Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fight Finally Finished ....

Hey guys!

Still standing ........

and have Finally finished the last of the Fight scene Master shots. Woooo Hooo!!!

I am not totally happy with it but I think it has a few solid moments of magic in there. With some clever editing and the Pick up shots inserted this will definitely work well though.

so ....in the end the 4 sequences were over 2 min of new footage for the film....that took me WAY longer than I would have ever guessed....but people seem to think it will definitely add alot to the final film.....and honestly I do too.

here it is-

and here is the thumbnail drawings scanned in- to show some of the thought and prep gone into it..

what did I learn doing these shots and sequence......

I think I got alot of experience in RIGGING...ha!...which is valuable{Make sure that your shadows are in easy to remove sections} wierd overlapping can be challenging to remove.

I gained alot of experience in working with 2 characters in large action sequence. This was not a fear of mine but its like flying a plane....I'm loggin the hours in the cockpit.

I learned to keep my focus and direction on a LONG term shot with MANY breaks in shooting. This was my biggest fear in shooting for shorter time periods in the evening....and it seemd to work out.

So now...... onto the closeups and cut ins. This is when it gets really fun.....my shots will go much quicker and I plan on switching back to 2's where i can to speed them up.

Shel and I looked at the closeups needed and set a goal of finishing them in a timely manner.....most of the shots shouldnt take much longer than a single night of animation work.

I have done 3 already and they seem to go painlessly.

I look at my next few months ahead with excitement as the film starts feeling back on track....and in progression.

so....as another cool share for you guys- the next couple posts I will share somthings we didnt have room for on the DVD ...

The POODLE- the character that makes the first appearance in GLD.....very minor character but......was a giant step into stopmotion for us in the film.

And for the tricks of the week.


see ya soon



Anonymous said...

Holy smoke, it just gets better and better. The well timed punch by the alien at 0:54 got me chuckling. Great job man!

Shelley Noble said...

Magic indeed. Jaw dropping talent, Justin. I've never seen stop mo move with such physical truth before anywhere. You guys are rocking the universe.

The shot looks consistently brilliant through the whole thing and the two characters are working the movements truthfully together. Your skills are going to be too monstrously good to take soon. Stop Mo Terminator.

The poodle footage outside inspires me even more to shoot my project out of doors at some point too. I just love the way that looks too much.

Jeff Lafferty said...

The shot is looking great Justin. Thanks for sharing the extras about the poodle. I’ve been watching the GLD dvd over and over trying to pick up as many tips as I can about making my own puppets look better. I love all the behind the scenes stuff you guys included.


Alonso said...

Epic! I love the stretchy ears. Totally nailing the feeling that they are exhausted, and that they are thinking (super challenge).

How's it been animating on 1's?

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog regularly, I congratulate you for your movie, great job!
I would like to see frame by frame your scenes, are really well animated.

JON said...

DUDE! Flawless! Perfect! All of that hard work, rigging, and planning have taken you to another level!!! The puppets move so naturally for their design, it's like they are ALIVE!

kriz said...

Congratz on the finish up, I was looking forward to the dismount on that last vid.
Well any ways, ya still had good form up there.

Yaz said...

Justin! I have been visiting your blog from time to time for the last months past. Seeing the fight scene is like seeing a new born baby walking. You know what I mean. They are alive! Fighting scene you created here looks sooooo professional, real, amazing! Also, thanks for posting animated thumbnail drawings. It shows perfectly how you create these super animations.

AztcFireFlower said...

Hey! Just got a cool education on stop-motion animation. Thanks for generously sharing your process.

Seriously, can feel the passion as well as a lot of hard work, and the fight on ones' works impressive;y well. They flow together so naturally.

Keep infusing your passion, Justin.

Shel, Hi!!


Emily said...

Looks amazing - thanks for showing the storyboards and early poodle shots - seeing the process helps me as much as seeing the final thing I think!

jriggity said...

Hwang}Dood...thanks for the support man....and glad it made ya laugh!

Shelly}awww...you know ....It feels so natural to put movement to puppets...and I love watching them come to life..

so thanks again for your super support...and kind energys coming through the blog.

Jeff}man...thats so cool that your watching the Video...just makes us feel so giddy.

more deleted scenes to come.

Alonso}animating on ones has come very natural so far...I was very suprised at how smoothe the jump was.

I guess its because i just press play on the computer and FEEL it out as i go.....so once i feel how fast its going i instantly transfer more frames into my work.

gona try it out on a dialog piece soon...so well see if that changes things up a bit.

Asis}thanks man...maybe I put up a copy on vimeo next time so you can look at the frames.

JON}ALIVE....man you made my day- thats exactly what i want people to think. MAGIC!!

Kriz}Ill put up the dismount in another post....nothing special just a swinging backflip.

Yaz}so glad your liking it YAZ.....i love your stuff too!

AztcFireFlower}will do....and thanks for stopping by!

Emily}any way my animation could help...go with it. Thanks for the kind words.


amoebaboy said...

awesome fight scene cant wait to see what you guys do with the ships.

Freckles said...

WOW just found your blog and I am beyond impressed. I'm a stop-motion animator in Toronto trying to embark on making a film and this blog found me at just the right time. Thanks so much for the inspiration and sharing your wonderful work.

Dean said...

Great costumes, but when are you gonna show us some stop-mo...? Haha!

Seriously - holy cow! This stuff is premier league. I've been telling my classmates and tutors about your work.

Wicked spin on the bar.

jmanu said...

Great! It's awesome
I like the time you used in the animation fight, and I love how they look tired :)

Mike Adair said...

Oh man! Hadn't dropped in for a while and... WOW! That sequence is so good! Just, wow!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

These are amazing! Wow, so talented!


Betty and Wilma said...

Very clever! Thanks for the entertainment! See you around!