Thursday, June 10, 2010

55 seconds and New Job Week 1

Hey guys,

Here I am finished with my WAY TOO SHORT vacation - I started my New job and I am officially animating for a New Company. I have to say my first character is very very fun and I am remembering why I love CG animation....wish I could share with you guys...

In film news I didnt make my {1 minute VACATION goal }......but I came really Dang close....
{55 seconds of Finished..... in EDIT film}

This was very exciting and simultaniously Depressing because it shows me how much I could get done if I didnt have to work a day job........One could dream right...?
Ohh well....As it stands with my 10 sec a week Quota- it puts me at about 1 minute every 3 months of work....

....lots of work ahead...

Chapter 3 is coming together incredibly well . I hope to have it done in 3 more months...{that will bring is to about just under 8 minutes} JEEEZ.

Here is an update on the mini dober puppet- Bridget has been workin on it every tuesday and her progress is really starting to show. Looking good.

In other cool news...
Remember when I said me and Shel have an Imaginary List of { THINGS we want to do In LIFE with each other } well.......
Me and Shel put a GREAT BIG check mark on that list I talk about every now and then.....the "THINGS we want to do in LIFE with each other" List.
Well ...Shel went up to Big Bear for most of last week to hang with her sisters and mom. They celebrated her moms B Day and sorted lots of family photos. Me and Aedon drove up on Saturday to hang with them and have some B day cake. On a short grocery run-walk.....we saw the LAKE- Gregory and couldnt resist.We MUST swim across this lake!!!! This is a feeling we had in Big Bear the first time we came down but they have strict no people in the water rules. {SUCKS} we took the Lake Gregory challenge unprepared{I swam in my pants}....and met the rest of the family on the other side after they got groceries.

It was a really special feeling being out in the middle of the water with someone you love......surrounded by trees and Mountain Wonder. Its also cool.....because theres no turning back.....I had never swam that far before....we made it across in just over 30 was cool!!
.... it was a great moment.....
here is my trick of the week celebrating many GREAT riding sessions through my ever so short vacation. I am going to miss my day light riding sessions.



Shelley Noble said...

See, that's the difference between you guys and me. You see the lake and feel compelled to swim across it. I see a photo of the lake and am delighted to be seeing a picture of a lake on my computer. You guys are wild!

Great update, take good care, all you all.

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

I had this conversation with a friend of mine in a bar, while getting looks from everyone around. And EVERYONE had tattoos.
I am not a fan of tattoos.. mostly.

The point i was trying to make to her is that the body is symmetric. Left, right. Tattooing should be evaluated, the same way you would paint a car. Too many arms with tattooed blog posts basically. Its your body, not a blog! You wouldn't paint the hood green, the doors gray and the fenders brown.

Anyway, your tats are spot on! I just noticed the one on the back, it flows with the one on your skull.

A work of art!

Alonso said...

ha ha you guys are all about the challenges :)

it's gonna be trippy when you've gone full circle, and someone will be CG animating the characters for a game based on your feature film

hey, how much camera training/skills did you two have before you started down the stopmo path? Total amateur's or know you're way around lenses and apertures and depth of field and all that black magic?

JON said...

Another awesome adventure! It's fun to see you guys attacking life, find a lake... and JUMP IN!!!

Gregory Sesma said...

55 seconds amazing!!!! Very inspiring.

Rich Johnson. said...

ro - man - tic


too cool.


seriously - how would you describe "limit"

without any affected gravity - how would you explain the meaning of the term "limit" ? I am really curious.

Very beautiful pictures. I nearly drowned three (3!) times in my life, so I am not a very big fan of deep waters... would be a great point in training "overcoming fears", but on the other hand...

jriggity said...

Shelley-Ha!! its true though....compelled is the exact word-feeling.....

Aaron-thanks dood...I got my racing stripes and a story to boot....

Alonso-yep...its true...we do like challenges... based on our stop mo would blow my mind!@@!! ha!!

I had ZERO camera knowledge before we started making films...its crazy how little I knew....and even now my knowledge is limited to what I need to show off the animation.

cant wait to hire a real DP someday.

and to answer your question on the last post....we stick the eyelids and eyebrows on just using wax.

JON-yeah man....we hope that tendency to jump in will serve us in our Quest to make a feature film!!

Gregory-thanks dood...lots of work.

Rich- yeah ...I love my lady strong man..

br Michael- ha! LIMT....I have told my kids since they were Little doods...{YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!}

all of them tryed to challenge it...with stuff like....{I cant FLY}}

And I said.....sure you can....make it happen!!

and look up on youtube

flying humans - Norwegian


jennifer garcia said...

this is amazing..all featured was great..i like it..hope to see more..