Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pictures to Playdough.......

Hey Guys!

here we are back in the swing of things ......{yes....that's baby Aedon Rocking the swing}
I am getting a lot of animation done and making my quotas again.

Got 27 seconds since my last post...which made me feel MUCH better about how things are going.

I managed to get the sequence I shared all blocked in.....pretty happy with it too.

Flea Damage Readout-
Big Camera MoveReplacing Fan
We are now 6 minutes 40 seconds.....and climbing....2 shots left in this chapter...and DONE!

Me and Shel after having a few story meetings have decided to cut a whole 2 minutes off of chapter#3 that we are finishing right now. This had some of my VERY favorite Animation and character -moments in it ...{HURTS} but it was completely the right thing to do.

The Story moves right along now sooooo much better than before.

.....On a positive side I see this as a major TURBO Blast forward in finishing the Film ....... 2 minutes of footage = 2-3 months of work for me.....this means we get our film out that much faster.....which is very very exciting for all of us!! cutting the 2 minutes off.....We had to come up with some NEW camera work and layouts for the NEW ending of the chapter which means putting our director-Collaborator hats back on. After Talking the sequence through....I put the action to paper.

I actually struggled quite a bit with how best to lay out the shots....Its funny how some things come so easy and others are just like pulling teeth. but......I do like the new stuff much better.

Shel has been learning the ropes of {-Dragon Software-Camera-3d-setup-cinematography-} for the coming weeks of ANIMATION Directing she will be doing???{hmmmmm??? future post will explain this}

Here is MINI Dober's Latest Progress.....Bridget is painting him up and hes getting ready to take some test flights in his MINI ship....looking good!

Here is a pic of Intern - Justin J's. work on our Mini Flea Pilot Puppet.....hes progressing nicely.

Justin J has also started learning the craft of animation recently in preparation of a animation apprectice position I have opening down the line a bit. I am very excited to pass on some of the knowledge I have to somone as passionate about the process as him.

Shel is also back on the ships and very close to finishing them... in time to be Molded and cast for Multiple copies....{TOY'S anyone?}Just a few weeks away. ha.. We need to have a few copies of the miniships for a big scene in the End of the film......and I personally just think they are super mega cool Toys to have around.

trick of the week{I am presently injured again from BMX related injuries}Dangit!!!
.. since my right arm is out of action.......I am Leaning to RIDE the Bowl....on a SK8 board.I am not a BMX traitor.....just keepin it rollin.

FUN Stuff....




6 minutes 40 seconds.....and climbing - everytime I drop in here I just sit here, shook my head and am glad. Congratulations ! Really, deppest, heartfelt admiration. I'm just blabbering because I'm somehow lost for words but must... impressive as always, and really really encouraging for everyone who wants to do stop.motion animation himself. All the best !

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Hey Justin

I have been getting some weird emails from justin_rasch @ with your name in the From:

Both times it was a different link to a site selling medication. Might want to spray your computer with Raid. It might be infected.

Yuji said...


Alonso said...

Glad you're back in the swing of things. Almost 7 min, wow, how long is it planned for altogether? You're gonna be finished with this one before you know it. Do you have the next one already set? (Maybe you guys should start doing them serially, so that they each stand as individual shorts, but once you have a handful they could be stitched together into a single film (like minushi))

Cutting 2 minutes is bold, shows your dedication to the story to have the guts to trim it so much.

How do you work out the camera work/layouts in pre? Do you use a CG ruff world to block it out, or all pen and paper, or your camera and pupets?


Shelley Noble said...

Too cute, that Aedon/Shel photo.

It is UNREAL getting to watch you and Shel learn to rule and rock the universe!

It's great being here with you both for every victory and bump in the road to your total world domination.

The stills are looking outrageous! And the hints of Shel directing and you training a young animator are so exciting.

Rich Johnson. said...

hey congrats on the sucessful story editing and the work! The mini ships look awesome. Can't wait to see them fly!

JON said...

I'm really digging pocket dober. You can take him anywhere!

Congrats on getting back in the groooooooove!

Emily said...

Amazing progress - and glad to see you two enjoying yourself through the process as well!

jriggity said...

michael}thanks so much man....all your support really helps...I am so glad you get somthing from your visits too.

Aaron}sorry about that man...I got should be all fixed up now..

Yuji}thanks dood....I could use your cool moco machine on a shot I will be working on soon....not sure if we can make it happen though.

Alonso}I think it will come in under 15 min....and ...yeah man...

I hear ya...this stuff takes 4 EVER...but it will be over before I know it.

YES- we do have our next one set- Its the FEATURE more shorts for us.

we are going to put this film through its paces and then depending on what happens - We will go into production on one of our 2 animated Feature scripts.

I do all of our layouts and previs on Paper....I am can draw a bit but man....I cant communicate 1/4 of what I see in my head.

but what I do get on paper usually gets us exactly where we need to go.

Shelly}awww. I love those monkeys soooo much!!

yeah...shel starting to direct is truly a big step to where we want to be. I am so excited about life and all its bringing.

thanks so much for you support means alot to me.

Rich}me too!!!thanks

JON}thanks man...I tell Bridget you like it.

Emily}thanks and we are enjoying it...even though somtimes we have to remind ourselves to Savor the moments

gubbubble, said...

I'm sure I saw your little green character on the cover of a book on animation, I think anyway (:

Jacque said...

Sweet!! :)

Alex said...

OMG! an animator who skateboarding! Just like me :')