Saturday, July 16, 2011

Confidence sets in- Week 14

Hey Guys!

here I am week 14 and Fresh from a Great break with the family.........
In LINE News - In the 10 days I had at Home I was able to do a couple of shots for the film
- this WAS very Rewarding - Going back to work on it was very Inspiring !! I feel like I could totally finish our film soooooo fast if I was able to work on the film full time....shootiing on 2's is like Warp speed compared to what I have been doing up in Portland.

here's a montage shot-Dober Hubcap - Ill be dropping one every post for a bit to get some animation back on the blog.

On LINE- Shel has been really spending alot of her time editing......and she is getting to the ROOTs of all our films chapters...its so exciting to see her slicing and dicing the footage....FINDING the film.
There are so many thrilling parts of film making......but finding the film when its being edited is one of the coolest!!

There are so many cool unexpected things that can happen and its just plain FUN to watch it puzzle together.

Shel Is also on Art Days working on the Mini Flea Ship ....keeping it modular for molding and making it look great all together!
Shel Finished the Mini Ship Window Bubble-for Dober's Ship

this is the BUCK for Dober's Ship- that we will have vacuformed to create the window......

Here is a pic of The Interns together for an Art Friday on my visit HOME.
Back In Portland-

the week back at Laika started with the most complicated and challenging shot I had ever done.

The Shot was one that I knew could be really cool if I could pull it off.........maybe even my best so far.....

it had a camera pull- moving about 3 feet where my puppet had to run toward-chase the camera and stay in focus range while making his way through insane dangers....

in short I did it and it now has the title for- my BEST animated shot ever award-{at least this week it does} ha!!

It seems every week or 2 I get a new champion
...thats not a bad thing at all....

The other element of this weeks success is that I am really starting to be able to do the job with a calm head.........being able to approach a shot with the confidence that "I can totally do this" and {do it well}
makes a huge difference.

I am realizing alot of the experience I gained in our garage animating our films is really coming in handy.....the directors ask for things sometimes that I can directly pull from my experience on GLD or LINE.....and apply it to the shot. Like these food particals...for instance.

I think that the garage LOW BUDGET.....animation problem solving really was quite educational.

When I usually feel low experience compared to so many of my fellow animators its refreshing to know how to do somthing...ha!!

sooo looking into the future....I am excited to say I am Getting it-

I am starting to get 1's.....I am starting to feel the movement like i can on 2's...and slowing down my timing tendancies.....

I am now at 15 approved shots.....and My sequence is really coming together on the BIG screen....theres only 1 shot In my sequence that I am not happy with. Thats not too bad considering how New to this I am.

Trick of the Week-



Shelley Noble said...

Righteous post, Justin.

Love the family pick. Great to see you all happy and together.

Love the Line clip. I'll be sure to shoot on 2's. Or 8's.

Mini Dobers ship looks so great and... collectable!

"I think that the garage LOW BUDGET.....animation problem solving really was quite educational."

Right on.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Awesome to see the new footage!!! Nice work man

Dean said...

In the words of Morpheus:

"He's beginning to believe." :D

When you get back to working on Line (providing Shel and various interns don't finish it first), will you revert back to shooting on 2s? Or will you adopt your new 1s approach? I think it would make sense to adopt shooting on 1s for all future projects, so you can carry that over to pro studio work.

Keep up the great work :)

tonychauzer said...

Glad to hear it's turning out well there Justin. I keep hearing good things about living in Portland too. My current mentor at AM is Greg Kyle (supervising animator in the commercial department at Laika) and he's totally smitten with the place :)

Nice updates all around, always inspiring.

Rock on.

Stuart said...

Thanks again for your posts. They are always very inspiring. I am glad that low budget garage animation is as valuable as I hoped it was in feature animation.

Alonso said...

Rocking, recharged and raring to go! Congratulations on settling a bit and getting your groove. How long is your contract with Laika, that's gonna be hard to leave. How many animators are there, any of them keeping blogs?

Carla Veldman said...

Exciting progress - it's so great to hear how you're managing to get into the flow of things and constantly achieve new standards of excellence with each shot!

erica said...

Awesome! I enjoy all your updates and musings. The latest clip from Line is great; love the subtle acting choices such as brushing the red dirt from the rim of the ship part. It amazes me that you're able to work on your own stuff while also wrangling a fulltime job and family! It's very inspiring. :)

Maureen said...

Great stuff, Justin. This is a real testament to hard work and taking on challenges. Cool trick, too.

Emily Tomasik said...

So great Justin!! I'm amazed at how quick you pulled off that last shot! Looks great! I'm always inspired by your constant drive and motivation.

Freckles said...

Great post as always!! Your are keeping me inspired!

jriggity said...

Shelly} thanks...I LIKE it too...

and ohh yeah....everything i did in that garage was Carving me into the animator i am..

Jeff} Glad you liked it man....more to come ......I need to have some animation back on this blog.

Dean}Ha! I definitely will return to 2's....I just might do some shots on 1's here and there just to keep sharp.

tony}how cool is that man...yeah the commercial devision is downtown i never have met him.

stuart}totally and glad you like the garage too.

Alonso} I am at Laika till late january...leaving wont bee too much as I love working on the film...I miss my family more.

there are now close to 20 animators on the film....I dont know if any of them have blogs...but I dont think so...

Carla}yep...growing every day is thrilling!! I dont want to ever stop.

Erica}Hey thanks for stopping by!! I am glad you liked the clip...double tasking is definitely hard...but Its the only option...

Maureen}HEY!! thanks...great to see ya post...I bookmarked your blog too....


Freckles} thanks!!


Rich Johnson. said...

so awesome to see that your in that magic place when the waters are calm and you can go into the work with confidence. nice place to be.