Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hey guys,

  Been very busy.....ofcourse.

Shels Car Died recently which has opened up the door to freelance again.....sigghhh...

I enjoy the work but definitely feel like I am on the treadmill paying billz all the time and not getting as much done as I would like....but!!

I did manage toget some BIG shots done as we creep closer to the finish line every week.

The latest shot I finished was a monster shot that was the very climax of months of work all coming together in a big well as being the milestone of the Mini ships first screen appearance.

This shot represents months of work getting the mini ships ready....Shel Kicked major BUTT ...

This included-

-creating the set-

-Sculpting the ships in foam -

-Sculpt-Paint- MINI puppet Flea-

-Sculpt-Paint - MINI puppet Dober-
-Puzzleing -ship parts-  together for molding-

-coating- skinning them with Hard shell coating-

-Sanding them down smoothe shapes-
-making all the mini props-
-creating Rigging attachments-




-Making bucks for the Windshields-

-Having the windshields Vacuformed-

-Creating smoke and Blast cutouts-

- making winders for the small movements of the ships flying -

-Planning shot-

-Animating shot-

-Painting Out Wires for 300+ frames-
-Compositing in Backgrounds and drawing-animating masks for transition of Backdrop In After Effects-
-Doing Post effects-Dust sand- extra explosives-
-create Fake Dober ship shadow that was covered by my Bad rigging choice..ha!-
-Then doing all the POST effects all over again for the 3D second eye frames-Ugghhhhh-

 I am sure there are many many more parts of this process that I am glossing over....but you get my Point.

Is it worth it...YES!!! MAGIC......

BUT sure makes you think when your doing it......That  finished film is the BIG reward I am looking forward too.

So moving forward- I am headed into the garage tonight like most evenings....and Have some nice subtle acting shots that I am looking forward to creating....

In Future news-

Shel is starting to think about asteroids and the new set layout for the intro-

she has some intern help in painting the new asteroids that will populate the space Chase....heres some pics.

More to come....



Josh Mahan said...

Shot looks amazing! Definitely worth it. You seriously motivate me to try a lot more wire rigged debris/objects when necessary.

Putting so much faith in spring clamps though: terrifying!

Alicia E said...

WOW. Love this shot. Especially the mini puppets at the end. Great work!

Craig Harris said...

Unreal man...looks fantastic!!

Shelley Noble said...

Love the rigging that you used to create the ship hover effect. Clever and effective.

The whole thing is looking StuntPuppetastic!

Rich Johnson said...

impressive work all around! must feel great to get that mammoth in the can. asteroids are looking fabulous. sucks about the car:(

Sven Bonnichsen said...

SO looking forward to the day when we get to show this at the fest! :D

jriggity said...

Josh}thanks man!! yeah man....just jump in....its tough stuff but when it works its pretty magical.

Alicia} thanks....the mini puppets in my story boards were only supposed to pop out to there backs.....having them bang into eachother was one of those awesome moments in stopmotion where an idea comes to you mid animation and you just go for it!!

this one paid off greatly!!

Craig} thanks for the support brother!!

Shelly} thanks....the toys from my time up at LAIKA and some advice from the screen novelties guys.

Rich}thanks man...and know it feels good to get a shot in the can...especially a BIG one like this.

thanks for the support man...we just got the new engine for the minivan....we are rolling again.

Sven}you and Us both man....I just hope we are good enough for the Big show when the time comes man...

but you know we will be sending one your way.


Ken C. Tyner said...

I am a huge fan! I'm glad to see you're doing so well! You are truly an inspiration!

mark hancock said...

i love it when you put a post up, your work is amazing!
can i ask though, where do you get your rigging stands from?

all the best guys.

JON said...

Spaceships look absolutely rad! Love the pic of your wife painting, so focused!

Alonso said...

sucks about the car, hope that gets worked out smoothly.
man that looks awesome!! I don't know that I would have been able to dice up those cool ships.
Big epic space dog fight through asteroids? Epic :D

What is hard shell?

Dustin Foust said...

This stuff is looking amazing.

jriggity said...

ken}thanks man....your support is fuel!!

mark} i got the rigging metal with teeth from a machineist.....the rest is just cobbled together with knuckles for lighting stands and some 1 hour resin.

JON}yeah man...Shel is my partner in every way....she rocks the film with her awesomeness.

Alonso}thanks man!!.....we got a used engine and the family minivan is running again...

as for the ships....exploding was my mind in shooting this.

the hard shel is like a candy coating on an m&m....its thicker but its a glue that hardens and then is sandable...becoming a hard skin that makes the ships surface smoother and solid from dents that the soft foam will allow.

Dustin}thanks man! love your drawings too!!

jmanu said...

I just can say: Wow!
AMAZING shot, Justin


I have been following your work when I am not busy doing my stuff, and I think I am going to be regular now.
I am amazed by the amount of work that you churned out even while working on Paranorman.
The animation of spaceships and the explosion is so smooth, one doesn't even miss motion blur of 3D and live action. More power to you.