Saturday, December 3, 2011

3 weeks and Counting

Hey Guys!

Line News-Dober Giving Flea the HAND-

so close to going HOME guys.....I cant wait...I had a great Thanksgiving with the family.....and as much as I love doing this work up at LAIKA I did not want to get back on that plane. I am ready to be home.....

I have my old CG Job at Superbot Entertainment
waiting for me......Wooo Hooo!! The game is gona be great guys and I am predicting it to be the Biggest Hit of my career so far....SONY is gona Push it BIGtime - Plus its SOOOPER FUN!!!

I also have a SUPER cool - TV Show- Secret gig -that is in the works
I will reveal as it comes to life!!

LAIKA news-

I am 5 approved shots in my Final sequence on Paranorman......4 or 5 ta go...

The directors have been happy with my shots and its looking like its going to come together Nicely.....

In fact during one of my shots a couple weeks back I got a set visit from Neil Gaiman which was very cool.
He got to see my set and some of my animation work........and I was honored to have him come by and take a look.

I also Found out I might get to be a part of the Making of Book being created for Paranorman. well as some DVD special features.....Woooo Hooooo!!!!

This is really exciting for me because I have always watched/read-
behind the scenes/DVD special features and Making of books
from my childhood till now.

I always look at the people involved as almost superhero's. Its hard to believe that I could be in one too.....WOW....

Plus its something I can send to Grandma and she can be proud of her Grandson...That means so much to me!!

I have had my continued 6 day work weeks and well over 60 hour work I am really needing some chill time when I come back to town.....Definitely not much of my non work time is open for anything but sleep
...but I am making the sacrifice to Ensure the sequence gets finished before I leave.

The Film is coming along just as amazingly as before.....shot after shot of Incredible acting and animation. ....Paranorman on facebook has been releasing some early behind the scenes pics as well. This is nice to see I can share some of them here.

I am really going to miss being part of a Feature Film production.....but I know I will return again in the FUTURE
......This is just the Start of my Long term FEATURE Journey.

I have been learning Tons- not just in my animation work lately - puppet Silicone use
- RP construction and use
- and animatable hair for puppets

I am taking advantage of all this knowledge to prep for our next puppet....and some High level acting I want the puppet be capable of....

I will share with you guys my first experiments in i get it all worked out.

Trick Of the Week-

Bronco challenge.



Shelley Noble said...

Justin, you are, and have been, one of the strongest Superheroes of all time. Especially as a person.

So happy reading about your great results and rewards.

amoebaboy said...

great stuff as ever Justin, things are indeed going great.

my own situation may be changing real soon and i will have more time for the important stuff, like making art.
i intend to make a serious effort to get back into animation, this blog of yours,is the primary reason.
always an inspiration.
all the best.

Noam Sussman said...

wowow really awesome stuff

Alonso said...

almost there :) must have been hard to be away from the family for so long
that's really great that they're keeping your job ready, always one of the concerns when making a change, nice that you don't have to find a new one
(lol, gonna be funny for you to get back into CG where you can undo and come back and do another pass, gonna feel like cake)
I think you answered it before, but what about CG features, you're in the town for it.
My friend built a 3d printer for a grand or so, seems like rapid proto typing is conceivable for the garage film maker.
Almost there, you can make it!!! :)

Rich Johnson said...

woohoo go Justin! Dude that test your doing sounds very exciting. can't wait to see the new puppet. congrats on the top secret tv show :)

jriggity said...

Shelly}awwwww....thanks lady. I feel so Very fortunate.

amoebaboy}ooooo more time for art sounds awesome!! That would be so cool to see some animation coming soon to your blog.

Noam}Thanks man!

Alonso}yep...countin the days man....yeah man...its a HUGE cool thing to not have to worry about being employed. Just enjoy my time and focus on finishing strong.

Yeah man....The cg workflow will be a HUGE relief...and fun return in my animation experience.

yeah...I am definitely open to CG features....and its getting to be more of a my growth as an animator.

I have this SONY project to finish and I will make some decisions in my cg career.

Man...a garage printer is a super cool toy....for now I will be using a local place to print...but...a few years down the line..I will definitely be Investing in one.

Rich}Thanks Brother!! it is very exciting...Ill be sharing it here.

JON said...

Hey, man! Seriously cool getting to meet Neil Gaiman. Your success using your talents keep me inspired!

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