Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weeks 8-9-10

Hey Guys!

I missed the last few weeks post due to another fun trip Home to visit the family and celebrate my Lady Aedon's 9th Birthday.

I am soooo glad she was born.... She Had an awesome time at SKY HIGH.......A trampoline House of Happiness....a BIG gymnasium sleepover and Pancakes in the morning from Mama. Great Time.

Shel has work on line moving forward every week......and the Mini Dober Ship Looks AWESOME!!

Its Totally MINI!!! Like a TOY version of the BIG Ship.

She Has the Interns Making some Excellent Props for the Mini Crash scene in the end of the film.

Here is Intern Lisa Hard at work!!

and here is her awesome Mini Dober Props -TINY...

Lou has been building Additional Asteroids for the opening sequence out on the deck

....following the designs X- Fellow Art Assistant Bridget Dash....who is Know in New Zealand working hard on the HOBBIT !! AWESOME!!!

as far as work......

My last 3 weeks on the film have been just as Incredibly HARD

as all the weeks before....its NOT getting easier guys !! Ha! I am Pushing so much..........

I did get 4 more shots approved and they bring my screen total to 19 seconds. Thats very cool....but I need to work on the Psychological part of the game....I get a bit too panicky at times...

so worried about being perfect-CLEAN....that I cant find the flow. I am working on relaxing though.....trying to put things into perspective.

I am also bringing in things like music-podcasts or commentaries from keep me loose and from Over analyzing stuff....and its helping.

I am still staying late most weeks though.

and realizing I just need more time to FIGURE things out than i think the SUPER PRO's do.......

When you start a new shot you typically start working with the motion controll guys and they want numbers or estimates on when characters are going to be at certain places in an animation- like for a focus pull or a tilt....pan whatever?

This is NOT an easy guess for me....I just dont have much to draw on....and the animatics are not very realistic in how much time is needed for some actions...this has been a pretty Stressfull part of my animation process on the film so far.

I am constantly asking myself- Does anyone else have this problem?

I am learning though that I need to let the pressure go...Dont try and keep up with the camera.....just animate natural in your rehearsals....and let the Camera guys adjust the camera to your timing once you have discovered it.

Big lesson there....Because I was beeing sooo stifled by the camera work on my earlier shots.

Every time I get a new shot ....Its like starting over - I have to trust in my education -the CRAFT of animation

.....and try not to panic under the process.

Well...I did sucessfully get through the last 3 weeks of animation....and I got all my shots I must be doing ok.


In cool NEWS - our Buddys over at Scarlet Star Studios finished up the very first NW Animation Festival.....And I spent saturday Night and Sunday afternoon watching their awesome lineup of animated films.

These guys and friends did a wonderfull job in organizing and carrying out a flawless showing.

I highly recommend anyone in Portland who is a lover of Animation make it down to another showing if they decide to do it again...It was a lot of FUN!


Aedon and Gazells

Dad Flipages

Dad Wall

Shamus Power

Last But not least Robert Litton after being injured in the first 3 minutes of bouncing....pulled this incredible stunt to redeem himself right at the end.



Dean said...

Your shots are getting approved, and I doubt Laika would lower their standards, so this must mean you're doing a excellent job. Have confidence in yourself. The work we've seen on GLD and Line (and other snippets) proves you're an awesome animator. You have the power!

Happy Birthday Aedon! I wanna go to SKY HIGH. Wherever it is.

Mic said...

following you through all these monts, it feels like the song... it´s a long way to the top if you wanna rockanroll!!!

So, keep on rocking man, you got me checking your post every week so I can find some light in the pro-stopmotion world...

cheers from Chile!

Rich Johnson. said...

Next big pro flick will be easier. it's hard enough having to start a new job let alone a new city and big budget feature film for the first time... Sounds like your doing awesome though!

the mini ship and double flips look rad! Those meteors are wicked too. Congrats to Bridget Dash on her hobbit gig!! holly molly.

Robert Litton said...

6/13/11 - War is officially declared.

Shelley Noble said...

Awesome photos and clips, Justin.

I don't see how anyone could say in advance at what frame the puppet would be at a specific spot for a camera rendezvous?! That's like trying to flip a pancake on to a plate in another room. Wicked unnatural.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!

