Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TURBO Turkey

Hey guys!

  I had an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday and it was a SUPER productive week off .

Our game has officially released and its ready to make lots of kids and there PS3's happy this Christmas.....

I used some of my comp time from our games harsh development to properly enjoy my thanksgiving and make a BIG ole dent in the films progress.

and DENT it we did.....

OVER 1 MIN of finished footage toward the film....woooo hoo!!!! I shot every single night- and some days when shel was working. It was fantastic feeling to drop a shot in the edit almost every day.

Here is a couple of shots-
and flea after crash-
What a POWERFUL week....

and you know what guys.....the film Clicked- It really clicked

It works - the whole film works.....what an amazing feeling!!

and The part of the film that was most important to incredibly well....

I am High as a kite on the project and cant stop imagining the scoring our latest film and then releasing it to the world....

I felt such euphoria ....and such awe in the amount of work required to get to the point we are at now........we still have lots of work ahead but the real story all takes place on the planet I feel great relief in the meat of the story being done and working well.

.....moving forward....

I have 4 FULL finished chapters now...and am working on the epilogue for 4 remaining planet shots.

Then....WE STRIKE the set and launch into space.

Shel has those asteroids looking good.....and is designing cool ways to rig them up for animation. I am going to start previz on the intro camera work for the miniatures.

It looks like we will be able to start shooting space chase in just a short 3 weeks.....just in time for christmas vacation......I will be taking another week off just to concentrate on the film during the holiday.

Keep an eye out....I have some interesting ideas on Puppeteering the mini ships in a couple of shots....and Ill be sharing them here.

     wish us luck guys....its a House of MAGIC right now in our place....and we can see the finish line.

In PARANORMAN News- ITS out on DVD- BLU RAY and digital download. I got mine.....and I highly suggest you guys pick up your copy of this OSCAR contender and in my opinion - Best animated film of the year.

Tricks of the week-
Aedon Daddy- Team Rolls-
Dad- reverse swing bar front



Shelley Noble said...

Congratulations on breaking through to having the film manageably in hand.

Your focus, passion, and sacrifice of other things are inspiring. Those things, plus both of your talents, will make this film another hit for you.

Thanks for the tip on ParaNorman. One question, where did little Aedon go?!!!

Rich Johnson said...

puppeteer the ship? That sounds really cool. I'm intrigued as always but now more than ever.


Great news your getting there on the film, will I be able to get a copy of it in the UK at any point.

Emily Tomasik said...

This is all so exciting!! What a great feeling to get so much done. No turkey coma for you!!

Love checking in here- ALWAYS an interesting and inspiring post!

Ken C. Tyner said...

I'm so glad to hear that your short film is reaching the finish line! I'm sure it's another wonderful masterpiece. I also can't wait to see Paranorman! I've been waiting to long to see that movie!

Steven Garrett said...

The film looks like it is coming on a treat!!

Looking forward to the release of the DVD....will there be two copies normal vision as well as the 3D?
I'm hoping for normal vision myself as I have one of my eyes with only 50% vision so renders a 3D films useless to me :-(

Loved Paranorman got to be a contender for an Oscar

jriggity said...

shelly} thanks !! awww.......Little aedon is still here ....shes just HUGE NOW.

Rich}cool too....cant wait to start flying them puppies around.

jamie}ofcourse....all of our dvd's are available anywhere in the world.

emily} no sir...turkey coma had no effect on me....thanks.

ken}me too man....and thanks.

steven} yes its exciting times!! the dvd's will be in both formats....I am not interested in ONLY 3d at all....

its just a cool selling point for the film.

and yes...OSCAR indeed.


emilymarie38 said...

Hey there! I stumbled upon your blog about the time you were finished working on ParaNorman and it was really inspiring to read your blog. I'm in school for animation and stop-motion is my drug of choice haha.

When I went to see ParaNorman in theaters (day it came out of course haha) I waited and watched all of the credits. I always try to find things like "junior" "apprentice" or "intern" to get my hopes up to one day be on a movie crew!

And then of course I got the DVD and watched the bonus stuff and recognized you from the videos you've put on your blog (creepy? kinda.. maybe lol)

So I just figured I'd comment here to compliment you on an amazing job, ParaNorman is a beautiful piece of work and I hope it gets an Oscar! I also hope that one day I can get an internship and even a job at LAIKA so that I can help create something like it!

Can't wait to see more of your animation!