger and brighter until you consume several sectors!

Mexican Viking said...

Okay Justin, this is getting really exciting! Really like how it's all turning out. This is real inspiring. Next week, we get all our gear from the states so we'll be animating soon! Now that room with all the climbing gear and pads, is that at your house? That is so cool! That was an awesome flip Aedon did too! Say yo to Shel!!!

Alex said...

''had an entire week that I didn't shoot a single frame of animation...Torture!!''

Haha! Yeah I know what do you mean! well done! this little sequence is awesome!

Gregory Sesma said...

Your fight sequence is looking sweeeet.

Carla Veldman said...

these fight scenes amaze me.

Emily D. Myers said...

I haven't been on blogger for a while, but I always enjoy your posts! Great work...and one day, when I'm a real grown up and home-owner, I want a rock climbing gym/ jumping-romping room in my basement.

I'm always very intrigued and moved by ya'lls work, but more importantly your everyday adventures! Please keep having them always!

BrianCoyDesign said...

I just went through all the post for your product and I'm absolutely in awe. Incredible work you're doing on this project.

I wanted to say that sharing the details you have is inspiring and really helpful.

Thanks again and I can't wait to see more.

PS what type of clay are you using to sculpt?

'-' mycael said...

I have a very clear vision of animators sitting around a campfire, nodding after getting the latest news from your blog on their internet devices (mobile phone with bells and whistles and newest shebang) - and then a thoughfull nodding, a wise smile on everyones faces. Finally, one says with a voice ringing out over the prairie in like a enormous brozen bell being hit with a really huge hammer: "And phatphs how ipfth done, lads. Phats'ow ipths done".

Respect, Mr. Respect.

Alonso said...

glad you're still swinging, even if you aren't completely on your feet :) Fight looks good, there's something about your animation that is just so appealing, maybe it's the sense of timing, or how you go from pose to pose, don't know but it's really nice.
You put to much pressure on yourself, you can only do what you can do :)
rock on

Anonymous said...


I've always wondered how one does a back flip. I used to have a trampoline and it seemed too dangerous- I was afraid of falling on my neck because of not getting enough momentum. Never had a problem with forward flips, but backwards... Always wanted to try.

Ok, questions abound about the hand wires. Were those not visible to camera, or did you find a way to matte them out while they were moving? Looks great, whatever you did- and you can bellyache about the strength of the wires or difficulty holding a pose all you wanna, but the end result looks supreme, and even a trained eye would miss that you had any trouble whatsoever with animating that. :)
So THERE! Pbpbpbpbpb.

jriggity said...

Shelly}Ha! yeah...Im pretty good at finding ways ta move using all my non injured parts when I have too...ha!

thanks lady!!

yes....every new shot is a whole new list of problems to solve the more experience and practice the better Ill get.

So sooooo far to go...especially when you watch all the feature work out there....its amazing.

Mex Vike}
hey man...great to see ya here...and thanks man! yes....thats our gymnasium down stairs.....wish you guys had time in your visit to run the girls through there.

Alex}thanks man! ....any time that goes by that im not animating I feel - not good-

glad im not the only one who feels that way

Gregory}thanks so much man!

Carla}thanks so much Carla and great seeing you stop by.

Emily}will do....and every body should have a rompus room!!

Brian}awesome that you enjoyed the posts man! so cool that people look at the back issues.

'-' mycael}Ha! I just saw an entire movie in your description man...ha! Thanks.

Alonso}Thanks man...i really appreciate your comment!...nad as for the pressure...its doesnt feel like a bad thing.....and I do get alot done. ha!

but I do have to tell my self sometime...remember do this for FUN!!!... not just to make a deadline.

Don}the hand wires were off camera....too small to really pay notice of...or I painted them out.

ha! thanks man...some of my cg animator or 2d animator friends will not cut me as much slack as the main audiences who watch stop mo.

they will say....why didnt his hips break from his shoulders....or question some postural aspects of my posing...having no understanding of the limits of reality...let alone Bad armatures...

but regardless....I am happy with the shot...and am happy you liked it too.


MikeD said...

Looking great. Really nice physical action despite the ailing puppets. I always say -- stopmo is 20% animation and 80% problem solving.

amoebaboy said...

great work guys.
i wish i lived a little closer so i could pop round and give you a hand.

Rich Johnson. said...

awesome progress!!! That meteor looks so cool. killer animation as usual

ChrisW said...

That animation is looking fantastic!!! Can't wait to see the whole thing...