Saturday, July 24, 2010

10 years Married and a NEW Chapter begins.

Hey Guys!

We officially ended {chapter#3} last week ...2 down........Wooo Hooo!!!

Here is Awesome Intern Justin Connolly helping out on a late night shoot....This shot was a lot of running around...I had to animate Flea on one side of the table then run ---all the ways around the table to animate Dober. This put the Frame grabber out of reach for Justin J offered to run the grabber for me while I animated which made the process SOOOOOOOOO much easier.

other than the annoyance of listening to me say..."Forward -Back"..."Forward -Back"...Play...

For hours on end....he got to see a shot animted right before his eyes.......

I thank him tremendously for his would have never been as clean without his help.....Tag Team Animation......Ohhhhhh Yeeeaahhhhhh!!!!!

and as of last monday night ...I put our first shot in the can on {chapter#4}.............heres a pic of shel setting up an extra piece of blue to cover the antanna for our kick off shot on the new chapter.....
She had to sew 21 feet of new Bluescreen for the other side of the garage that we havn't shot on pic.....
In this films production....we believe that its starting the down hill ROLL . Our latest chapter contains a large Montage which will mean lots of Quick Shots -......... I think it could take more time to move the camera around-setup the 3d- than to do some of the actual animation.....but it should go pretty smoothe.

In preping the Mini Dober Ship for Molding and replication....Shel ended up cutting the mini ship into pieces ready for molding.
COOL news!!

The book The advanced Art of Stopmotion Animation has released and we are sooooo proud to be a part of it...not only in it....but Flea Made the Cover...WOW!! TOTAL Honor!!! order your copy Now the books is awesome!!!!!!!

as for us.....we just finished our latest goonies adventure with a Huge ASS mountain climb in Yosimite- in celebration of our 10 years married...We climbed a hour and some from our base and came upon this amazing Waterfall....we didnt even know it was on the this hike...and it was just one of MANY on the way UP.....It was a shock of COOL exciting energy and Beauty....Apparently there is TONS of water in Yosimite this year and we are seeing the best of the falls and rivers....Super cool!! Along with all the waterfalls and Mist were GIANT Rainbows surrounding us....I have never in my life found the end of a rainbow....and BAMM there it was....and I touched it...I'm hoping we can trade in all those gold coins for some Feature film making Dollar's$$.After Hours more Heavy Hiking we finally set our eyes on the Peek...we first saw the ant line of humans pulling themselves up the wire to the top...they are super TINY in this pic...{at the halfway point in the rock the wires begin}...WOW this is LEGIT!!! we got to the base of the climb{halfway up} can see better in this one......I got excited.........Up we went!!! ......and after a nice sun bathing at the TOP we headed down for a long hike back to our cabin...ha!

We are both sooooo excited to have done this together....and it was Truely Majestic!!!
Inspiring and Plain FUN.



Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) congrats on your ten years of marriage,
and the great results working together all this long!!

this can only get better and better, man.

PeteLevin said...

Awesome that you made the cover of the book!

Congrats on the anniversary! Looks like an amazing trip to Yosemite.

ofmyloverthesea said...

Congrats on the book cover, as well as the anniversary ! That trip looked awesome. Glad to hear the film is running smoothly with an extra pair of hands :)


JP said...

Big congrats- I'm coming up on ten too.

M-Flem-Jr said...

Ha, Congrats all around guys! Amazing stuff. A waterfall like that must have been powerful. I will get a book and would love to send it to you guys first for an autograph if you don't object. Congrats on the anniversary too, 10 years... Wow! God bless! Funny pic of Justin at the end of the rainbow there too.

Jacque said...

Congratulations on your many accomplishments! How cool to make the cover of the book. And Congrats to you and Shel on 10 years of marriage and finding the pot of gold! :)

Mexican Viking said...

Hey! Congrats on your 10 year! We'll be hitting five next year and looking forward to it! It's cool you found that pot of gold! Did you have to pay a service fee for that? ;)
Great job on the cover and I'm looking forward to adding that book to my library.
Keep up the work, the shots look great!

Rich Johnson. said...

congrats on the new chapter, 10 years or marriage, book, and rainbow gold!

The animation looks so good! Blue screen time. Can't wait to see the new chapter unfold!

jriggity said...

Dan}Thanks man!....agreed...its only gona get better with BIGGER and BIGGER mountains ta climb.

Pete}Thanks man...The trip was definitely fun!

-b}yeah...Intern Justin J has been a great addition to our team....

JP}Wooo Hoo!!....10 years for u 2 is good man!!

M-Flem-Jr} of course we would sign the book for ya man...send it over.

Jacque}so great to see your name here Jacque!! thanks for the well wishes.

MexViking}thanks man...and a happy 5 to you guys too!!...when it happens.

Rich}thanks Rich...the new chapter is well on its way now...with some cool news comin down the pipe too.

stay tuned!


JON said...

Hey man, congratulations on 10 years of marriage! ... and making the book cover ... and the film progress!!! All the best, man!

Daesup said...

Ha.. I might see you and shel climing on half dome from the Glacier point, cuz I went to Yosemite as well~~~. We camped two nights and lots of hike, bike and wade on the stream!!, Yeah, lots of water this year, I am still thinking of beauty of the forest which I will never forget. Also, how cool way to celebrate you guys 10th annyversary at Yosemite!!.. I believe the beauty of you guys love and trust will last forever and touch people around you like Yosemite~~~ again, congrat!!!

Hermanos Encinas said...

Congrats to, maybe, the greast stop-motion animators marriage all over the world.

The new videos of the short are awesome guys. When do you think finish it?

Now, I´m waiting the arrive of the Stop-motion book of the great Mr. Priebe to read your interview and the other articles.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Wow, super cool!!! Congrats on the making the book, the climb and the great new shot.

jmanu said...

-wow Justin
for the animation strong team , the interview in the book and the 10 years anniversary, sincerely congratulations
-Love the mini ship art, well done Shel!

Oh...and enjoy the golden coins !

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