Sunday, August 15, 2010

Turbo Time.

Hey Guys!

been a couple of seriously TURBO POWERED weeks of production at the Rasch Household.

We took some BIG new steps toward being -
Directors this last couple weeks in bringing in a couple of Mercenary Animators to help us put some extra seconds on the screen.

The latest chapter of the film is in large part a Montage.....Lots of Quick , fast shots with drawing new lines and retrieving lots of items needed for the ships repairs.
Here is the first shot I did to Kick off the New chapter-

Directing- Our job is to be as clear as we can in direction and have the puppets and camera's ready to roll each and every mornin...and again in the mid day upon completion of a smaller shot...

this was completly up to Shel ...and she was large and in charge . Our process was.... Me and Shel would discuss the performance and I typically would give some animation direction in the mornings before I left for work.....

Shel then was the Full time Director for the remaining part of the work day.....She sets up the shots and picks the 3d- interocular distance....then sends the animators a clickin.

This seems simple enough.....but with me working the night shift and the time it takes to set up a new shot before the morning animator gets here-clean up the puppets....and be a parent to a summer time kid...all the while doing her day job...ha!

Our first guest animator was fresh back from Spain {Matt Manning}....he finished working on the feature film - O 'Apostolo....and was back in LA.

Between me and Matt working that first week{He inspired me} we put 50 seconds of footage on the newest chapters done list (that's 5 weeks of regular animation time for me!).

And then he came in for another week! {I was still inspired} ha..... we put another 55 seconds of footage down. Rollin!!!!!!!!

It was very cool working with a seasoned pro like Matt and me and Shel learned alot in that short time.

Well.........Here we are in week 3 and our second guest animator - the talented Misha Klein
who just released his short film "FRED"........Its a True piece of Stop motion ART!! And a BIG fat scratch on the page of Stop mo History ....POWERFULL!!......worked with us for one week on the film.....and I am very excited to have had him help us.

one thing I learned from working with another animator was that talking through a performance wasnt clear enough to get what I wanted in a by the end I made sure to have Thumbnail go along with our Verbal discription.

here is a small sequence - a compilation of my animatic form that I gave to Misha

for his sequence. well as some individual thumbs.
This made the process very clear....and He said it was very helpfull...

side note-

I just have to put this out there.... Misha's film Fred was the main reason I decided to try stopmotion for Gerald's Last Day. I saw animation that was so Cartoony and Fun I was inspired to attempt the medium myself.

Misha was also the first guy I contacted in the stop mo universe....and he invited me into the world
and introduced me to many of its artists.

I wont ever forget that......cause me and Shel are DEEP in the medium and in love with telling story's with it....stop motion has changed our entire lives...BIG stuff!!

With all the work this last 3 weeks will generate we should be Well on our way into this Largest Chapter of the film.
I took a few day's off....due to some needed sleep and other responsibilities...but Ill be workin the night shift again starting tonight...and well be back ta rockin the film for many weeks ta come.

AND We would like to Introduce our most recent Intern - Nakitha! She is a Woodbury animation student who has a large interest stop motion.
She contacted us and was interested in learning how it all works. She is a VERY fast learner and has been helping us with pasting and painting puppets as her early tasks.

We will be foaming new Dober and Flea puppets next, so she'll get to soon learn how the casting and armature making works in full. Welcome Nakitha and thanks for your Help.

In Mini Ship is shel packing up and sending our Dober Mini Ship off to Mike Fleming, one of our New online friends.

He Kindly offered to Mold the ship and make the resin copy's we will need for some of the space Fight scenes as well as a crash that happens later in the film. More on this soon!!

In Other cool stop mo related news-here is the 2010 Montreal Stop-Motion Film Festival: Call for entries!

Montreal, 8th of June 2010:

To enter your film in the festival, download a submission form, fill it out, and send it, along with your film.

Deadline for film submissions is: September 10, 2010.

Please refer to the entries section on our website for answers to any questions you might have concerning eligibility, dates, accepted formats, and new rules.

This year, the professional segment has been updated with a new category for films-commercials less than 1 minute in running time and we will have more guest appearance during this week-end long event that promises to be super cool!

