Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fight Scene !! Kicks off....

Hey Guys,

last week I was off of work with a BIG focus on kicking off the Fight scene sequences. This was a major undertaking for us because its going to put us off schedule a bit in order to create the footage.

We are feeling that the ammount of animation needed to get across the story needed will require quite a bit of footage- over a minute at least I am thinking....OUCH!!

Thats quite a bone to swallow.....but I am really excited aboout the entertainment value that could be gained in the telling- watching .

me and shel went down in the gym and choreographed the action and then I spent alot of time thinking about the scene and drawing tons of thumbnails -I basically let my brain soak up the movement and poses before I began the animation.

Well here is the Kick off footage from the NEW first meeting out of the crashed ships -

this will have LOTS of cuts to close ups and detailed-clarifying moments.....I did the whole sequence from this one perspective-staging - so shel would have lots of cutting options in the edit.

and here is the no wire removal version.

I have started now the second fighting pass....and should finish in the next couple of days. We are planning on 6 fight passes for them to fully exhaust themselves......in which will motivate the New line drawing- You stay on your side- Ill stay on mine.

wish me luck guys....Ill keep ya posted.



JON said...

Dude, new scene kicks serious butt! All the extra work payed off big time. Must've been a ton of rig removal. Keep it going, you guys rock!

Robert Litton said...

Good luck.

Vincent T├ętreault said...

Very impressive Justin ! This is so smoooooth. There are so much little details in that sequence that i had to watch it a couple of times to see them all. I really liked the part where Flea throws sand in Dober eyes. Can't wait to see the complete movie.

Continue the great work !

Alonso said...


that frickin rocked!! beautiful motion, (love that overlap on flea's legs landing on his belly) Nice energetic action that's still well staged and clear to see. FUN Fun fun to watch!

watched it a dozen times already :D
This will definitely add to the film, definitely be worth the extra time. A little high energy to really pull you in and get you excited, and really justify the line later.


lovin it

tonychauzer said...

Yeah Alonso said it.


amoebaboy said...

ha ha ! brilliant now put the star trek fight music on it, it would rock even harder.

Mattson Tomlin said...

oof. great stuff as always- always amazed at how into your posts I get.

Additionally, I really appreciate your comment. Coming from a master of keying, I'm glad I'm bagging tricks the right way!

M-Flem-Jr said...

Ditto on everyone's comments. Fantastic job man! Big time decision to make and it worked. IT ROCKS! Love the sand in the eye and the momentum of the whole scene is really well done! Keep it up and Thanks for sharing!

Stuart said...

That was beautiful. Great animation. What is the projected finish date on this project?

jriggity said...

JON}thanks man!! as for Rig removal- TONS....Ill have to put a wired version in to show you how it worked.

Robert}thanks brother!

Vincent}thanks man!....youll be able to see much more clearly all the action with the closeups and fancy cuts added into the final edit.

Alonso}so glad you like it alonso!!....I think its gona be pretty neat in the end too.

tony}thanks dood!!

amoebaboy}...man...I almost did....dangit...just didnt have time.

mattson}ha! thanks dood...your doing everything right over there man.....thanks for the inspiration.

m-flem-jr}thanks dood!!...so glad ya dug it....more to come.

stuart}Thanks man....the finish date was originally-May 2011...

but it might push back a tad with the fight scene added.


Paul Linsley said...

Amazing work, Guys!
You got me all inspired to go animate!

Jeff Lafferty said...

It just gets better and better. Nice job Justin.


as always - somewhere over the rainbow there are your and your stuff creating (enter lost for words mumbling here) - incredible beautifully acted out, the moves believable and right, and the one about throwing sand into one's eyes is really oldschool. Cudos for this one !

Shelley Noble said...

So helpful to see the raw shot with the wires still in. So I won't feel so stupid when I rig ma pupps.

The scene is top drawer, Justin. I can't imagine anyone on earth being better at animating a real puppet with such perfect physicality as you do!

It's just IN you, it's in how you and Shel move your own real bods, an integration that is your gift.

Great to watch you guys bloom.

Rich Johnson. said...

brilliant work Justin. Wow.

Alex said...

Wow! it look so prefesionnal! There's a lot of work in this! I love those puppets! Great work!

Carrotkid said...

Awesome footage man!
This will no double be one amazing film when finished!!!

Emily said...

Love watching this clip - they're so alive! Cool to know you choreographed it ahead of time - it helps to know how pro animators think!

Mike Adair said...

That is so freakin' smooth!

Webster Colcord said...

Very nice! It's really innovative to shoot it in a master shot and shoot the inserts later where you think they're necessary. Normally you would want to save yourself the work, but you will probably get a better flow this way.

Bruno said...

I've always wanted to do stuff like this!~

Adam said...

The fight scene is looking great! Very fun. I can't believe you can do that in Stop-mo... :o

jmanu said...

Hi Justin
a lot of great work in these last posts, man!
The Fight scene looks terrific, love the rhythm of the movements
And I was surprised by 360 jump of the previous post, awesome!

Good luck to all the team!

Mexican Viking said...

This looks awesome! You're doing a fantastic job and it keeps me inspired especially here in Norway!
Keep it up man.

Christopher P Sanders said...

Dude!!!! I read your critiques on your own work and man I think your stuff is killer!! I know an artist is his own worst but dude maybe you're a little hard on yourself because that animation is bad as hell.
-chris (new to this blog)

johndods said...

"Cut in and Closeups" is amazing work - I think that you have raised the bar for action choreography in stop motion. It's great to see such fine character-action animation. It's worth all the effort that you put into it. Congratulations!