Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hey Guys!

just had to drop a Plug for my Animation Brother {John Kim}

John has been Working in animation - Video games for 14 years and has created some of the most famous games in the Biz- Crash Bandicoot
- Jak and Daxter
-The Uncharted series
- He is an awesome animator and an inspiring friend-

Here is his Incredible Side BIZ- and Awesome site -

In the Huge Range of animation he has done ......his long career...... He spent a bunch of years collecting and organizing reference for animators.....

SO..... He put all of his collected reference together and created an amazing site specifically set up for animators.

Rhino House is at CTN this week
and you should all Stop by if your there and say hey- ........ no matter what though -check out the site- everything from Tigers to Kids set up just for animators to study.... incredible reference!!!

check it out and join...worth every penny...Pass the word..



Jeff Lafferty said...

That's a pretty cool resource, thanks for posting it.

tonychauzer said...

Hah I was at their booth and they showed some friends and I a run cycle. I thought the talent looked quite familiar... it was you! Haha. Really awesome stuff they've put together and the player is amazing.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome... and so clearly useful. Never seen more intuitive reference software. Could you ask for me if it's possible to put the reference window the front window on a monitor? Some framegrabbers like to stay on top and it would be easier to have both programs open if I could control which one is at the front.

Great advertisement for your mad athletic skillz too, man!

jriggity said...

Jeff}Cool man...I am proud of what john has Created

Tony} Ha! Yeah man....its funny john taped my whole family for the site...which was awesome to have documented forever.

Don}Just send John an email man....He is interested in making it better for all involved

rhinojohn said...

Jriggity} Hey Justin! John Kim here!
Thanks again for the
amazing post Dood! :)
You been a inspirational friend and a huge support from the start!

Jeff} Thanks! More updates coming!

Tony} I'm glad you liked the player!
It was well received by the
Animators at CTN.

Don} Thanks for the good words!
Could you elaborate more on your request? Send to me directly to I'm always looking to make the tools better.

This was the CTN coupon code for a free month: rh@1ctn

I'll keep this coupon open for a little while longer. You guys are welcome to share this with your friends.

Goto the address below to use the code. Just fill out the 'registration' and 'special offer' section.

Jriggity} Let's meet up before the year is over!