Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shel Aedon Visit!! -and Week 3

Hey Guys!!

Just had an awesome weekend with Shel and Aedon who came up to do our first visit.

It was like HOME.

seeing them and getting to explore Oregon a little.

We picked out my Temp Oregon apartment....

and Went to Omsi Museum-Very Fun-Saw the Egyptian Exibit-

Building a Pyramid-- toured a submarine-Driving A submarine!!!!

Love In the Bunks

VERY Cool!

We snuggled up and watched a Movie almost every night to cap the evenings. ...very fun!

Shel's KNee is healing incredibly fast....and most strangers would never know she even had an accident.
She also did a little Property searching during the week since we are looking at leaving LA in a few years......and Portland is in our sights....We are looking for a home compound someday soon with a good ammount of LAND and some water near by......Put that one on our DREAM list

- and remember it.

so as they leave We look very forward to 19 days from now on our next visit....

Cant Wait....

In -WORK news-

Week 3

went VERY well......still struggling with timing aspects but getting better and better.

I was able to get a couple of good tests out and even got some nice comments from the crew about them.

That was incredibly cool guys....being recognized even in a tiny comment.... by these amazing Sorcerors of Animation feels Incredible.

So - I started the week on Runs which went well....very fun and I got to put away the 5 pound weight with wire wrapped all around the puppet and use these insanely cool contraptions that the Rigging department Hooks you up with....

All motions are on gears for severely small or large size increases of mass movements.....then the general posing is all thats left. Its a far more effecient and time saving to have that level of support for a puppet.

so after my Run work.....I got to do some acting that incorperated Running which was very FUN....and felt more like just having fun with awesome puppets.

After this cool test...and some awesome critiqes....I was actually told I am going to be ON SET....for my next test....this means NEW experience for myself.

I was called into this thing called EDITORIAL-SCARY!!! much darker than this pic-

thats the Directors -Editor- Animation supervisor.....and various Production people-you sit on the couch in a DARK room and the directors go over what they are looking for and how long the shot is going to be. We compare the Animatic and the On set frameing of the shot.

and then onto blocking the shot- Phase one of the animation pipeline.Blocking-

This means Posing of the puppet shot on any numbers you like - 2's or 6's whatever....with the actual camera movement- {Focus pull in my case} and then having all key Movements needed in the shot displayed. What I typically do on paper with my thumbnail drawings...


......starting this week-Monday- I'm on my FIRST REAL SHOT!!!

What??? so soon??? Feels way too soon to me...but..... Here we go.



On LINE- Back home ......Shel is getting ready to do 100% of the directing on the film and is getting our Intern {Justin Connoly} and his first shot.
He will be working on the montage sequence and will start with a simple shot to get his feet wet.

Shel and Justin set up the shot last week and he will animate a couple this Friday.

Otherwise shel is setting everything up and will be working on a bunch of needs on the film.

Tricks of the week-

Playing on the local monkey bars with Lady Aedon.



Ben Whitehouse said...

Woooo! Go Justin! I am not surprised you have been moved on to the set so quick as you are a complete bad ass! I think you might underestimate your abilities maybe?
Who are these sorcerers your working with, is Mr Dale one of them?

Glad your doing well mate you are a big inspiration to us all! Big (man) loves to you and the family.


Shelley Noble said...

Super cool.

Kenneth Sipel said...

Just watched Your film again to get pumped on my own stuff.
Can you say who you are working with?
I have family in the Portland area and Bend (I think you guys would like Bend).
That's great about work on Line moving along with out you. Is that weird though?
Congrats on week 3 and your first day on set.

Mexican Viking said...

So cool the family gets to visit! So much information and you're really doing it. Thanks for elaborating more on blocking, I was familiar with blocking when it comes to acting but not with animation.
Keep it up!

JON said...

I swear your daughter looks taller and taller with every post!

Thanks for sharing more of your first-person behind the scenes info. It's been a blast following your adventure! You guys rock!

jriggity said...

Ben} Mr. Dale is definitely among the Masters...

thanks for the support man.

Shelly} Thanks

Kenneth} I can say I am working with alot of vets from the Biz ...pretty much most of the guys from all the best Stopmo films.

Its not really to wierd to have LINE move forward without far shel is working just like she always has.....and Justin J is just starting to try
I am actually excited about it.

Mex Vike}yeah man...Ill try and explain enything you are wondering about.

JON}Yeah man...they grow like weeds....way too fast for my comfort.

..... the entire ride will be right here on blog...and any ? you are wondering...let me know?


jmanu said...

Great days with family! so nice!!!

Freckles said...

loving these updates!!

Anonymous said...

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