Sunday, May 1, 2011

DREAM Check - Thunder in your heart- Feature Film Animator- Week 4

Hey Guys!

Gona Kick this post off witha little thing I call {Thunder in your Heart!} Ha!!

I used to watch this film {RAD} all the time as a kid....I mean All the time...ha. When video stores first came out.....and I found this one.....and i must have burnt a whole through the tape.

You dont have to watch it but I promise you will grow to TWICE the powerfullness you were having seen it!!

This Awesome Song of Justice is to celebrate the Official accomplishment of this DREAM....I officially Did my very First Shot and got it approved last Friday!!!!!!!!

Woooooo Hooooo!!!!!!!!!!! SCREAMS of Happyness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Unbelieveable

now the story behind it.

Last week was the hardest I have had here physically and emotionally

.......I was on Set from Monday till Friday and had a few ups and downs on the animation end of things. This first shot was not going to come easy.

The week started with me shooting a rehersal of the sequence........ that went well enough........... It was Clean animation and Did the job required .

The shot was pretty complex with a flying rig attached to the puppet.

Here is an Example video i found on youtube -No more 5 Pound weights with wire wrapped around my characters- at least for now...

So I shot the rehearsal 3 times before getting to Launch. This can mean.......

Bad animation or Bad Performance-

My Animation was clean but........ I was lacking the performance.

Each time you finish a Rehearsal...the next morning meet the directors inside of editorial.

Waiting outside of editorial feels EXACTLY- like waiting outside of the Principals office.In a scary way.
And Also in a very Exciting Way!!

Especially if your not feeling confident in your I was the first couple of times.

It honestly was a struggle for me to find these Postures and Poses.

I actually had to watch other people act it out to see what there bodys were doing....Cause Mine wasnt going there naturally enough.

This was the final piece of the puzzle and allowed me to get a performance I wanted.

So....In the Thursday Morning...after showing the directors.......... they wanted it shorter but were ready to launch me on the real deal.

So Now - Down Time begins-
Down time is when any of the departments organize in setting off animators....

You basically sit around and wait for the powerfull folks to Dress the set-
Puppet department to give you or fix up the HERO puppet-check lighting - Photography --3d TEST- Motion controll guys- and rigging department to fix up some broken parts that happened during the tests.

This took till 6 p.m ......and thats when I clicked my very first frames. WOW......big day....just starting. At this point into the week I had already been working 12-16 hour days so I was feeling a bit taxed...

I just kept taking a deep Breath- standing back and looking at the HUGE set I was in- and taking note on where I was.

IN LAIKA- On a FEATURE Animated Film -and my VERY FIRST PRO SHOT!!!!
This supplyed the mustard I needed to get focused and into the shot.

I stayed late and got the shot going with the confidence that I could finish by Friday{they were pushing to get this shot done by Friday which is why I was putting in the crazy hours}

so Friday Morning I come in early and Kick off the day on a Mission- to get my first approved shot for the film.....

6:00 pm...I finish the shot ..... and am looking to go Right to the Apartment and CRASH.... My supervisor saw what I had done...and said it was looking I just had to turn it in and see what the directors thought Monday.

When I got home.....I cooked up some dinner and checked my email- only to find an email from the Animation Supervisor stating - "Excellent first shot" "You're officially a stop-mo Feature Animator"

Wooooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was happier than you can Imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Dream come TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW guys....Unbelieveable!!!! PRO BALL-
I cant believe It happened.....and I cant wait for more.

Tricks of the Week-

Shels First Dive Roll after Aedon was Born. I know shes waiting for those first moves after the Knees all better!!!

Some Video of another older DREAM come true -Trapeeze DATE-

Me and Shel always wanted to Swing from the we just looked it up and a fmaily circus in town does open weekends - classes ....and we couldnt resist. HIGHLY reccomended guys.

and New to the Blog-


this one makes me lump up guys......I loved fishing with my grandpa in Florida where I grew up......

and it makes me miss my little one too. Dads gona go to Laika for a while....

the 80's were awesome ....ha!



Creative Skull Productions said...
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Mackmation said...

Seriously, man, congrats. That's a big deal, and a great story. Thanks for sharing!

Creative Skull Productions said...

Congratulations Justin! So excited for you. Today you're a feature animator. Tomorrow a feature director.

Alonso said...

WOW AWESOME FANTASTIC!!! Way to kick ass!!! Amazing accomplishment, well earned! I'm sure it sucks to have the family so far away, but at least it made it easier to put in the ridiculous hours as you get up to pro speed (I can empathize though, that's gotta be really hard). Crazy they started you off with a whole scene, not just little reaction shots or something. So is this the new plan? Pro stopmo and good bye LA? No more videogames?
Sending good healing thoughts to Shel's knee, glad she can keep working with her hands on Line while recuperating :)

Shelley Noble said...

HOT DOG!!!! We are all RELISHING that MUSTARD, Justin!!

This is about the most exciting thing hearing about your moment by moment experiences. The thrills, the chills, the drama and ultimate victory you wanted.

JP said...

hey, great :) I can identify, when I was one of those set dressers at Aardman being given my first Wallace and Gromit set to take care of- the buzz and excitement was unforgettable. Long may it last!

Mike Adair said...

Congratulations, Justin. Really an amazing accomplishment. And truly a Stop Motion Mission-Accomplished! Way to go!

Daesup said...

What an amzing step up! Congrat!
You reminds myself again "what exactly makes dream come true" question. This is all about seize the every single moment of your life and being honest to the fact we are facing no matter how joyful or hard to handle. then put them in our chest preciously. Dude. you are my inspiration, seriously!

jriggity said...

Mackmation} Yeah thanks man...its a RIDE!

Creative Skull} awww man...thats exactly the path I wana take man!!

thanks for putting it into the universe.

Alonso} yes it sucks....but its a tiny {Time} moment in ME an Shels adventure in LIFE.

yeah of the coolest part of what our animation Supervisor is doing is Giving us all sequences to Own instead of just unconnected shots -this is super super cool to me. I can say...Hey I did this big part of the movie and be proud of it.

No- I will still be a CG animator who does stop mo jobs on the side- Stop mo doesnt have the stability or pay that i need for the family life.

so We will make our films in stop mo....and jump into the circle as we can in Life.

Long term Though....We are looking to leave L.A. which we do love....for a Big plot of Land and a Barn to bounce around in.

Shelly}thanks Shelly.....its all LIFE!! and I love livin it.

JP} Thanks man!!!

Mike} Ha! Thanks dood....mission accomplished

Daesup}Thanks Brother!! you are a Animation Brother for life man.

Damien said...

Congratulations! So exciting to see your latest magnificent leap.:)