Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We Got our MIX!!

Hey guys!
big update and MAJOR milestone for us.....we FINALLY got our MIX. It is the first film we have ever Created  that had a real Audio mix .
It was incredibly eye opening.....I always knew that doing things professionally would improve the quality of the film......I just didn't know how much.
With every tweak of the sounds....with every smoothing of a V.O. file or audio transition....this film got BETTER.....It was like night and day....listening to the final mix from the first raw files....if we had a larger budget we could have spent the entire day there.
..... Lesson LEARNED...ha!
Part 1 - 
We first had a good buddy of Robert Litton .....adjust the music a bit before we go into the final mixing session....
He brought up the Bongos on a couple of the music sequences since we really wanted to make sure we could hear them.....here is a quick peek.

Next we headed over to another of Roberts friends studios and did the FULL mix.

so....We have all the music -sfx and Voice over mixed. 
The only thing left now is the color correction which has now been put in motion. 
We are in talks with a color correction guy and studio . We really want to find the right guy and place for the job.....We should be able to make something happen in the next few weeks.
Here is a peek at the Making of Dober from the special features-
more to come...including a MAKING Fester the FLEA behind the scenes.


crazy chris said...

The sound snippets were fantastic!!

So excited!!


amoebaboy said...

looking really cool guys, the music is seriously good, bit of a percussion fanatic myself so i would say that.
any idea when its all going to be wrapped up ?
its been such a pleasure watching this unfold, thanks guys.

JON said...

Really fun to see how into the project you guys are in the studio. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

jriggity said...

Crazy Chris} thanks man....we are very excited!!

amoebaboy} i so agree about the music... and thanks man!!

JON} thanks man!!

Rich Johnson said...

awesome!Almost popcorn time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. I like the grumbling, too. Are your dog and flea characters part-caveman? :P