Friday, April 26, 2013

Been DUMPED......Kickstart next phase

Hey Guys!

   So......right to the Point....

Remember that speed bump I told you guys about?....

.well....its official.........We got Dumped.

What does that mean you say?

Well.....our investor who got us started 4 years ago on this film.....has cut off all contact before paying the post production{ half }of the funding he committed to....

We have no idea why this would have taken place.....especially  since he was very excited that we were finished shooting   ......and were ready to score the film.

 He even wanted to come out and watch the scoring session with us???

So we are pretty dang confused.

This means? We no longer have funds to do the Music - the Sound FX - or the 3D print...ugggghhh

 (since it was painstakingly shot in 3D, we definitely want the option of showing it in 3D).

It Sucks.....BUT - Me and Shel being some of the most Luckiest people around.....and knowing that.....every time that something like this happens it always turns out for the BETTER.... a blessing.

We are moving forward and taking the finishing of this film into our own hands.......

We totally appreciate the fact that he helped us.........his faith in us pushed us to make the best film we could....Even though we are baffled..... we hope he gets to see the film someday....



so....... after talking to many of my friends and colleagues in the industry.....they across the board said- more like screamed!!


So.... we are ......

our BIG huge advantage in the campaign is that we already have the Film DONE.

It is SHOT , EDITED and LOCKED.....and we are just needing the MUSIC- SFX - and 3D Print send it out into the universe.....

That means we would be just a couple months from being able to SHARE it with all of you....Digital Download- DVD- Blu name it??

 .....We really have been putting alot of time into how we can reward anyone who would help us get to the finish of this film....and We have soooo much cool stuff.

ART work from some of my VERY favorite artists........ great Pin Up pieces just for our campaign!!

here is a sneek peek from one of my best animator buds and ULTRA talented artist Craig Harris.
I LOVE this piece sooooo much.

DVD- Blu Rays of the film -  of course

Mini Dober-Flea colectable Figurines- being sculpted by our buddy Mike Fleming Jr.
these will be cast in resin for some of the rewards -

Actual Puppets-

Development - Maquettes- {Flea- Dober}- and A FEW more secret ones
you guys have never seen for Future projects in the Dogonauts Universe!!

The Actual - Mini - Space Ships-These Things are so freakin cool.

Props-this is just an example - lots of cool stuff not pictured here...


Private In person Lessons - in Animation - Stop Mo or CG-
Private In person Lessons- in Molding, Foam Latex, Armatures, Painting puppets for animation

And a Custom Puppet Fabrication of your design- a full working puppet from your drawing.
START to FINISH......this could be really cool for artists not familiar with the medium but who have always wanted to give it a try.

and one last FUN one....a private Climbing trip with us as your guides


          if we meet our Kickstarter Goal......We will forever be filled with gratitude and awe.....FINGERS CROSSED!!!

In film news....

          in classic family film making news.....Grampa DON came over this last week to do the Voice over for our Trailers.....and some for the opening narrative of our film.

here is a sneek peek at our Audio recording facility....and Grampa DON in action.


He Totally Rocked it!!

 We were so happy to have Grampa DON do another Voice Over for another film. He Did the trailer for Gerald's Last Day......and we already have him in the staring role in our next live action film.

other news....

We have been focusing all of our attention on setting up our Kickstarter page for the last 3 weeks....

Along with making the Trailers.....we have been putting together the pitch video....and all the art work organization for the page layout.

This is what my daughter looked like 4 years ago when we started this film, here she is helping out with Flea's mold.

And here, in the Trick of the Week she is 4 year later, still helping out on the film (she's contributing some art work to our Kickstarter campaign), and still bouncing, but a whole head taller!

yowzers !!! time fly's....

            keep an eye out guys....

 we are planning on Launching the Trailer and the Kickstarter page next Tuesday Morning....

Lots of cool stuff to share over there.



Carla Veldman said...

oh no! So sad to hear the backing went for the post-work, but - YEAh! KICKSTARTER IT!!

Also, Grandpa Don's voicework is amazing.

Ken C. Tyner said...

I am so sorry your investor abandoned you! Keep moving!

Steven Garrett said...

Are Man!!...why are these things happening to you good people!

Good luck with the KICKSTARTER
will be tuning in next Tuesday!

Failing this you could hire out Grandpa Don for voice over work he has an incredible voice

Good Luck

Dean Bycroft said...

No! Yes! You turned negative into positive! Will you be asking for a million? Cos with them amazing rewards I think you'll get it! ;D

Best of luck. My hand is already in my pocket :D

Rich Johnson said...

Amazing incentives! Can't wait for Tuesday!

Mark Hancock said...

oh my days! i hope you find out why your funder has pulled out. what a bummer! at least it didnt happen whilst you were filming. these prizes are awesome too! i would love to come over all the way from the UK to have a model making session with you guys!!

all the best.

jriggity said...

Carla} Thanks....we loved what Grampa don was so fun to see him shine.

and kickstarter is right around the corner.

Ken} dont worry man....we dont ever stop moving..

Steven Garrett} Thanks man...Kickstarter is HUGE man....fingers crossed.

Dean} HA!!! I wish...nope....just enough for the music and SFX....color corection and MIX.

Thanks so much for the support man!! it means alot!!

Rich} me neither man....and thanks !!

Mark} yeah man....i dont wana be in limbo anymore wondering why he pulled out....but it sure would be cool to get word.

it actually did happen while filming...ha...but his first support just got us started.

Well if your ever in town man....?>? let us know...we could sculpt to some movies on the couch with the rest of the family.


CJ and Buster said...

Brother way to keep your eye on the silver lining, you got this. Please be sure to post when the kickstarter is up and I will be sure to post it everywhere I know as well. I can't wait to see the culmination of all the hard work you all have put into this.

Keep smiling :D

Shelley Noble said...

Totally agreed. This will turn out to be a blessing in the end. The Funder got you going in a bolder way than you may have otherwise, gave you the confidence when needed. Now though you are ready to make it happen for and by yourselves.

I can't imagine funding ever being an issue for whatever you guys are working on. You've got the Midas Touch.

Rock on.

PS: Grandpa DON is da bomb in VO.

Seema Virdi said...

I'll most definitely be backing this :)What you guys have shown of this film looks beautiful and it deserves to be completed with just as much care! Good luck!

jriggity said...

CJ} WOW...I havn't heard from you FOREVER!!!

thanks for the support man!!

Shelly}thanks shelly!! you are so sweet!!

Seema} exciting to hear you would back it....HOPE HOPE HOPE!!


Mexican Viking said...

When one door closes, like a thousand open! Glad to hear you got the right attitude about moving forward. I'll be supporting the project and by the looks of it, you guys are off to a great start!
Thanks again for the continuing inspiration!

Mexican Viking said...

When one door closes, like a thousand open! Glad to hear you got the right attitude about moving forward. I'll be supporting the project and by the looks of it, you guys are off to a great start!
Thanks again for the continuing inspiration!