Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back to Your Ships People!!!

Hey Guys,

I received an amazing gift from a fellow blogger Juan Manuel Pedraza a few weeks back and I really am excited to share with you guys...

 Juan is an amazing paper artist and I have been following his blog for years now. I highly suggest you check out his work!!

As for LINE-

 I have have been maintaining my output since our last post....and have met my quota for the past few weeks...pretty exciting stuff....I am but 1 shot from The MINI ships being used.

  Dobers Ship was the first to take off from the plantets surface after the repairs.

This was a fun moment for me...and another puzzle to figure out.....Since our ships are so BIG....getting them to lift off for the closeups is a challenge.

I ended up using my animation paper to ease them up....then graduated to DVD's then finally got him taking off with South Park seasons 1-12..

      this made me smile since the south park videos have been watched in the garage over and over in the almost 3 years of production on the film.

Me and shel definitely are feeling the END of the film nearing....the core of the story is all on the planet so once thats in the bag the INTRO is basically just FUN setup of the CRASH...

In Prep for our Miniships first flights - Shel has been painting the Flea ship and gooping it all together.
She has also been getting the exploded pieces of the mini ships ready for some other sections of the film.

Our Kitchen table has MANY miles and Art nights on it.....so cool to see the Flea ship back in the shop.

Here is a shot of flea jumping back into his ship

In other News- I was recently promoted at Work to Animation LEAD which is alot more responsibility and possibly a lot less animation time....This is very cool but I am not ready to leave the production part of my workplace. I have balanced both positions in the past but always at a cost to the quality of my work.

   Since our game is just 1 month away from shipping to stores all over the world....things should be pretty chill in the next months. I am looking very forward to the chill.

More to come guys- we are on a roll over here....and we are gona ride it!!



Shelley Noble said...

"I ended up using my animation paper to ease them up....then graduated to DVD's then finally got him taking off with South Park seasons 1-12." HA!! So good.

The clip performances look incredible, Justin and Shel. Top work for anywhere. Great that it's for your own project too.

Ride it.

stopmotionpete said...

Looking fantastic Justin and Shel. Like the use of camera rig with flea jumping in his ship. Always adds to the momentum of the film. Look forward to the completion. Getting very exciting. Keep it up guys

Rich Johnson said...

both those shots were sweetastic! The ship flying off looks awesome! Great use of smoke effects too. very exciting to see these guys fly off into the final chapter of your story.

congrats on promotion!

Alonso said...

awesome awesome stuff!! Rock on!

3danimation said...

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