Sunday, April 7, 2013

Soooo Close- Yet soooo Far!!!!

Hey guys!

 I am on week four at the new Job and starting to relax into my chair and responsibilities.
I have sacrificed time on the film for the energy required to start and perform well at the new job. I have still been plugging away though when ever I am able to find the moment.

....the film continues to get better and better though.....FX- polish and sharpening the edit -
Its very very close to walking away-

My main focus has been the graphical interface on the computers in the film.

They have to communicate alot of information during the it was somthing we need to be simple CLEAR and not take too much time in the telling.

 as of tonight I have finished all of the basic Graphics and implemented them into the edit.....the rest is just making them more purty...

here is the simple graphic from the awakening chapter....simple clear.

something to share-

film making------

I have gone through several moments of doubt in the making of the film...mainly in the last moments of the films completion....

The films ...o..k

The Film

The Film is ..... pretty cool....

I am ashamed....

I am  so Proud....

I like the film!!.....

I don't like the film......

and where I sit now......having had a few weeks away from watching it in full.

I REALLY Like the film!!

......and I really am TOTALLY proud
to have created and told another story with shel.....and all the folks who pitched in to help.

Feeling all these emotions is probably natural in a production that has taken so long to create......and taken so much work to do.....

I remember feeling somewhat similarly when finishing Gerald. It wasn't quite as scary since the story was so simple......but.......

 I remember that I thought....... man.....

......If I could just do this film again now that I have grown so would be sooo much better

It is the journey....right.....
all that growth comes in the making -


..... We have created a piece of  narrative ART and I even like it !!........That is very exciting.

Here is a shot from the intro  - with some FX -

here is another shot that shows another incredible moment in in stopmotion filmaking.

Stopmotion is always problem solving....and here was a dooozy to deal with.
I started a new shot.....way too late to have started ...

and about 12 frames in my shoulder wire broke during the shot

.....after yelling at the roof for a couple minutes......I decided....I am not quitting this shot....I grabbed a bunch of sewing needles and safety pins
and forged ahead hiding the needles off screen the best i could....while trying to get the puppet to animate into the poses i needed to sell the action....

I had to make sacrifices in perfection but I pulled it off and was very proud I was not kicked out of the garage ....and halted more progress on the film.

so .....that love and hate thing about stopmotion in full effect!!

Film DRAMA -

In the QUEST to finish this film.....we have hit a BIG ole speed Bump
......I wont go into it just yet.....but it could change the finish line in a way we are not happy about.

Just another obstacle overcome.....sigh.....

I start some fun classes in May and we are looking to finish the film completely by then
......then we can put the film out into the world and I can focus on my school work in the evenings.

 Trick of the week-

Shamus- slamming the old man.

DAD flip to hands



Ken C. Tyner said...

Don't be discouraged! Keep moving! You're film is going to be fantastic!

Emily D. Myers said...

Hey Justin!

The film looks like it's coming along really, really well! Safety pin shot looks amazing.

I don't always have a moment to comment, but I do always love seeing your posts.

Glad to see that things are moving along, even if there's a mother-of-all-speed-bumps...can't wait to hear what that's all about.

We miss your face at the studio!

Steven Garrett said...

Looking good Justin!!

Been having those same nagging doubts
on my own animation project..........
Nice to know its part of the process

You have know worries trust me

Steve Marshall said...

Damn dude. Keep pushing! I know that your work is worth finishing. It's totally inspiring and super fun to watch. Good luck in your classes. What are you studying for? You've got the determination for just about anything man!

Rich Johnson said...

duuuude. Once that music gets laid in, sfx, and mixed... it will all come together. What you and Shel have accomplished and shown to the world thus far has been astonishing! I am sure the short is going to delight audiences all over! Classes in what?

Alonso said...

I think that's the curse of every creative person, doubt and dislike of what you're doing, and the irony that by the time you finish it you're perfectly positioned to do it way better :) From our side of things it looks like it's gonna be super fun and we're all looking forwards to it.

So what would you do differently if you were to redo it?

jriggity said...

Ken}Will do man....i wont stop till the film is in theaters and dvd-bluray players all over the globe....ha!

Emily}thanks so much emily- awesome to see your name here... Miss your face too lady!

Steven}thanks man....yeah...its crazy....but you said it...part of the game.

Steve}will do.....i am taking acting classes to improve my skills in animation.

Rich} i cant wait man!! acting classes....and thanks so much for the amazing support man!

Alonso}agreed....and thanks for the kindness....

If I were to do this one differently.....I would have went all Rabid prototyping on the facial work.

I would have ofcourse been more knowledgeable about cinematography.

and I would have put in way more comedy!!

but....its all getting better all the Its definitely my best filmaking yet...regardless of where I am at now.