Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Milestone.


Hope everybody is having a great holiday....

 pretty cold out there in the garage these days. I have been working on finishing up these last few shots but man....they are HOLDING on.....

This crazy thing called stopmotion has been sending the curve balls left and right....and doesn't want to let me strike this set.

Broken puppets on their last legs - literally - hard rigging situations - camera name it. Those silly stop motion elves doing the very best to create new problems to solve.

The good news is that I managed to get 2 of the shots done...and they came out well......I really would love to share them with you guys but they are a pretty important part of the story that I would like to keep under wraps till you guys see it for the first time....SUPRISES for later

Here is a shot from post crash with dober still a bit dizzy- plan in the next few days off to finish the last bit of the ending and  get those mini ships FLYING...

wish me luck guys........

       Ill be posting SPACE SHips very soon.



Jeff Lafferty said...

Looks great Justin!

Dean said...

Nice, really nice! Will you be leaving the tie-down holes in? For me, they don't detract from the shot at all. I quite like to see them. And I only really noticed them on about the 12th play :D

Wishing you and Shel and the family a very merry Christmas!!

JON said...

Brilliant animating. So alive, like magic!

Rich Johnson said...

merry christmas! good luck man!

Alonso said...

Happy holidays, man you never take a break.

Hey, how do you fix your flying rigs to characters? Just wrap the character in wire and erase later, or do you have internal holes you plug into?

amoebaboy said...

yay ! looking good guys, despite the gremlins.

amoebaboy said...

yay ! looking good guys, despite the gremlins.

Andriy Mis'kiv said...

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jriggity said...

jeff}thanks man!!

Dean}yep- Ill be leaving them in...I never notice and its part of the game.

thanks too!!

JON}thanks man...that magic is what I am after...

Rich} Merry Christmas Bro!!

Alonso}Happy to you too man.....and breaks are working on the film. Creating our own the most rewarding thing .

Yeah....I just wrap the wire around and paint it out caveman style.

In the future we will actually have rigging points....but We are learning all the time what we need.

amoebaboy}Thanks man! great to see ya here....been a long time.