Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HIGHS and Lows...

Hey guys ,

been a few weeks since my last post........ The family has been in town ...

LINE - the film has been on pause since they have been here
Mainly because ..... We have just been adventuring and discovering Portland.

here's a shot from chapter 3 .....Dober gets frustrated-

The only real work we have been doing is TALKing about the film and the STORY.

We really want the story to be clear and strong..... We are willing to sacrifice the
Very coolest moments of animation if the story is better told.

IN or talking we feel like our original story had 2 endings and we have simplified
it in order to keep it clean and crisp. Its sometimes FUN to be presented with a story problem
That needs to be solved.

We now have an even more satisfying ending and the film that keeps what we love from the original while telling a better story.

In LAIKA news- I have had my new record holder of (worst week ever) and quickly followed by
My newest (best shot ever) jeez..... What a roller coaster -I'ts such an emotional process animating on this project....I get the very highest High's and the LOWest lows.

I was given my first shot with the main monsters of the show which was super exciting!!

I really really wanted to perform well....

I did a rehersal that went well enough....But as the real shot was done I was struggleing to control the new puppets on 1's...and the tiny movements required for the characters were very challenging. The shot took me a good long 2 days to do....and just plain wasn't good enough.

I ended up having to reshoot the shot which was a -OUUWWCH- moment .....

This means to all of you- that the directors said it was not good enough to be in the film.Unlike CG where you can adjust your timing posing whatever....In stopmotion this craft I love- it means RESHOOT.

I tried to look at it as a second chance at not having to look at a shot that would bother me for the rest of eternity.This is the best way to look at it...but You carry a bit of emotional baggage having failed.......I finished it but its just not that great.

It was approved though and I felt a bit Like I let down my supervisor.....dammit
...but I gave it my all......and I will continue to improve with experience.

so after that Pain full experience I went into the next shot which had a gajillion new complications to test my resolve....and I ended up doing a pretty good job with it
.....It got a BIG applause at the weeklies and I had several folks from the crew comment on it.

This was Great way to bounce back from the RUFF week I had before....

so In closing- ....In Feature Stop motion animation.....Every Shot I do....FEELS like a fight- like a all out FIGHT....

I get nervous -I am physically a bit beat up in the end and totally exhausted.
-and I think about what I could have done differently- a punch here a kick there...

Its a Brawl guys....but I keep getting back up...cause that occasional Perfect Punch to the chin is quite a High.

Here In Portland-

checking adventures off our lists almost weekly.


helicopter rides
whitewater rafting
.... Cold wated tubeing
...amusement parks......

playing parks

We have been havin fun!!

Time has moved way too fast though.... They have gone home now and I am missing them once Again.

Tricks of the Week.

Truffle Shuffle with my Ladie Aedie!!


Ben Whitehouse said...

Hey Justin! That shot of Dober is very very cool!
As somebody who's aim/dream is to be in feature animation, these posts are really helping me to see just how good you need to be.

Once again thank you so much for blogging your experiences as it all happens.

Also you got to go The Goonies house!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one thing I have always wanted to do!

Hope your well mate.

Alonso said...

True sign of being serious about the craft, being able to let go of the coolest shot in service to the story, bravo.

Guh, sounds soo hard. You just keep swinging man, we're all behind you.

Seems like there should be some kind of apparatus to help with micro 1 frame moves, like needle nose pliers or somethin...

Love the truffle shuffle!! You guys should get these shirts http://fashionablygeek.com/t-shirts/do-the-truffle-shuffle-in-this-shirt/

Dean said...

Portland looks awesome!

Well done tackling the difficult shot then bouncing back like a ninja. It's overcoming the obstacles and difficulties you encounter that make you into a better animator. That statement applies to life, but I just brought it into context :)

Dober shot looks fab.

tonychauzer said...

Hey Justin,

Glad to see you got some family time in - must have been a battery booster.

It's kinda funny but though it's scary, I think being in that wild roller-coaster zone is where you ought to be. When everything levels out and you're no longer afraid to fail... I think that's when you're in trouble.

That said I'm glad you came out on a wicked high haha. Congrats on the applause :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Man, as hard as feature stop motion sounds on ones, do they let you ease stuff like limbs out on twos? That would make the puppet easier to control on those infinitesimally small movements...

I can't imagine how the feature animators used to do it...Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride had zero two's anywhere in them. I'd be wearing a headset magnifier ...

erica said...

Great expression and character in the Dober clip! Can't wait to see how the whole film is shaping up.

I know how you feel about having to redo a shot or sequence at work because it's simply not coming out right. You have to remind yourself that you ARE in the right business and everybody has bad days, so it doesn't mean you're a terrible animator or anything. If it was easy, anybody could do it!

I love hearing about your adventures in the rainforest and at the beach! You guys really know how to live life to the fullest. :)

jriggity said...

Ben} Thanks man.....so glad the posts are cool for you....Yeah man...Ive been to the goonies house a couple times now....had to go with the little one too.

Alonso}yes sir....alls I want man...is to tell a good story...the animation is very much secondary.

thanks for the support man..

I do occasionally use tweezers or winders to animate some elements...ha! but the good old hands do most of the work.

tht shirt made me laugh OUT LOUD!!HA!

Dean}It is quite pretty here....yeah man...I know the constant struggle is making me stronger for sure.

Tony}yes , totally...so good to play with fam again...yeah man.....fear is definitely a piece I am looking forward to leaving behind.

Don}NO 2'S allowed is what i WAS TOLD...HA! so thats what I am doin.

if you are physically able to make an inbetween you have to do it...its tough.

erica}thanks for the words erica! and great to hear from you again too.....

I cant wait to get back to work on the film....I love telling storys through animation sooo much.Wana share it with you guys too.

The stakes seem so HIGH here in feature stopmo....that I feel a bit more pressure....but I am trying to put it in perspective.

look forward to lunchin when I get back in town.


Mike Adair said...

Your family shots are so cool! They sure can be the anchor and compass during the extremes!

Freckles said...

The animation from Line is looking great! I can totally relate to your roller coaster of emotions. Nothing really gets to me like doing a really great shot or having to do more than 1 take to get it right.... Its tough but thats why we love it!

JON said...

Hey guys! Much love to the Rasch Family, you guys look really happy there in Portland. Hang in there, Justin! You've got all of your internet fans cheering you on!