Monday, August 6, 2012

Montage is DONE....Shel the Puzzle master.

Hey Guys,

We have been hard at work and I am happy to say that Shel conquered the Montage sequence.
Pfffeeew.....what a challenge.

She managed to edit a HUGE bunch of shots into a working Montage that builds in energy till the BIG reveal in the story....

This was a bit of a  intimidating task to her and it took alot of massaging and playing......but she Nailed it!!

Our intent in the chapter shifted a couple of times...which confused us but we got cleared up and made it happen.....

  I am excited to say goodbye to this chapter since I am sooo looking toward the Finish line....I now will be concentrating on the END chapter which will make the first use of our miniature Ships....

Speaking of ships- Ill be sharing a cool Video of shels progress on the Flea Mini ship next post- getting ready for Molding and reproduction.

This means we will now have 3 FULL chapters in EDIT and working ...Way over the HUMP.

here is one of the last shots from the montage.Dober Dealing with LINES retrieving parts....and more lines
being drawn...

and the last line drawn shot -

  so.....Things are starting to FINALLY chill out at Work and our game is in the BUG fixing phase.
I will be Nit picking and just fixing things here and there untill we finally hit GOLD Disc on this project.

The excitement online is very cool.....and I know folks are gona have some FUN with this one.

Paranorman is getting closer every day and I am going crazy inside in is a pic that was on the internet that shows me animating my favorite shot from the film I had the pleasure of creating!! I seriously had a smile on my face nonstop for the  week it took to animate was a beautiful set-awesome scene- 3 great puppets- 2 vehicles and a great little GAG....DREAM stuff.

I am also seeing adds everywhere and I hear people talking about I am really Feeling this film could be exactly in the right place at the right time!!  I am smelling OSCAR Winning Film guys.....

 here are some more Great behind the Scenes videos from Paranorman- I am in a bunch of these especially this honored to be a part of this.

Trick of the week-

Aedon Wrestling Move-

DAD pommel horse-



Josh Mahan said...

I'm going to see a sneak preview screening in less than a week! I'm pretty excited.

I'm sure no where near as excited as you must be though!

Ken C. Tyner said...

I can't wait to see your short finished and see some of your work in Paranorman! May God be with you as you get through it all!

Alonso said...

Awesome Awesome! Looking forwards to Line, excited for Paranorman. What's fun about that pic of you on set, it looks like you are just a giant puppet with a rig sticking out of your head (I think it's a light rig behind you)
I think around this time on Gerald you guys mentioned that you had the next film in the works, so ... do you have something bubbling on the back burner for after Line?
Of course you have a pomel horse at your house, how else would you do the loopy things :P

amoebaboy said...

just saw you in action over on the paranorman site, you got some nice moves man! i am so going to see this movie.
also really looking forward to seeing how you handle the dogfight sequence, i wouldn't know where to start.

amoebaboy said...
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jriggity said...

Josh}Woo Hoo!!
lucky dog man....and yes...I am crazy pumped man....tell your friends to go see it too!! this needs to be stop motions first Box office smash.

Ken} thanks man!! I cant wait to share both with you an the rest of the world.

Alonso}Ha! I never noticed the rig- thats so cool!

and yes....we definitely have our future projects lined up- we plan on starting with our first Live action film that I wrote in Portland.

Then we have 2 feature stop mo scripts that we wish to yeah man we are jam packed with ideas.

Ha!! loopy things are so fun!!

amoebaboy}Thanks man! tell your friends to see it as well man!! and The dog fight is coming!! stay tuned.


Josh Mahan said...

It was GREAT! and, I definitely have been! I hope Paranorman kills it!

So sad about the Cinderbiter project friend Alicia was on it! :( (I think you know her too)

Josh Mahan said...
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