The only advice I could give on timing actions out is twofold;

1. Carry a stop watch and act out the motions with your own body. One-thou-sand-one, one-thou... Each syallable like a quarter note... 6 frames.

2. Maybe bring in a tape recorder or memo taker and record yourself saying what action needs to take place. Just as you can read a book and imagine the timing for an exciting passage, you can get the basic timing from recording yourself speaking the stage directions.

It helped me, anyway...

Jeff Lafferty said...

Its great to see some new photos of the space dog project.

Happy birthday to your little girl!

Hang in there man. It’s probably never going to get easy with everyone looking over your shoulder and critiquing your work, but eventually you’ll get through it.


tonychauzer said...

Hey Justin,

I want to support you with encouraging words, but I can not stop laughing at that very last video. Hahaha... ah that is gonna have me chuckling the whole day. The Dragon's Lair sound effects (I believe?) is a golden touch.

19 seconds approved sounds like a hell of a job you're doing already. Keep on keepin' on!

Craig Harris said...

Almost half way to a full minute on screen bro...keep truckin!!!

Alonso said...

Happy Bday to Aedon, is Shel back on her feet?

Have you been able to just sit and watch other animator's working for a chunk of the day, absorb through osmosis?

Is anyone animating on Line, or just knocking out the building stuff?

How would you have done these weeks differently if your family was living with you? Cuz it seems like first time into features is always heavy heavy hours as you quickly level up (and I'm wondering how I'll deal with it once I make it)

Keep swinging keep up the fight :)

Freckles said...

Great stuff! Thanks again for sharing your journey, it keeps the rest of us going :). The props are looking AMAZING! btw if your not aware there is a great app called animation timer (for iphone or ipod touch) that times out your acting at whatever frame rate you set it to. Its basically a stopwatch but with frames. Really helpful for planning out camera moves :)

jriggity said...

Dean} thanks man! I think most of my work is definitely on par...i do have a couple I am not happy with though.

Thanks for the support....on the blog and in this adventure man.

They have a sky high here in portland as well as In california.

Mic}Ha! ohh yeah man...Thanks for dropping in man....feels so cool to know someone in Chille is dropping in.

Rich}I bet it will get easier this ride too man....just may take a couple more months of hard work.

yeah man...I keep fantasizing about animating those little ships just like the old star wars movies....

yeah...we are so proud of Bridget making the move to Hobbitville!!


Shelly}thanks lady!...yeah...these pro guys figure it i guess Ill have to do it as well.

Don}i agree...I need a stop watch in hand...Ill have to pick one up this next weekend.

Jeff}thanks man....Shel dis workin on the film...and Ill be posting more pics from the progress here.

I will definitely get through it....and I will be stronger when done.

Tony}thanks man.....I laugh Out load too man....that stuff is funny

yeah man..the seconds are rolling in....I will hit 30 very soon. The 1 min mark will be pretty freakin cool!!

Craig}Will do man...thanks for droppin in.

Alonso}Thanks man....YES...shel has been on her feet for a while....shes running 15 min every other day now too.

I am not able to watch them animte...but I am able to study their shots...very educational.

YES- Intern Justin J is animating some shots for the film....shes has been directing him for 2 so far.

Well....If my family was here...I wouldnt be working late...thats for sure....Ha! I THINK I would have toaccept a lower and slower climb to High Quality.

I think that if you are working in cg for instance-every day

then you make the jump to CG feature....the jump is definitely more manageable.
I feel like I am doing somthing completely NEW....and its a steeper slope.

Freckles}Thanks- and animation timer ......I will download tonight.


Anonymous said...
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Carla Veldman said...

hey jriggety! thanks for the blog comment, and sounds like you're in the thick of all sorts of exciting adventures yourself! It's awesome seeing the progress (as an animator) documented throughout, and the learning curves involved. keep at it, and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Grrr, that didn't post right.

Trying again:

Just watched the videos at the end. DUDE! You just bounced off a wall and flipped high in the air... Have you ever thought about being a stuntman?

Jacqui said...

j- Robert is here in Dallas and I have NEVER EVER seen something so funny! Laugh out loud, watch it a million times funny! You could make money off that clip! Love u bro

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