Friday, June 25, 2010

Finding a Rhythm

Hey guys,

I've had a hard time getting work done on the film the past couple weeks....and its been a TAD depressing. I have to arrive my new job much earlier than my old job
and I battle an hour of traffic both ways...

This new layout to my days is very taxing on our personal project. I still get home in time to hang with the family but my energy levels are lower than before. Going into the garage at midnight is not very easy knowing about the days drive-work ahead.

so....much needed {voice of reason} shel - says its only week 2 and you have to find your rhythm is all.

well..thats what I plan to do.....

In celebration of FORCING a start to the new rhythm....Monday I shot Late into the night on a neato camera move with our Handy Dandy Camera Mover....

The shot works but I am not really happy with the performance...mechanics of the walk...This is one of those shots thats {Good enough -to not require a reshoot} but not very Magical to look at.

Here is the sequence I am shooting for the next couple weeks-Ill share a bit as i get it together. Kinda boring stuff ....but it will be fun to compare and contrast

no trick of the week on his post..but here is me and the boy celebrating fathers day at a the BIGGEST Skate park I ave ever had the pleasure of playing at...
Super FUN.

15 foot vert RAMPS...NUTS!!!



Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Aaron-thanks dood...I got my racing stripes and a story to boot....

Do tell!

P.s. A wolf can not fly a ship! Why is a wolf a pilot : )?

tonychauzer said...

Even Superman had his offdays :) Here's to finding that rhythm! Cheers!


crazzy vert we gotta drop in on that next time

M-Flem-Jr said...

Sounds like a bummer for now but it should become easier the more you do it. I hope you find that rhythm man and hopefully you are getting sufficient sleep time!

Well you could also set aside some weekend time and whip together a jet pack, BAM!! Just like that you can cut the work commute in half.

The trip with your son looks like it was a lot of fun! It seems like you had a nice Fathers day. Keep at it man!

Elizabeth Symington said...

I found your blog while googling stop mo sites and I am very glad to find a fellow enthusiast. I have worked on 2 projects, but mostly my background is in sculpting, mold making...

Your blog is really well put together with an interesting blend of your qwirks (bike stuns) and your very impressive dedication to stop motion.

I enjoyed watching Gerald and am very happy that he found a home.


phew - so even you sometimes must take breath... looking at what you achieved in how many fields in which amount of time was really scary !

All the best for getting used to the new vehicle !

Ryan McCulloch said...

Good luck on finding your new rhythm, as frustrating as the change may be, I'm sure in the big picture, this change to your creative foundation (new job, new schedule, new rhythm) will be a positive and much needed 'shake up' to your creative soul, something we all need. Life has to keep be interesting and challenging in order to produce good art. Luckily though, you also know what is truly important (family, work ethic) and that makes the journey fun and successful

Ryan McCulloch said...

Also, I agree with what that Asian guy ' 許紀廷' said, very insightful

Rich Johnson. said...

a little liquid vitaimn b will wake you right up! helps me from time to time.

Also alternating the late nights works too.

nice storyboards :) can't wait to see this sequence progress.

Alonso said...

I'm workin on a flying car, if I ever make it I'll let you know ;)

Things are always all shook up with new jobs, no need to rush, supposed to be for fun right :)

Hope you can find a way to make use of that drive time. was using it to podcast his thoughts on his short film production at one point, which I bet you would have a big audience for (if you wanted yet another project).

Course I'm surprised you haven't started commuting Marty McFly style, seems like your kind of challenge.

Anyway, keep rocking, hope the new job is lots of fun to make up for the traffic time.

JON said...

Hey dude, storyboards look great! Don't worry, you'll soon find your rhythm. Good luck!

jriggity said...

Aaron}ha...hes not a wolf ...hes a Dober-man ..ha!!

tony} thanks man..

Insatiable}agreed man....YOU first.

M-Flem-Jr.} jet pack thing sounds super fun man!! I feel like im back on the horse again.

Elizabeth}hey there!! so nice to meet another stop mo lover... Ill be watching your blog.

br-michael} yes...I have a really strong mind and discipline...but this new situation was a Monster Hit on the energy..Thanks for the support.

Ryan}rhythm has been found man...Ill always keep the priorities straight -family-relationship first .

Rich} I had some vitamin J ....and it picked me right up man...ha!

seriously thanks for the tip...I am alternating late nights 4 sure. Been a tactic of mine since Gerald.

alonso} flying cars and jet packs- this could be fun!! Ha

I am trying to use my commute time efficiently...coming up with new story's for future films...

jon}thanks for the support man!!

Dan Metalmadcat said...

m_) Time is tricky, sometimes slow things down, but I know you still have the energy to move forward and get your second film all set. I bet by the end of this year may be IT.