Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sandstorm and More

Hey Guys!

been back to lots of freelance again...

still moving forward on the Film but definitely not easy to squeeze more time out of my days...

I have about 1 more month of work on Hell and Back- in the evenings - and my Current Project Playstation All Stars during the days -  then things will ease up considerably...

here is one of the shots from the last few weeks evenings.

Another Milestone Has been met -A cotton ball sandstorm......and It got past the Quality assurance of shel for the films final cut.

This was somthing 2.5 years ago that me and shel put into the story that we had no idea of how we were gona make happen......I just kept saying to myself- We will figure it out when the time comes....

POW- the time was

It was a 2 night shoot due to just working with so much cotton and physically moving it trhough the space........I lost the pics of the process due to a computer meltdown...but here were a few from my phone.

I ended up taking the cotton from a pillow and spray painting it with a matching color

....then I layed out a bunch of cotton to figure out My cameras Field of view.

 This would show me how much cotton at each stage of the approach and how tall I would need it to be to cover the Characters.

after figureing the basics out it was all set up...and I was ready to go for it.

heres one of the storm shots....

so Moving forward- the storm will clear....and new Hi jinks will arrise in the final chapter of the
film...Including a miniature crash set stuff to come.

In Paranorman News!!

The awesome SNEEK PEEKS are starting to roll out....

This first one struck me deep- I love the approach of showing the poeple who make these films and what they have in common with norman...Fantastic! and somthing even the coolest person has felt at some point in life....

I watched it right before bed and was so excited about it all I could not sleep for hours...thinking about it.

and In case you didn't catch it....I am animating the dance scene with Alvin- the bully near the end of the video.

here are some more fantastic videos that are coming out...This is Chris Butler the Writer and co Director of Paranorman.

Heres a peek at the facial setup-

and Here is

a bus running through Holly wood with you know who on the side...So cool!



Shelley Noble said...

wow, great looking clips, Justin. You are getting so much done everyday.

Love the Paranorman sneak peeks. Really nice the way they are humanizing the project by showing the makers and personalizing it. Nice.

Really glad they got a time lapse of you animating with your shiny head. Good to have your styling technique documented.

Mexican Viking said...

That sand storm looks great. I love the way it creeps up on them. I was wondering how one goes about making clouds move in stop mo!
Your stuff continues to amaze.
Keep it up man!

Gareth Hirst said...

Great work on the sand you smashed it on the final result, look forward to seeing more and thanks for showing the Paranorman clips!

Steven Garrett said...

Great to see you pulling off the cotton wall sandstorm are the magician!!
And nice Ghost like appeance in the makings of video great stuff

erica said...

So much awesomeness! We tried to get into the Paranorman panel at Comic-Con but sadly the Hall H line was swamped with Game of Thrones fanatics who had been camping out. Thanks for sharing the previews :)

Your sandstorm looks awesome! I love how they just get swallowed up by the cotton. Keep up the inspiring work :D

Alonso said...

Line is looking so fun, love how they're ignoring each other and just following this rule they've established.

errr I wanna watch these laika clips but I'm afraid of seeing to much til I see the film, so I cut myself off.

jriggity said...

Shelly}Thanks Shelly!

the seconds are still rolling in.....just in waves-BIG and small.

Yeah being in the special features really makes me proof- reminder of the dream come true.

Mex}thanks man!!

Gareth} no problemo man...more to come.

Steven}MAGIC is the key word man....for sure...stop mo is MAGIC!!

erica} AWWW TOO BAD- BUT either way- I hope you got to see the puppets.

alonso} yeah...these special features are really fantastic but....waiting for the day is the smart way to get your first views!

thanks for the support man!


Ken C. Tyner said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! All your work looks amazing!

Rich Johnson said...

woohoo! paranorman clips looks awesome. cool sandstorm man!

JON said...

Looking good, man! The sand storm is killer!

Mike Adair said...

I didn't think I could be more excited and impatient for this film to come out. I'm thinking of putting myself in a drug induced coma for a few weeks.

Sandstorm rocks! I also can't wait for this film.