Wednesday, July 3, 2013

POST is getting Close!!

Hey Guys!

Our MUSIC is all wrapped up.....and tonight at 9:30 pm. we get to have our ears and our eyes come together for the first time since the scoring.
Our Next Big Task - The Voice over - is completely wrapped  and delivered to the Sound Designer - Check!!
After auditioning the entire family for Dober and Flea we ended up casting and recording our characters.
....I ended up doing all of Fester fleas V.O

......and our professional Voice Actor Friend - James Sie- ended up doing Dober's V.O.
Finishing and editing the V.O. was definitely another Big Task.....Bigger than you ever think it will be........but Shel rocked it out in record time.....
The coolest thing about it is that just like the music - the quality of the film just goes up sooo much when the characters start emoting. 

Some of the concepts and ideas in the film that I might not have been clear enough in communicating.....are becoming crystal clear now that we have the tonal shifts in the V.O in the mix.

Our last AUDIO Task was - SFX.
We also should have all of our Sound FX wrapped up by the end of this weekend....
.....We just got to listen to the first bits ....and are very excited to listen to more.
After all those elements are done we have a scheduled MIXING DAY where all of us will get together and choose the levels for the entire film.

 We will choose How each Piece of sound-music-sfx- will SOAR or  fade back a bit....... 
...its gona be a FUN is a clip of some flea V.O. noises.
We also recently got our Dober maquette's in from the molder...and they looks fantastic!! 
We will start painting them pretty soon....and I will share  progress pics here....
---- I have more fun behind the scenes videos for you peeks to come..
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Ben Whitehouse said...

Ahhh the finishing line is sooo close! Really proud of you all dude!!

Ken C. Tyner said...

I'm glad to see your film is almost finished! I can't wait to see it!

Alonso said...

those sculpts looks awesome. Must have been fun to do the voice overs, but why is it happening at the end instead of the beginning?

jriggity said...

Ben} Thanks man!!

Ken} We are closer than ever!!

Alonso} Thanks man.....yeah...its always fun doing V.O.

The reason its happening at the end..
is because all the VO is just grunts and noises with tona shifts like- animal noises...

no actual Dialog....