Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hey guys!!
as I type this post........ I am Boiling over with anticipation of this weekends release of Paranorman.

In my opinion -
 Paranorman is the best film ever made in the medium.....It tells a story and breaks molds left and right in the telling.

"This film deserves the OSCAR this year and I am calling it in advance"
I am so excited for all of you out there to finally see what a huge group of passionate
 talented folks have cooked up for the cinemas this year.....we all knew we were making a special film while working on it

.........seeing the final product is Quite thrilling.

This film makes a big mark on Stopmotion History and is an Incredible follow up film to Coraline....
LAIKA has made itself into a POWER HOUSE Studio in animation land....

take all your friends and go enjoy this Spookey- FUN -and MAGICAL film....!!!



Alicia E said...

Congratulations on the film! I can't wait to see it. It's already getting the most incredible reviews and the featurettes give a really honest look at the process. Can't wait!!

Steven Garrett said...

Looking at the trailers and the talented people involved I can't see any reason why it wouldn't get the accolade it deserves in the shape of an Oscar......super looking film can't wait to see it!

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Not many movies we see in the theater anymore... But THIS we're going to on opening weekend. I believe in you and the team, stopmo brother! No doubt in my mind that our jaws will be on the floor the whole time!

Emily Tomasik said...

Can't WAIT to see it!! I read a little bit about the 3D printing technique it used, which sounds FANTASTIC! Sooooo excited!! Congrats on being a part of something that looks so incredible!! You deserve it!

tonychauzer said...

So excited for this film - has me feeling like a little kid again. There's a seat at the local theater with my name on it! Congrats on the work man, looks phenomenal!

Jeffrey Schreuders said...

I saw the movie this afternoon and it looked stunning. It has a very original look and had great animation in it. I also really like all the behind the scenes stuff that's been released up until now and can't wait for the art book to arrive which I ordered!

kriz said...


2ND.. My youngest daughter and I were watching 1 of her fav kids shows, and I saw the trailer/making of spot.....BAM..I said to her..I know that guy from my blog...I then showed her your blog...and she loves your work..(Your work really made 1 of a million kids happy)

She now wants me to buy her some clay so she can try stop motion.

Thanks for being an inspiration my my friend.

Kriz :)

JON said...

I can feel your excitement! Congratulations on a HUGE accomplishment, StopMo Hero!

Emily Tomasik said...

Saw it and it is AMAZING!! Great, great job! I love every single character in it-- it's perfect!

Alonso said...

just saw it. so awesome!! love that it ain't the same old story everyone tells over and over again!

Alonso said...

which shots where yours?

Joel Fletcher said...

Saw it yesterday. The animation was superb, congrats on your contribution to bringing the characters to life! I loved the design of the characters, and the sets were great as well. Probably the biggest innovation on this film was the color 3-D printing for the replacement faces.

Hopefully ParaNorman will get an oscar, as it certainly deserves it. But be aware that the academy has few animators among its members, and they don't see things the way we do. The oscar picks are often not fair.

Matthew said...

Hey Justin. I've followed your work for a long time thru this blog, was thrilled when you got the gig at Laika, and now I must say, having seen Paranorman in 3D on Sunday, I am simply dumbfounded. Incredible work. Congratulations to you and everybody on the film. Just phenomenal, really.

jriggity said...

Alicia}Thanks so much!! let me know when youve seen it!!

Steven} Woo Hoo man!! you said it...let me know.

Sven}Count on it....and put down some pillows for the lower jaws-

Emily}Thanks Emily!! Report back!!and enjoy...

tony}me to oman...i am high as a kite!!

jeffery}thanks man...yes...its so nice for the world to get a peek into what makes this stopmotion masterpiece.

kriz}Thanks!!awww...thanks for the cool story man..if little kids do art because of a film...thats AWESOME!! i know i did man..

JON}thanks bro!!

Alonso}woo hoo man!! yes...I think that LAIKA' did create 2 films that felt Different...and thats so refreshing man.

I worked mainly on the climax sequences.....from the forest attacking norman till he reaches up to the witch..

I also did the Bully Dance sequence and a bunch of random shots all over the film..library-parents- motercycle cop-stationwagon scene.

Joel}thanks man!Glad you liked it and I'll keep my prediction strong for the oscar....they definitely deserve it!!!

Matthew}thanks so much for following this journey man...and so glad you dug the film- Thanks for all the support!!

pkbrooks said...

Mr. Sir,

Just got home from "Paranorman". Depth, quality, and artistic to an amazing degree! I was wondering which scenes you were handling. Glad you listed them off. Crazy to follow a blog of a regular guy and his artist family for almost 5 years now and then see your name up on the screen. Pretty cool, the excitement must be thick as pudding.


p.s. the camera work and lighting in this thing was just superb. Blew me away.

BrianCoyDesign said...

Not sure if you saw it or not but there is a shot of you working ont he film over here:

Maarten said...

Wow. Actually I didn't know you worked on the movie until I saw your name on the credits :) Great job, loved the animation. There was some really fun stuff in there! For those of you who haven't seen it yet: stay until after the credits;)

Unknown said...

check out all these videos. Justin is in a bunch of them doing his thing!

Congrats Justin!

jmanu said...

Hey! Today I saw the movie! what a smart and great film! LOVE IT!
So cool my friend, congrats again for your work on it