Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weeks 11-13 .......35 seconds

Hey Guys

Been crazy busy at work
and then going back home on the weekends so I have not had a second to post.....

Nicky {my oldest boy} Graduated Last week
and is free to make his own life decisions now as an adult. This is very exciting for him since he has been ready to be an adult since he was 14....

as a gift to Nicky........ Me and Shel got him a Mold and Kit made of one of his finished sculptures.
Kick Ass-
This is Nicky's first true Finished and repeatable piece- He will be selling them at comic book stores and at an online store.
Nicky's Kit was manufactured by Our online buddy
- and LINE's -Stunt Puppets Pictures-Entire mold department....ha!

Mike Fleming Jr........hes been incredibly cool and professional about everything. You guys should check out his own sculptures and kits for sale.....hes got skillz.

In LINE news-

We had our super cool DREAMWORKS animator buddy come over to the house last week...
Kevin Maclean - He helped us out and put in a couple of shots on the film with Shel Home to Direct and do all the camera setup
He Did a great job ...especially since its been 8 years or so since he touched a we got 2 new shots for the Film.

Thanks Kevin!

I will be posting some of the animation here after the break it will be nice to have animation on the blog again.

Intern Justin Connely also has been doing a few shots here and there as well.
...keeping the animation fire lit while I am gone...

He is getting ready for his thesis Film at USC and has started an blog you guys should definitely bookmark.....Hes a Young talent who's on his way to the TOP....
In LAIKA News-

I have passed the 10 approved shot stage- which to one of my buddy's at LAIKA means.............{I am Now LEGIT} I will be a full Animator in the credits....not additional animation....or anything like that...ha!

I am actually at 13 approved shots and over 35 seconds of footage so far for the film. I am looking toward my next milestone of 1 min of footage....GOALS people GOALS...

I have to say that as hard as it all has been ......
this is the MOST rewarding animation I have ever done in my career outside of telling our own story's .

Its really something I am seriously considering as a NEW career -direction someday
....meaning leaving CG animation in the next 5 years completely....

beyond the goal of making our own FEATURE stop motion animated film.......

I am looking at the idea of working in FEATURE stopmotion a Day job as well.....

So much of my work in cg is done under VERY quick deadlines ....the animations are either too short to really feel proud of.........or the acting-animation-or POLISH- is compromised due to time lines....

I could go into Feature CG as well....and Am considering it as well...but nothing touches the MAGIC in the real performance of a puppet.

It feels so good to know I am given everything i need to do the VERY best work I am able to do.......and if that's not good enough...Ill have to - OR get to- do it again.

Plus .....its all in the end to tell a good story!!!

That is a most POWERFULL CHERRY on top of a fat
if ya know what i mean.

so......I have learned tons....over the last few weeks and am really starting to Feel 1's.....My eyes are adjusting to the Hyper critical vision of feature animation
....its so funny how your eyes just don't see everything 1 week then it sticks out like crazy the next.

In Preparation for the JULY Break that our company takes....

Me and Shel have been looking at shots I plan to animate on LINE when I return home next week. Ill have a NICE 10 day break to hang out with the family....and get a couple shots into the edit to keep things moving.

Tricks of the Week-

Aedon'S -Nicky- Graduation Challenge-She was tired of standing around hearing a gajillion kids she didn't knows name being we got some beans out on the sidewalk and trees nearby.
This was a LONG jump challenge with a bunch of the Guys from WORK.....back a few years.....I just found this video and thought it was good enough to share....Plus Grandma might get a Kick out of it.

and LAST but NOT least!!! The Huge success of Robert Litton's last video challenge....He sent another one my way....from his old diving days...
REDEMPTION!!!!! I personally Like the other video better...but ?


Anonymous said...

Justin, you are a super machine\hero! and congrats to Nicky.

Mexican Viking said...

Justin! Send Nicky our congratulations from our family here in Norway.

Nicky's kit looks great!

That's awesome about of animation you've been working on. I have to remember, goals goals goals!

Rich Johnson. said...

awesome! way to go jriggity. ...redemption!!! lol

M-Flem-Jr said...

Wow, Thanks so much for mentioning my name on your blog man! An absolute privilege for sure. That mini ship Shel is busting out looks amazing, She is doing a fantastic job!
Having Kevin work on the film is great, I'm a big fan of his and it's awesome that you guy's know him and that he's helping out on the film.
Justin looks like he's having fun being able to animate with such cool looking puppets. His sculpts look fantastic as well.
Of course congratulations are in order for you, it's going to be awesome looking for your name in the credit's when the film releases. What an awesome goal to meet. Awesome post!

Alonso said...

Congrats to Nick, good luck to him on his adventures.

awesome news, to get your name in the credits. pretty amazingly fast ascension, since you first wandered into the stopmo thing hasn't it? :)

Speaking of, we never got to see the scene you did for Robot Chicken

You guys are pulling some heavy hitters on line, Mischa and Angus, keep this up and you'll be running a feature film professional studio without even noticing the transition :)

So getting to work with the fancy Laika rigs, is it make you spoiled about just having a flying rig that someone else will clean up, instead of dealing with tie downs? Cuz when I mess with tie downs they're so tedious to get the threads to connect and tighten down.

Keep on rocking. Get some sleep you're exhausting us ;)

jriggity said...

Hwang} thanks bro!! How your animation goin??

MexVike} will do man......yeah..I think his kit came out great too!!

goals man....its those little wins that feed.


M-fLEM-JR}your work deserves a shot out man!! Thanks for the support...

Alonso}yeah definitely feels super fast!! Ill look online and see if I can post some of my robot chicken stuff.

I love the flying rigs....but I still use tiedowns as well...I push and pull on the puppets way too much to just use the rig.

I love mushing change for me in coming home to animate at all.

speaking of sleep ...its time to crash!!


Tchela said...

Hi, I'm interested in one copy of gerald´s last day. Could you tell me if can you deliver it to Brazil (South America)? How much its shipping would cost me? My zipcode is 17015-970.
By the way i love your job.

jriggity said...


Hey There!! So nice to blog meet you .

the shipping is the same to Brazil as anywhere in the world.

the total price for Gerald is 14$

that includes shipping....anywhere.