Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Layoffs Strike - and Pickup Shots

Hey guys!!

  Been a crazy couple of weeks in the cg biz and the Hard times have made their way to our company as well .

Superbot has had to downsize several times in the last few months and I and many of our brothers and sisters are back on the street looking for work.

Its not just games.....its the Film folks as well......Dreamworks - Digital Domain -Rhythm and Hues-  Lots of super talented folks without work.

Luckily I quickly found another great project and will be joining a new talented team in March for another Big production.

The project is very cartoony and a very well known character in the video games biz that I am very excited to animate........new chapters ahead and I wish Superbot the best.

as for our film....

I have been doing a few pickup shots and they are making the film just that much better...... plugging Holes here and there with a closeup or a reaction shot.........Adding the effects to the shots is all frosting and really fun to do.

What we finished here is so freaking massive guys..... I can tell there will be a HOLE when its all gone.

Something shel always said to me......

when she works for months and months on a Piece of Dance to perform...

All The setup - rehearsals -All the coordination...... and then POOF...its gone.

 It fades into the memory's of anyone who saw it...and her experience as the performer fades as well  .

She said there is almost always some kind of Post performance Blues.

I have never been in that situation before but I tell you that finishing our film then Being able to watch our art over and over with audiences all over the country just keeps the AFTERGLOW shining bright!!



Mark Hancock said...

glad to hear that you were not out of work for too long. the new shots look amazing, i can't wait to see the finished product, so going to buy it!
i watch Paranorman the other day for the first time, i loved it. thought it was amazing and it helped me to get inspired again.

all the best, Mark.

Rich Johnson said...

Excellent work man. So glad to hear you landed a gig right away too. I am crossing my fingers for Paranorman this weekend!!

Tyler Magleby said...

Justin! I was wondering when your new film is coming out? Whats it called? the Space dog and Flea Battle? What are you working on next?!

Steven Garrett said...

Sorry to here you were layed off, but good for you man! That you managed to get a job sorted so quickly.... testament to your talents!!
Pick up shots look great to

Alonso said...

Sounds stressfull, glad you landed on your feet so quickly, hope your comrades do as well.

Shots are looking good. Hope we can see it soon.

When you were finishing Gerald you already were starting on Line, you guys haven't started poking at the next project? (didn't you say you guys were thinking a live action feature next?)

jriggity said...

Mark} Yeah man...I feel very fortunate indeed.

Thanks man....We are so excited to put it into the world man....

and yeah man...I too will pop up a paranorman clip here and there to get me all jazzsed to animate.

Rich}thanks man...and YES!!! I am crossign everything I can on teh victory this weekend!! I think Paranorman deserves it for sure.

Tyler}the next film will be premiered probably in MAY....The Title is

DOGONAUTS- The Enemy Line -

as for whats next....we have 3 projects in the works.....We have 1 live action short film that I wrote last year.

and we have 2 animated feature length scripts which we will be doing animation tests for as well as exploring some puppet fabrication on during teh next year.

Steven}thanks man...lucky dog for sure.

Alonso}it actually has been very unstressfull....... I am sad for my brothers and sisters without work....but Its been an easy flow from one into the next project for me.

and yes....we always have aour next projects in Line.

Live action Short-
Animated Feature#1
Animated Feature#2

AND lots of puppet acting exploration in the next year...

I will be covering it all here for sure.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Great post, can't wait to check out the film and buy the DVD

- Jeff

Manoj Singh said...

Good points taken to you.

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Shelley Noble said...

That's why Woody Allen has always "chain smoked" his films. The day he finishes the last edit on a project is the day he starts writing his next.

I think a well earned few days off is nice to do too.

As for work, I can't imagine you without a good job, ever, no matter what. You seem willing to do whatever you could to keep income coming in, no matter what that meant you had to do.