Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thanks!!! and Marthon and Friends

Hey guys!!

me and shel have been pretty touched by all the emails and notes dropped from all you guys about the DVD....and our blog.

we just wanted to say-

so.... Here I am in week 8 of trying my dangest to get the last fight sequence master in the CAN......and I am starting to FATIGUE.....ha!! I am really trying to not let it rub off on the animation quality but I am ready for a new shot 4 sure.

this is the longest shot I have ever animated in my career of stopmo.....A big part of it is that I am shooting alot of it on 1's......another part is that I'm trying not to do as many all nighters.....which means Im putting in 3 hours here....5 hours there. It just takes forever!! even when working 4 nights a week.
its coming soon though guys....1 more week and its done....and you will see it here.

in other cool NEWS - we had visitors of Longtime Internet friends Sven and Gretchen from ScarletStarstudios. They came to california and got to visit almost all of the stop mo studios out here....as well as stay with us and hanging out a bit.

It was really cool to know that they were just as kind and cool as we hoped....they were so easy to hang with and that common thread of stopmo passion was almost all you need to be instant friends.

....Gathering around the kitchen table to do some artwork came as natural as breathing the air around us.....what a community!!

the last member of Scarlet star we got to meet was...TOBY -

He hung out with our monkeys and played on the set a bit....

we hope to see them all again in the future...and have friends in portland if we are ever there.

and Finally.... Tricks of the Week!!

Robert Litton -Composer- Ladysman ,Yaughtsman , BMXer been trying to add stuntman to his list of titles lately in the gym the past few weeks....here is one of the succesfull stunts.

and my own LITTLE{way smaller than it looks} Ring challenge 2 of the 3 ring challenge....fun!!



Stuart said...

aaahhh guys...Thanks for living the dream. Its awesome to me mutually inspired!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Whoohoo!!!! You guys are so cool!
Jeff & Tanya

Dean said...

Yours is the most entertaining and inspiring blog I've read. There's loadsa great blogs around but I'm always happy to see an update on Stop MOTION Mission.

And great stunt!! Next time, have the ring on fire ;)

amoebaboy said...

thanks for the cool message guys it bought a tear to my eye.
huge thanks for the support, it means a lot to me too.

Shelley Noble said...

A huge L.I.K.E.W.I.S.E to you both for sure. [Teary]

GOGOGO! Justin on the fight scene. Rock it like you do. It's much better not to pull an all-nighter doing it so you can make many many more films. Wouldn't it be great to have everyone celebrating Uncle Justin's 90th on e day?! You know, when President Aedon produces Stunt Puppet Pictures?

And to Robert and Justin regarding those moves... GORGEOUS!

Kenneth Sipel said...

Cool to hear because you guys are the fuel for me too.
That move is awesome! I live near an acrobat and clown school and go to the shows, so I've seen the move, but it's totally out of left field to see the Stop Mo King do it.
BTW I'm wearing my DVD player out just watching the DVD over and over.

Vincent T├ętreault said...

People blogging and taking us to their world give us inspiration and fuel. Blog's followers gives the fuel and the support to the artist.

That's a win/win situation and i can tell you that, because i live the same (in a smaller scale) because that people like you inspired me.

Thank you so much for all the inspiration you give to all the stopmotion's community.

JON said...

You guys are the BEST! Definitely feeling the Bloggy Love! Thanks for keeping us all inspired!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Argh, I misspelled someone's name.

Let me start over:

Nice post!

That dive through the ring was amazing. Robert's stunt also wasn't too shabby- now let's see a back flip :D

Great to also see who came to visit.

Your comment about being inspired by reading our blogs... That reminded me why I used to be super-charged about clay animation. Other people were doing it, and I was seeing all of these commercials and short films, and TV specials.

Knowing that other people are out there doing what you do, and doing it well is incredibly inspiring and I think it does make a big impact on your own work. To that end, each blog you've blessed has also benefited from your visit. So this energy exchange goes both ways, buddy!

Happy Holidays to you, Shel, and fam.


kriz said...

Salute, to your craft and creations
I am almost speechless, but love this type of animation and art compells me to share this quote

In old days animation was a labor of love and you can see it. Today everything is CGI. When you remove the human spirit from the process as is the case in everything today, you loose the humanity. This is why animation today is so lifeless and dull.

Please continue your craft my friend the world needs it.

George said...

Thank YOU for the comments. I definitely check out all your works in progress, and one day... I hope to make stop motion animations as smooth and elegant as you do!

Merry Christmas from the islands!

jriggity said...

Stuart}you know it man!!

Jeff}thanks man....you guys too!

Dean}awwww dood!! thanks so much...and ring of fire ...No Problemo... next time...

Amoebaboy}both ways man!!

Shelly}Thanks so much Shelly...just finished the fight scene...

90 good ones would be awesome....thanks so much for your support.

Kenneth}yeah man...we definitely have circus qualities in this household. ha!

so glad your liking the dvd man...

Vincent}you too man!! feel the same way.

JON} Ditto

DC}well said man....i hear ya 100%

kriz}I will and you can too!! I plan on telling story's through animation for the rest of my life.

George}Merry Christmas to you too man!! and thanks.

Alonso said...

late to the party but just wanted to say that you guys always inspire me! I love coming to this blog and seeing what cool new things you are doing, like those stretchy ears on Dober, superfun! Guess you just have to look at it as you've leveled up, so Gerald you did so gung ho fabricating puppets in a day, staying up all night all week, so now you can handle that so this film just to keep the challenge interesting you get to animate on ones and keep the flow over multiple sessions and such. Wouldn't want things to get to dull and easy would you :)

Keep rocking it! We'll all be cheering :)

Rich Johnson. said...

you guys are my stopmo rock yo. peace to you brotha and sista from otha mothas.

that video gave me super stop mo energy!

gl. said...

and THANK YOU for making stuff with all your heart(s). it was a pleasure to meet, stay & play with you.

and awesome stunts! even on slowmo i don't understand how you got through the ring! :D

John Pierro said...

You both are everything you should be, and it seems everything you want to be; that in it self is inspiring to us all.
Best wishes for a fantastic 2011, and much more continued success.