Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oscar Fail and Disappearing wires

Hey Guys,

   The Pickup shots have been finished guys.....3 times over now....

.......That means the animatic version of the film was completely shot. Then We watched the film and wrote down all the changes and additions we would like to improve it.......this was about 9 pickup shots

Then we showed it to a trusted mentor - they suggested some shots - and some editorial changes...
This created a few more pickups...5 in fact.

THEN- we showed it to our composer....who suggested a few more cut ins and moments to be drawn out here and there. This added...3 more shots...and a few editorial changes...No big deal.

that is film making- we are officially LOCKED now.....and are moving through the shots adding special effects....and visual Polish-

here is a Pickup shot-

The wires have been removed from all of the shots...which is a great milestone...since the film has LOTS of wires to remove.....

here is a before and after-


As far as the next steps in the production - I will spend the rest of march doing FX  , color correction and some HARD waiting for our composer to get on the this point its getting Really HARD to be patient....but he is on another job at the moment.

AFTER sooooooo long a production on this film....I am Dying to hear the music!!!

GOLD at the end of the rainbow my friends....when it all comes together and the music brings it all to Life.

Otherwise...we will probably hand it off to our Sound FX start adding all that lovely weight and atmosphere .

In other news - I start my new Job Monday at -Big Red Button - its a Very exciting first day of school feeling in my tummy. I always get nervous going to a new place.

I just have to get my hand on the characters and start animating and the comfort will soon find me.


I have to say that I was VERY disappointed even slightly grouchy in the outcome of the awards......

but I was not surprised .

I truly believed that Paranorman should have taken home that award. I think Brave was a fine movie but....It did nothing new as a film or for the medium and as far as PIXAR was not their best project thus far....

Paranorman PUSHED the animation medium to new places and reached a level of performance that has never been seen in stopmotion.....LAIKA is a magic house and will one of these days bring home that award and the  recognition of the special work they create.

 They are making a BIG mark on animation that will last forever.....



Rich Johnson said...

congrats on getting the production in the can! Must feel great! Woohoo. paranorman got robbed! So did beasts of the southern wild...

Josh Mahan said...

Can't wait to seeeeeeeeeee it!

tonychauzer said...

Major props on finishing out the animation Justin! Awards or not, Paranorman definitely hit home for me and it sits on my shelf as one of my favorites. I hope I get to touch a film like that in the future. Keep killing it out there man, I can't wait to see the short film!


Shelley Noble said...

You are so smart. Thanks for writing about how you expect pick up shots. That helps to know about so much.

As for the awards, I know you feel that an Oscar would been larger exposure for a good project, and I can see the case for that being made, but I can't stand those bloody things.

It's all so political and paid for and pointless to me. As if only those projects that go through the Motion Picture Association of America, or the movie studio distribution machinery, or even only those with awards, are the only ones that get seen.

Thankfully that is changing fast.

Expensive movies may not be made in the future. But that's 100% ok with me.

Alicia E said...

The Oscars made my sto motion heart hurt.... But the fact that you are so close to the finish line makes me haaaaappy!!

Alonso said...

congrats on making it to this point, must be hard to feel like the movie is done but still know so much has to be done on it.

hope the new job is fun and has lots of inspiring co-workers

Oscars-feh, seems like it's so political that the actual awards don't mean anything

Ken C. Tyner said...

How do you remove wires so seamlessly? Yeah, Paranorman was definitely better than Brave.