Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pup Pup and Away!!

Hey guys,

  My very last night of vacation and I finished another lovely shot for Shel and the edit tomorrow morning....ahhhhh so satisfying!!

Just to let you know- We are officially off the planet- - and we are in deep space!!!

Its been a nice vacation break from the day job but never quite feels like enough time off.....

............we have been doing a little sculpting....and painting
here is a pic of dober's wife and little one that dober keeps close for when hes out on a Space mission.

lots of rigging experiments-

We have been testing out the space flight puppet comp-

Its definitely going to work-and that is incredibly exciting to us both....it saves tons of time and head aches on our production and we get to have all sorts of new fun together in the making of it.....

We will be shooting the HI REZ actual film footage next weekend with the famous B johnson supervising with his awesome camera.

here is the original board from 3 years ago when we started this film-the ships first entrance-

here is our proof of concept-

Speaking of production- we really want to finish this puppy asap.....and are shooting for early march as the end of all Photography.....


in fact.... we are so close that we have had our first  meeting with our composer. We actually have heard the first notes on the piano that will become the themes for this film and our key actors....

The music-scoring is my very favorite part of a films production so I am thrilled to bask in the musical awesomeness ahead.

As I return to the super busy work day....I hope to feed off the light at the end of this tunnel to keep us energized and bouncing toward that finish line....

keep sending good vibes guys- the finish is the hardest part.

 Trick of the week-I gots a new slight injury so I have had to take some time off the big stunts.

daddy daughter Christmas sleddinG



amoebaboy said...

yes ! great way of animating the ships, did something similar myself, with a jet propelled surf board, good old fashioned rotoscoping for the space monkey cartoon i never finished.
looking very cool indeed guys cant wait to see it finished.

Shelley Noble said...

Aside from getting to see your dazzling performance and impressive filmmaking organization, we also get a dose of the grit and big character it takes to achieve these things. I didn't know the finish was the hardest part.

Plus, no one Pajamms as adorably as Ms. Shel.

Ken C. Tyner said...

Looking good! I know how you feel! The production of my short film is also coming to a close, but it's not nearly as good as yours is going to be. I can't wait to see it! Your work is so inspiring!

Alonso said...

such a cool star wars feeling, super exciting, that so rocks!!!!!!!

you're gonna have to give the cat a credit at the end ;)

Rich Johnson said...

may the rasch be with you.

jriggity said...

amoebaboy}Me too man!! thanks so much for the support man.

Shelly} Yes...it can totally be overwhelming like any marathon....you keep telling yourself that....I ve done enough....just rest....just move on..

mental battles definitely happen with fatigue.

and yes....my lady sports the pj's proper.

Ken}Thanks man...and good luck on your own finish line.

Alonso}thanks man...ohh yeah...I am playing starwars in my garage just like when i was a youngster.

Alonso} thanks bother!!