Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week 15 And -Line- Is coming to Portland

Hey Guys,

Line is getting ready to come up to Portland for the summer
....Shel and Aedon are bringing the edit and some adventurous spirit on checking out Oregon.
we can look at the work she has done and continue trimming and organizing shots as we move forward.

Heres another shot from the montage....flea trying to fix his antanna.

Intern Justin J's awesome project is taking more shape..... so keep checking in on his thesis film...

He just finished his First development Sculpt for his kid robot character

Looks fantastic!!

Nicky's Fan Art sculpt of Kick Ass is now online for Sale on ebay - and officially on comic book shelves in the California area...

.......this is a bit of a dream come true for him have a real product and right between Batman and an x-men comic....Pretty freakin cool!!

In Portland News-

week 15 at Laika and more justin footage makes it to film..........I put in close to 70 hours last week and I am looking for a simple weekend to chill before the family comes up next weekend.

{Tip of the week} - sit down and relax your feet every chance you helps tremendously.

In feature- some shots are long exposures-multiple exposures - and in 3d...SO....If I am on a long exposure shot...Ill sit between frames....

otherwise I try to sit anytime I am not shooting - downtime - between shots...cause man...
MY FEET HURT....ha!!

so far........All the shots have been hard for me ......I wouldn't say any of them came easy yet. swear some weeks begin with a shot that just seems impossible.... then the weeks over before you know it and the shot is approved.....its a thought I am trying to carry with me when I get overwhelmed a bit by the challenges of a piece.

I will get through them't sweat it.

so far......time is flying on the production

and I am averaging say 3- 5 seconds a week......
most weeks I get 1 OR 2 shots out.......and I feel I am contributing well to the film.

My sequences are really starting to take shape....and I am getting really nice feedback from my coworkers which feels great!!

When I go to editorial every week I get to see the most current edit with my new shot dropped in.....It's so Exciting....I cant wait for you all to see it in theaters next year.

Its pretty freaking thrilling guys!

I was talking to a good buddy of Mine on the production and fellow FIRST time FEATURE animator- Andy Bailey -

I asked him about how much time he puts into planning a shot before launching into it?

because - Back Home on our stuff I usually plan out a shot and think about it for at least a day before I animate it.....

.but here - you have to hit the ground running- and be consistently able to deliver at a high level.....

When I am struggling on a new shot - its Because I feel I just need more time than the pro's do to plan out the I will feel I am taking to long ...and will start to pressure myself.

.......its- choreography-posing- offsets -timing so much to figure out.....a lot to work out when you have a producer asking when you are going to be done....

what I got from him is? {Because he is mainly animating dialog} He can plan his poses around the dialog on the x sheet.....since at the moment I am mainly doing action work.....I don't have that same structure
to base my timing and posing on.

this is why my shots just takes me a little more time to work out......after talking with him ...I felt much better about the situation.....and don't feel as quite as amature in what I am doing.

here is Andy's old reel....and I can tell you the work he is putting out at LAIKA puts everything on this reel to shame

....He is Kickin arse Big time.

Tricks of the week-

B Johnson- rim grab for Team Tiger-

Aedon learning drop and rolls on stunt week at the house.

Nickys car jump cause I just Swell with pride and love watching it.

Dads Now reversing it with a FRONT full twist at skyhigh!



Alonso said...

glad everything's going well. Line is still looking great, when are you thinking it will be done? So do the guys with experience need less time to plan, like is the offset just ingrained by now? or are you just not noticing their planning cuz you're so busy with your own ;) Is everyone burning 70 hours, cuz if you're on your feet that long regularly you're going to start shrinking :D

jriggity said...

Alonso} Thanks man! i am thinking 8 months from when I return to california.

so next year later end.

Yes- the pros definitely need less time to plan than me....I think most of them have alot of the techniqe so in hand that all they have to do is ANIMATE...once they have the poses in mind.

naw...the other animators are working normal hours.....they just are very established and dont have quite the self imposed stress that I do....they also are far more effeciant.

I never considered shriking...ha! but It would make sence ...yikes!!


Rich Johnson. said...

awesome. those sculpts your son made are fantastic. takes after the ol man. Car jump too...holly crap!

Athletes sit before they go up and hit homeruns and score goals.

Sounds like your doing both.

Marc-H said...

There are a couple of approaches to planning that I think would come down to your personal preference. Milt Kahl and Frank Thomas would spend all day working out every possible way to approach a scene, but there were guys like Ward Kimball and Ken Harris who would pretty much get right into it.

I wonder if there's anything you can do about your feet. Maybe after a while you get really tough ankles or something

Shel Wagner Rasch said...

Marc-H} yeah man...I definitely like to plan at a feature level.....

But At home....I definitely have jumped in a few times...and had lots of fun.

as for my feet....i think you definitely adapt....and my sitting when possible really helps too.