Saturday, September 22, 2012

Professor Productive Pants!!

Hey Guys!

   I'm very happy to say that I have been incredibly productive in the last 2 weeks. I managed to animate 7 nights in a row and pumped out 5 shots and 32 seconds of footage for the END chapter.

Professor Productive Pants!!

I feel VERY happy about this....and since shel and the kids were out of town for a week....I see this as showing how quickly I could finish this film is I just could work on it...I hope to continue the progress in the coming week although on the family plan since I will be back to real Life .

I am also starting to pull out of Freelance mode in the evenings which is going to be a HUGE mental relief . As much as I enjoy the jobs. Its an actual stress.....

Its very different staying up all night when your in the garage just moments from your bed- or food. Than working at a studio where people are counting on you and are expecting a high quality and on quota delivery by morning.......I look forward to simplifying my weeks.

At this point in the last chapter the Wind has Blown through  and they are figuring out what the next step is....
Lots of little subtle movements and looking the dust clears.

I had alot of FUN on this last shot-

I got to do some stuff I have never attempted in stop motion before. I wanted one of those cartoon spin your wheels visuals as Flea SUDDENLY- takes off for his helmut. I was finding that the gaps between my poses were too big especially for the speed I was looking for in the animation....

I looked over and saw my box of dead puppets and thought Ill just cut off some legs and extra arms so I can fill in the space with a smear type of pose....and ......It worked .

It put a HUGE Smile of happiness and felt like another super cool illusion from the Magic stop motion Lunchbox.

Here is a Pic of in share how it worked.

Moving forward- I am all set up for my next shot and already the Scene is presenting issues-Stopmo Problems here I come.

Ships Progress- The ARMADA has arrived.

We got our ships all Molded and Cast- Very Exciting- Shel will be Painting these guys up and getting them ready to Fly- I am about 6 shots from them taking off the planet....So it will be here before we know it!!

I have to say that I am looking so forward to finishing this film....Its been another incredibly Long road
and I am enjoying it deeply. But That Finished product- A story TOLD is what I am ready to feel.

   More animation shots to come - Ill be sharing here.

And I know this is a cheesy thing but-  Part of the DREAM of working on a film Like Paranorman IS seeing your name in the credits. As Dorky and silly as it is - Its that thing from when your a kid -Stopmotion Movies -any movies - are made by circus people -  Unreachable unless you are kinda born into it concept.

and then- There it is.....Realized. I am sure that many of you guys could understand that excitement....or might share the same dream. Its pretty freakin cool.



Dean said...

Congratulations on the 32 seconds, Justin. That's some going!

The leg spinning shot is just brilliant - so comical! And genius! I shall never throw away broken puppets again :D

Jeff Lafferty said...

Nice job on the shot!

Ken C. Tyner said...

Nice job! I really love how you did that cartoony run effect.

Justin Connolly said...

Dood!! I'm loving this new animation! I'm totally inspired to rip my puppets apart now...Truly inspiring!!

Alicia E said...

The multiple limb effect is flawless!!! Congrats on the credit!!!!!! :)

Steven Garrett said...

Great animated illusions like usual, well done on the credits I'm following the same call me dorky too

Rich Johnson said...

hahaha. nice shot. totally get the credit thing. i liked your description of how it felt as a kid. Congrats on all of it. Paranorman was brilliant. I loved it. 32 seconds!! your a stopmochine.

Alonso said...

super awesome animation trick there, so fun, and works fantastic

how do you approach multiple character shots? How do you keep track of all the different spacing and energies?

WOOOT!!! Name in the credits! Bucket list making space for new things all the time :) Congrats

Season Mustful said...

The smear effect is brilliant, you truly are an animation machine! (high five)

jriggity said...

Dean}Thanks man- yeah...I was really happy with the output.

yeah man...Broken puppets are also good for getting into tight spots...

I have a few guys with missing they can fit into the cockpits a little nicer.

Jeff}Thanks man.

Ken}thanks- I had alot of fun trying out the new cartoons skiddle...soooo much new stuff to try.

Justin}Thanks man!! have at it!!

Alicia}thanks Alicia!!

Steven Garrett}good luck on your dream man...its a very cool thing when it all comes to life!

Rich}Thanks brother!! I am so glad you liked it and glad you can relate ...

Alonso}thanks man....I approach the animation like this...prepare in advace on paper- X Sheet style.

Mark points where actions will begin and end ....offsets so on.

then you just Feel your way you animate.

Its tough man...because it doesnt always work out....but try too feel and pre think as much as you can before hand.

Season} Samack!! thanks for the digital high 5 lady...

Sven Bonnichsen said...


I know folks were using smear shots on ParaNorman... But I suspect you just introduced a whole generation of amateur stopmoes to the concept just now.


Heather said...

That flailing shot looks awesome! Reduce, reuse, recycle. :) And yeah, I get all giddy seeing my name on credits, too. Heck, I get giddy seeing names of people I just *know* on credits.

Eimhin said...

Excellent! Looks fantastic!

Emily Tomasik said...

Amazing work!! It's great that your back into it... and with full swing too! I can't wait to see the final product either!! :)