Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Law of Averages-

Hey Guys,

Since my last post I managed to redeem my low Quota- for 3 weeks straight {surpass even}....but then here I am slipping into Low quota's ville I go into another week.

I had 2 weeks without doing any Freelance so other than Crunch time at my day job I managed to pile up some good seconds - The ending is now HALF way done - I am really liking how it looks in EDIT. I am excited to Finish this one off.

 Here is a cut in shot from the Ninja dober bit.....small anim but a film takes um all....

Shel and I decided to reshoot the Helmut closeup reveal since We both had issues of our own with it....and part of the reshoot was Extending the set in the front and in the back to make the set- MAZE seem even BIGGER and cooler.

This required alot of setup like everything in Stop mo-

Shel first Built a LONG extension so I wouldn't have to COMP in a fake background- It works for still shots but when doing camera moves the perspective changes always SCREAM FAKE...and PHONY...

we then had to coat it- paint it- BLEND it - so on......

 after its all done...
3 long nights in the garage and we should have another finished shot-

That means- I am just days away from my attempt at making a cotton ball sandstorm-

cant wait....

Shel has been working on fleas Mini ship- getting ready for the fast approaching space chase-
We have to finish this puppy and get it molded - we will be need it faster than we think.

E3 went well.....and our game put LOTS of smiles on LOTS of faces.....gona be a BIG ole HIT!!

We only announced the first small batch of characters from our game....but we will slowly be announcing others as we near release.
 We had a BIG showing  with tons of monitors to play.
 Here are some folks dressed up as a few of our lineup.....was fun to see them walking around e3 and trying to fight each other in our game.


I have officially been working on a new FEATURE being made in Hollywood and its been very FUN to be a part of....

Its Called Hell and Back- Due OUT in 2013
 and here is a Pic I found from it on IMDB-

Its got some pretty Fun comedians-actors involved -
-so the V.O. is fun to animate too-

Mila Kunis
Danny McBride
Nick Swardson
T.J. Miller
Bob Odenkirk
 the comedy is Raunchy and I cant wait to do more.

Its also super cool to have a stopmo Feature being done in L.A.....we need more of that for sure.

In Other NEWS-

I received this cool Gift from the rigging department on Paranorman a while back and I have been meaning to share it with you guys.


A project I got to work on earlier this year that was PURE happiness and FUN was for the recently announced Spongebob Christmas Special- Done by Screen Novelties.

After working on PARANORMAN which was INCREDIBLE - but TENCE work....This project was soooooooo much FUN.....this was just ANIMATION with GREAT characters in classic 2d animation style.

I was super proud to work on it.....and Its CHOCK FULL of charm.....these characters look FANTASTIC as puppets .....and the story is Great FUN!!!

Tricks of the week-

Robert ROK walk

just wall spin



Alonso said...

Aw Damn, it's about to go down, the serious music started in the storyboard reel :)

The helmet shot seems like a super hard challenge, getting the balance just right so that he's right on the edge of his balance, and reaching over any further would put him off balance. Subtle and tricky (and has to be done in 1 take in stop mo, yeesh)

:P when are you finding time to do this freelance, you work a full day job? You must be related to the energizer bunny, that's why you're always jumping around in :D

Great stuff, always an inspiration!

Shelley Noble said...

Congratulations for all the goodness, guys.

A dream life for sure.


Freckles said...

Cannot even wait to see the cotton ball storm!! The trailer for Spongebob is looking awesome by the way. You are a busy guy!
(deleted my last post cause I realized it had typos!)

Steven Garrett said...

Just love the bounce and spring that you put into you puppets.

Looking forward to seeing your cotton wool ball sand storm.

Just an idea do you get angle hair in the States (its a Christmas tree decoration a bit like white straight strands of cotton wool) might be an interesting one to help you get the sand storm effect.

Ben Whitehouse said...

Waaayy too much awesomeness in this post. Im gonna have to come back later and digest it all again.
You sir are the bloody MAN!!

JON said...

You're the hardest working man in stopmo!!! Clip looks great and congratulations on all of your projects. Always motivating!

David Szmit said...

Wow Justin, amazing animation, I love the smooth movements the characters make while not acting. I will have to pick your brain if I see you around Screen again.

Are those tie downs next to the ParaNorman gravestone?

David (screen novelties friday intern)

jriggity said...

Alonso} Ha! yes sir....its on.

That shot really is a challenge....its making me question my abilities for sure...

The night shift man....only time thats not spoken for...

I am looking very forward to the day where nights are for sleeping.....I cant wait to bask in a new finished film and the festival adventures with shel.

Shelly}thanks lady...I guess living a dream instead of sleeping to have some- aint a bad trade...

Freckles}me too!! yes...the spongebob show was really cool!! going to premiere it over at Nickelodeon.

Steven}thanks man! I like to bounce um tooo...

Ill pick up some angel hair this week and give it a try...thanks for the tip man!!

Ben}Thanks for the support brudduh!!

JON}thanks man...Gota work hard or nothings gona happen man...thanks for the support !!

David} thanks man...glad ya likes it.....and yeah...anytime Im there...just come on over..

and yes- those are tie downs....the pic ties Justin Rasch- super cool.


Mexican Viking said...

More great stuff. For the background do you do tracking on it?
I was wondering if you might be able to photograph your camera rig (if it's not secret :) Would like to see how you crane up like that.

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jmanu said...

Wow! Great to hear all cool news! And the animation take fantastic as always!
Hey justin, I have a gift for you ;) write you soon

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