Friday, September 3, 2010

Finding your Story - And Comparrisons.

Hey Guys!

been a few weeks of of Busyness at work and a possibility of another job switch. Luckily its all settled now and I look forward to being able to clearly Focus on my day job project for many months to come.....and My Night time job of making movies.

As for the film...I have managed to get a Big sequence done with Flea Pilot.....this was a sequence expanded-upon that wasn't in the original script. We found-or Discovered it.

This guy's..... is one of the coolest things about film making-Storytelling.......throughout the process of telling story' discover!! Find....connections... moments.....New ways of tying things together....opportunities to show character in entertaining ways that didn't exist in text or on paper.

These are thrilling times and can often be my favorite moments of character throughout a film.

Well......after talking to a multi talented buddy of mine - Paul Linsley - he pointed out a hole in our story-a question that needed to be -answered . We really thought about it and I agreed it needed to be addressed......

After discussing it with Shel we have come to a quality FUN solution to the problem.....This is very exciting to me as an animator.....because we get to Choreograph and I get to Animate a fight scene.

Wooo Hoo.....this will improve the story ....Hopefully create some laughter and be an awesome piece of animation to look at.

Ill keep you guys in the loop on how it progresses.
Here is the last shot I animated sunday Night with the help of one of my Art assistants- Justin Connolly. Me and Shel enjoyed the way this shot leaves fleas current repair situation and enters Dober's continuing collection of materials. Plus...its fancy 3D in your face Neat-o ness.

I had to move all over the table for this one even though it looks simple...The ball falling....Flea looking around the wing.....and then Dober stepping into frame in the foreground......all the while

animating the camera tilt as the ball nears the foreground.{and a focal shift ta boot} Justin Did the Clickin and flipping so Could see what the heck was happening on the screen.
this ended up taking me a good 12 hours....Sunday 7 pm till Monday 7 am......2 hours sleep then off ta work.....uughh.

I am pretty happy with the shot....but I can really see the fatigue set in as the shot progresses. I get sloppier with my frames.....and I can feel I'm rushing to finish.

Thanks Intern Justin!! ....this shot would have taken twice as long if you were not there.
- in comparrison - Last post I share the thumbnail sequence I created for Misha to animate....

here is the animatic

here is the Shot - post production is not done.....just thrown together to share what it came to.

and LAST but NOT least.....I had a POWERFULL breakthrough this last weekend with Brother Todd- Son-Nicky and Composer/BMXer/Yaghtsman/Lady's man/Intern -Robert Litton.

One of my many goals in Life- was to do a 360 over the spine as an older man.....We went to the sk8park this weekend and made it happen.

I havn't thrown one of these since I was 17 years old- and 2 very imprortant pieces of information on the incident.

#1- I was Scared as Hell ....I havn't done somthing where I knew the likelyness of Injury was VERY likely in a LONG time...ha!
As a young Kid I had NO FEAR AT ALL.......physically...I would do pretty much anything and bounce right back up.....its so funny how getting older lets fear creep in as much as the aches and pains of aging.

#2 - I did somthing I havn't done since I was a youngster...... I PUMPED myself up in a cartoon.....filling myself with that crazy -falling out of your bed.....BURST's of adrenaline......and just tried to put that Stupid fear out of my mind.....Get really Spockish about the non Star Treak Fans.

and bottom line- GO FOR IT.....

it worked out....and I get to cross another Goal off my list....I was sooper happy guys!!


untill we meet again.



Shelley Noble said...

It's a perfect jump, Justin. As is the leaps you and Shel are making in your movie making.

The scenes look amazing. I doubt any studio, of any size, could produce better.

Rock on.

amoebaboy said...

the quality of this production just shines throgh, great work guys.

Alonso said...

hey, Lineboil just posted on you guys

I love that you're fighting aging and maintaining youthful questionable decisionmaking :)

great stuff as always

Jacque said...

Congrats on the perfect 360 jump, new animation, and new gig! You just keep moving forward with leaps and bounds, how amazing and always inspiring!

Sven Bonnichsen said...

I totally know what you mean about discovering scenes while working on a film!

I joined up with four other local animators back around April for monthly get-togethers... The feedback that they've given has really helped me tighten up the story for Let Sleeping Gods Lie. Significant changes.

"Focus group" has terrible connotations -- but having a group of peers look at your work while it's still in process is invaluable!

Rich Johnson. said...

the work is perfect. you wre made for this. and 360's.

JON said...

Oooo, a fight scene! My money's on the Doberman, but, wait... Flea has those big, sharp teeth. I guess I'll have to wait and see...

p.s. Amazing 360!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Awesome new shot, and I love the animatic!

jriggity said...

Shelly} thanks lady!!

I cant wait to share with you guys my next shot kick off the fight scene....

amoebaboy} thanks dood....your works pretty freakin cool too man.

Alonso} ha! young at heart for sure....and thanks for the link man.
I have never been to that site...bookmarked !

Jacque}Thanks !!.......appreciate your support so much.

Sven}Yeah man....its so exciting of a process man......and bounceing your story off a solid wall of people is only going to make your story stronger.....great news...

I cant wait to see how your film comes out in the end...

Rich}Ha! thanks brother!! and hope to add a few more shots and tricks to the list very soon.

Jon} fight scene has been started and I am Sooooooooooo excited bout how its turning out as well as whats ahead.

I do think the audience is going to really like it.

Jeff} Thanks dood.....loving watching your progress too man.....very inspiring stuff.

Anonymous said...

The animation is great.

tonychauzer said...

Thanks for posting these clips Justin. I'm always learning tons from them. Never again will I complain about putting work into a shot when there is a man (and his team) out there getting 2 hours of sleep to make his dreams come true.



the shots are lookin great! this is definatly going to be a hit film once its all peiced togeater. nice description of robert by the way. haha last but not least congrats on the 360 over the spine... mission accomplished

Tony Merrithew said...

Looking very nice!