The festival will be held in Montreal, from the 29th to the 31st of October 2010



Mattson Tomlin said...

ahhh yes, to have a staff. very cool to have so many people working all around you on a project you care about- and able to do the good work too!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Awesome!!! You guys a rocking.

I was also totally inspired when I saw Misha's work, and he (along with you guys) also inspired me to try the whole stopmotion thing. Its great that he's getting to be part of your film.

I love reading the updates, thanks and keep em coming

Alonso said...

Man, you guys got Misha, who's next Travis Knight? Great stuff, exciting to hear you guys are whipping down that footage. With all the help you guys are acquiring it'll be time pretty soon to move into a full studio all your own.
I'm surprised you haven't been acting out the ideas for your mercenaries. I remember seeing Nick Park act out Gromit, and maybe Wes Anderson acting out some of the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Whatever works obviously, just seemed easier to get a clearer idea across in real time then having to draw and draw and draw.
Congratulations on 10 years, that in itself is a fantastic accomplishment! :)

Jacque said...

Wow, I'm always amazed at all the things you guys do. It's very cool that you have people working with you on your project.

Mexican Viking said...

That is great Justin! I was thinking about that the other day that you should get some people to help you animate! We've decided to sell everything and only take what we need to Norway and start all over again. That means I'm casting several more Chris bots and will be taking them with me! :)
Keep up the updates.

JON said...

Hey stopmo people!
It's great to see you guys take on so much work with enthusiasm and drive. Gives a newbie like me something to aspire to!

Rich Johnson. said...

matt and misha. how lucky are you guys!

I am not familiar with Mtt's work but from the picture I would say he is really good. You can tell by his serious stop mo face.

Misha I know of, I love that short little bit he had up on the net, I was obssesed with it. I discovered him at the same time I discovered you and Shel.

You have a very talented bunch and interns with passion and drive. Got to love that.

There is something very powerful about working with a team on the same vision. The vision's hands and fingers multiply, it's brain gets bigger and it's heart expands, taking a life of it's own.


Shelley Noble said...

Off the charts, you guys! Squeezing life dry. Cuz all the juice is in your films! GOGOGO!

And BIG Congratulations on your Anniversary Climb! W00t!


I am still waiting to get a chance to see Misha Klein's film (since quite a while) - but knowing that it finally somewhere out there gives me a nice feeling...

Really grand things are happening at your place - really impressing with all the bells and whistle - and above all, above how much I admire your work and your artwork and the awsomeness in the biggest proportions that are happening there... very big thumbs up for employing interns.

You rock. And rock. Solidly. Rock.

Alonso said...

Hey, do you guys work on 2's or 1's?

jriggity said...

Mattson-Ha! ...I wouldn't call them a staff...ha ha!! ....But man I appreciate any and every thing they do. Every Tuesday they come over to help us make this film.

we are very lucky folks.

Jeff-Thanks dood....yeah man..Misha's work is incredible!

as for got it man!! Well be covering the films we make for a long time.

Alonso-..ha! well as far as acting out scenes....Im sure down the line that will happen.

and as for a due time man. Very exciting.

Jacque-yeah...we are lucky ducks....every tuesday they show up to help make the film.

Mex Vik- yeah man....animation was one of those things I was very hessitant on letting others in on. I wanted total controll of performance.

but...I am very glad to have help even for just a few weeks.

Lots of chris bots travelling to Norway is a really funny image to me. ha!

JON-thanks man....your work has been inspiring to me as well man.

Rich- I agree completely!

Shelly-Thanks Shelly! we like that life juice for sure!! squeezing steady!

Michael-thanks man....and I imagine Misha's film will make the rounds. Film festivals all over the world are going to want to show it.

Alonso-2's and 1's for fast motions.

Carla Veldman said...

wow, awesome to hear about so much progress and the extra help; I checked out Misha's work - rEAlly nice animation as well.

I've entered my film in the stop-mo fest too, looking forward to it!

Hermanos Encinas said...

Mateo Mattmanning and Misha Klein, these guays are amazing! I could talk with them when I visites the O Apostolo set and they show me the animation process and the puppets of this great film.

Stop Motion Rocks!

ktmac00 said...

This is a sweet stop motion i found