Monday, February 7, 2011

Cut In and Closeups....

Hey Guys

I took a week off of work to focus on the film with a GOAL of finishing the fight scene closeups and cut ins....before the week was done.

We now have a very cool fight scene that shel has put into EDIT.

Here is an example cut in video-

It feels so rewarding when you have a concept and you put 5 months into making it a reality....and it WORKS....wooooo Hoooo!!!

here are some pics of the closeup shots...

After this loatest big push on the film I am taking a small break to do some DIALOG animations.....just for fun. Its been way too long since I got to animate a puppet I built-adjusted the Richguy puppet and then created some simple replacement mouths this last prep for a nice 8-9 second piece of animation.

Ill be sure to share it with you guys.

lots more happening....and I'll make sure to post quicker next go....

Tricks of the week.- for you Grandma!!

Bionic Aedon-

SkyWalker DAD

Shel 50lb Globe Challenge.

Aedon Carnival Ride

Tailwhip Decade-

Robert BroadJump Challenge-

More to come...




Shelley Noble said...

The scene looks amazing with the cut ins, you guys! I'm learning so much from watching you.

PS (Aedon is such a big girl now! WoW! 0.0)

amoebaboy said...

terrific stuff !
nice cut scene, was it filmed seperatley or with multiple cameras ?
loving the expressions on flea those eyebrows are brilliant.

Dean said...

That works really well. It looks great. And as if you're film isn't astonishing enough, now you walk on ceilings...?!

I love this blog! :D

Vincent T├ętreault said...

The close-ups shots adds so much to the sequence. Nicely done as always. Can't wait to see the final edit.

The tail whip and the ceiling walk are awesome !

Mexican Viking said...

The perplexed look of Dobber on cut number 8 looks awesome. It's like he's really going to take a beating.
I think I'll wait till Lily and Maia are a bit older before trying the Rasch ride. Ah, maybe not!

Alonso said...

lookin awesome! still loving those stretchy ears. So if Shel is editing as you go, does that mean that the whole thing will be wrapped like a week after you finish anim?

keep rockin it!

Rich Johnson. said...

wow looks so good you guys. can't wait to see the flick :)

jriggity said...

Shelly} Thanks lady!Im glad your getting something from the posts...

and yes she sure is getting big.

amoebaboy}thanks , yes I filmed them seperately- 2 different shoots. The master shot and then the closeup.

Dean} yeah happy with it. As for the ceiling walk...I love to bounce man.

Vincent}thanks brother.

Mex Viking} never too young to start man....glad you like them.

Alonso}Well...In theory - Yes....we would finish not too far from eachother- but.

There are alot of special effects to be added as well as the whole 3d process. So the 2d version could work....and be ready to send out...but it will be 3 months of post production to really be finished.

Rich} Thanks man...good to hear from you .

Pete Ellis said...

Good work dude, everything comes together when you add the cut ins. Looks great as always

Mattson Tomlin said...

oof. Some really beautiful stills... I'm thinking of putting together a most anticipated indies of 2011... you guys are ranking WAY up there.

JON said...

Cut scenes look RAD! Really brings you into the action!

Carla Veldman said...

Really dynamic poses - nice!!

Tristan said...

Dude you're super good!! I wish i could do stop motion.

Freckles said...

wow, looking spectacular!! I love the joy you have approaching this project, it is really inspirational!

Majid Ali said...

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